Segregation Is a Choice in the Modern World

Quit doing it to yourselves.

Segregation Is a Choice in the Modern World

Segregation is something people do to themselves deliberately these days. People stick to their ethnic group. What I want to know about this is, why? People come to the United States in search of a better life, but they do not mix with the average people.

Sure, some people can intermarry, but still, people find their own way to stick with their ethnic group, at work, at the supermarket they go to, even in their families. Mixing is what the United States is about. We are not a homogenous society like other cultures in the rest of the world where there is only one type of look and skin tone.

The conflict happens when people mix. Some people are incredibly racist. They do not bother to socialize with people different from them. Now we have that image in the paper of the Charlottesville, Virginia riot of white males marching with lit torches. Yes, the white supremacists are frustrated because of 44.

If people worked together in Congress for the common good, Democrats and Republicans alike would try to get along better. But these days, the division is so great that nobody is listening to each other.

They are pretty much segregating along political lines. Nobody can mix right now, nobody can talk to somebody different from them, and I watched a video with somebody using the n-word on somebody who was just waiting in his car for his white mother.

This video deeply disturbs me. Her kids looked uncomfortable. They knew what she did was wrong. But well, she doesn’t realize that what she did was evil. The n-word is just as bad as calling disabled people names, thinking the word "retard" is cute. It isn’t.

Disabled people do their best to get by. You see people resent some of us not working. Then again, some of us want to work. Some people work hard to mix into different groups of people. Christians hang out with other Christians. Italians hang out with other Italians. Russians work at companies with other Russians.

This preference for only one race is disturbing to me. People do not mix. I have to ask why. Drama happens at companies where people do not know how to handle somebody of another ethnic background. Sometimes, Chinese people hate Philipinos. Other times, it is black people hating white people.

All this hatred is ridiculous. Science tried to backup racism a long time ago. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. In the 1940s, internment camps for Asians were put together. History has a tendency to repeat itself if we do not learn from our mistakes. Will Republicans think the same way they do now in 2038? Will our planet be the same in 2038?

We have climate change to worry about since nothing is being done about this. It is appalling. Something has to be done. White people also hate black people with abandon. I don’t get all that racism because I do not have a racist bone in my body, having grown up in California.

Racism is ridiculous, since I try to show kindness to everybody. Then again, people are unkind to me. At San Francisco State, I was speaking in Spanish to somebody when I was a member of the socialist club. The white woman we were with got pissed off at us speaking in Spanish. This was in 2006; long before the racist rant somebody recorded on their phone this year.

She got angry with us and said, “Speak in English.” She was hostile about it, too. You see, I was the only one there who had a vote as a socialist given I have dual citizenship with Spain. This made some jealous.

Racism has no easy answers but years of pent-up racism since the 1950s is coming out. We have to deal with our problems before it gets worse.

Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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