Scottish Tory MPs Vote For Their Careers Against Scotland

After talking defiantly, Scots Tory MPs roll over and submit to whips.

Scottish Tory MPs Vote For Their Careers Against Scotland
Inside the Scottish Parliament

What Happened

January 17, 2018 showed that Scottish Tory MPs, having huffed and puffed about preserving devolution, decided to vote for preserving their careers. Like good little lap dogs they voted with their mistress, against a Labour amendment that would have preserved devolution as it was defined in 1998. Had they voted the other way, the amendment would have passed. By doing so, they threatened the careers of their counterparts in the Scottish Parliament and made the murder of the Scottish Parliament much more likely.

The Cross Party Plan To Destroy The Scottish Parliament

It has been clear for a while that the Tories want to abolish Holyrood, their hatred for a Scottish Parliament being only slightly less than that of the “Labour” Party. After January 17 we know the Tories intend to neuter Holyrood before abolishing it. It is amazing that Labour even tabled the amendment, though it is likely they knew it would fail as the Scottish Tories would vote as their mistress dictated.

Their devotion to their expenses and salaries means the United Kingdom is likely to face a constitutional crisis as the Scottish Parliament, and possibly the Welsh Assembly, will probably refuse legislative consent to the Brexit Power Grab Bill.

No matter how much the Tories promise—and the same applies to Labour if they get into power—they “forgot” to table Scotland Friendly amendments to the bill in time for the debate, and will “forget” to return these powers. It is not fanciful, merely unprovable, to assume collusion between Tory Bluekip and the Red Tory Labour against the SNP.

From Labour’s point of view they are seen to be opposing the Tories and standing up for Scotland privately knowing they will fail. Success might get them elected and neither party wants the poisoned chalice of Brexit, currently with the Strong and Stable one.

Next Steps

It is remotely possible the House of Lords, which has no SNP peers, will reinstate the amendment, which would again be rejected by the House of Commons, and sent back to the Lords 'til the Government uses the Parliament Act to force the amendment out, in which case for those with eyes and the will to see, Westminster’s goal of abolishing Holyrood will become plain but welcomed by those Scots who want to see the end of Holyrood with the current Secretary Of State for Scotland, in reality Westminster's sales representative in Scotland, promoted as Viceroy to the ignorant Jocks.

True to form Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Cat In the Hat without a hat, urged Theresa May to shake her magic money tree and appoint 200 new Tory peers if the House of Lords try to block Brexit. Whether that causes the Lords to fall in line or give him a reverse victory sign or is simply a marker in a campaign for No. 10 once The Weak and Wobbly One has served his purpose is unclear.

The death of the Scottish Parliament will be seen as unthinkable 'til it happens. Those who want the Scottish Parliament killed off and the building sold at clearance sale price to their property developing friends are willing to play a long and devious game to achieve their goal including the elimination of Scottish Culture and the notion of Scotland as a separate country. Small and repeated efforts are being made towards this.

Did Marks and Spencers say Scotland is part of England?

Marks and Spencers relabelled Bells Whisky, something serious whisky drinkers seem to consider inferior to sheep dip or a distilled urine sample, as British. An unknown public relations person replied to a complaint about the relabelling by saying that in 2014 Scotland voted to remain part of England. Part of their reply is so gloriously nonsensical it could have come from a Theresa May speech and deserves quoting:

“I know that it is hard to get used to but I have come around to the idea that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and I think eventually everyone would agree when it is about reputation of a Nation that is as great as Great Britain then especially near Christmas when they sell chocolate scottie dog at Harrods and have done for many years as well as the Food Halls selling Scottish Salmon, that Marks and Spencers have only in reason been able to manufacture and produce the products that we are proud are from Scotland.”

Marks and Spencer say the reply does not represent their views; the person who wrote the reply was not authorised to do so and no longer works for them. A certain amount of scepticism about this statement is justifiable.

The M&S response translates into standard English as “We put on brown trousers and threw the person who wrote the response under a bus.”

Whether this was merely a rogue, possibly drunk or stoned employee or not depends on the reader. The logical conclusion from this reply, though English Nationalism and logic are words that seldom fit together in the same sentence, is that Scottish MPs should now be able to vote on English matters, thus finally consigning David Cameron’s legacy to the chamber pot of history.

No Time For Infighting

It would be nice to think all this has made Independence more likely but the polls, the most reliable information we have, show that support for Independence, when the margin of error is considered, has not risen much above the level it reached in 2014. Hopefully, this article will provide some ammunition for those who are better at campaigning than the author.

The Yes movement must cease shouting at the television in their own echo chambers, unite behind independence, stop shouting down what it does not want to hear and get down to business. We do not want to reach a stage where the Scottish Independence Front consider their greatest enemies are not the Unionists but the Front For Scottish Independence.


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