School Shootings

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How many more shootings are we going to endure before something is done?

School Shootings

I am getting so angry with hearing about school shootings. We just had a shooting in Florida, bomb threat in Central, Texas and a threat of a shooting in my hometown of Raymondville, Texas. Seriously?! How are these teenagers getting these guns? Why do they feel killing their classmates are going to solve whatever problem they were feeling? It is only halfway through the second month of this new year, and we have already had 8-18 shootings. (I don't know which one it is...I've seen articles that say 8 and 18) Just note that it doesn't matter how many shootings there are, one shooting is one too many.

A school is supposed to be a safe place to send our kids to get an education. It is a place where they make friends. It is a place to join activities or sports like student council or basketball. It is a place that helps guide them into their future as an artist, architect, lawyer, or whichever career field they are interested in. It is a place where they find out who they are.

It is not supposed to be a place where they get bullied. It is not supposed to be a place where teachers are harassing them. It is not a place where our teachers find sexual partners in our children. It is not a place where teachers are doing drugs or alcohol. It is not... I repeat, IT IS NOT A PLACE TO BRING GUNS, KNIVES, BOMBS, OR ANY KIND OF WEAPON. It is not a place for our children to be scared to enter. It is not supposed to feel like a war zone.

Are they to blame?

Pick one to blame if you choose.

Are our politicians, and, most importantly, our President, doing all they can to think up a plan to stop these shootings? NOPE! They are too busy acting like kids and arguing. Arguing is not going to get things done. Arguing is not going to stop the shootings. They need to grow up, be adults and talk rationally about a way to stop the killing of our innocent children and those protecting them — teachers, security guards, etc. Talking about health issues should not be number one priority on our President's mind... protecting our schools from shooters is.

Are guns to blame?

We have the right to own a gun?

You have people who want to put blame on the guns and the gun companies. True! They are partly to blame. If they didn't make the guns, our teenagers wouldn't be getting a way to get them and shoot their classmates. They may have to exist for our military and officers, but there has to be a way to where it is sold to only them with proof. It must also be worn only when they are on duty. Once they are out of the military or off duty, they don't need guns. No gun needs to be inside the house when you have kids. If you have a robber trying to break in, a kitchen knife is all you need to fight them off until the police arrive. Guns seem to be too easy to get these days. It needs to be a hundred times harder, or, like I said, made only for police and military when on duty. (Hunters are probably saying, 'what about us?' response: leave the animals alone. Let them be free to enjoy this earth.)

The real problem behind the shootings is not the guns... it is the person holding the gun. They are the ones who are choosing to get a gun and shoot their classmates and teachers. They are the ones who went looking for that gun. The shooter is the one who came up with the plan to shoot people. It is not like they just got up and decided to shoot. They had a plan, even if it wasn't written down. The punishment needs to fit the crime, not that it's happening with other crimes that are committed.

This is one brave girl. She just went through such a horrific ordeal and still found the courage to 'call out' our politicians. This is the kind of person we need in Congress... better yet, President. She is stating the facts here, which I hope is an awakening to Congress and President Trump. It is way past time for you to open your eyes and come up with a real solution and help put the surviving victims and all the families' states of mind at some ease knowing that you're preventing other families from suffering the way that they are.

Are parents to blame?

How do I teach my kids about respect?

We have all read posts about the blame of the shootings are being put on the parents. Although there are some parents who could use a crash course on how to love and support their kids, along with teaching them about respect for themselves and others, we must also know that we don't truly understand what went on behind closed doors. For all we know, they could have had that loving family. It is just that somewhere along the way, they forgot where they come from and what was taught to them.

We can also put blame on violent games, movies, or television shows. They make the shooting scenes look so cool. We could also put the blame on these three for rape and kidnappings, too.

Do you know what the problem is with playing the blame game? It isn't going to bring the kids back. How are we honoring their memory by putting the blame on everyone and everything except where it belongs? Where does the blame belong? It belongs on the shooter!!! The shooter chose to get the gun, bring it to the school, and start shooting. They chose to take as many lives as they thought possible. They made that decision. They get all the blame. Yes, the government, parents and everyone needs to find a way to make the shootings stop somehow. The main blame still belongs on the shooter. We can say stop making guns, but we need to think about this. China just had a killing spree with a knife. Anything can be turned into a weapon. Right now, besides human action, we meed some spiritual guidance as well.

Let us pray...

Dear Lord,

I ask You to watch over the families of those who lost their treasured loved one. I ask You to watch over the surviving victims and their families. I ask You to guide them in their journey of grief. Lord, I ask You to send some much needed guidance to thode whose minds are so lost that they lead to such actions of killing. I ask that Your love be spread unto all who have forgotten You in hopes that they will be saved and the world will be in peace as You have meant it to be for us.


Erika Oney
Erika Oney
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