Russia Banned From Winter Olympics

Double Standards From the IOC

Russia Banned From Winter Olympics

The decision to ban Russian Athletes was made due to the law of the executive committee in Lausanne (Switzerland). The exclusion is explained with the state system of concealing positive doping tests. The I.O.C. also ordered the R.O.C.(Russian Olympic Committee) to reimburse the costs of conducting investigations and to pay $15 million to create an independent testing system.

The charges against the Russian teams are based on investigations of the commissions led by Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmid. According to their conclusions, Russian athletes at the Sochi Olympics used doping with the connivance of sports officials. In Moscow, these charges are not considered justified.

Only the "clean" Russian sportsmen who will compete under the Olympic flag will be admitted to the Games. Athletes are prohibited from demonstrating any attributes of the country, including the Russian flag and the coat of arms, and the use of a national anthem is also prohibited.

The decisions made by the IOC are unwarranted, and cannot be justified in any way. It is a political witch hunt, and a pure example of double standards.

Although, there is some good news for Russian athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics; they are allowed to represent their country under a “neutral” flag. Also, other teams from other countries are allowed to carry the Russian flag during the initiation ceremony. Athletes may also wear face paint or clothing that resembles the Russian banner.

Despite the fact that Russian athletes are not actually banned, but are only forbidden to represent Russia in the games, this entire incident is unprecedented.

The excuse is that athletes from the Russian Federation have used drugs or doping to enhance their skills during the games. This is a fact, but this is not what the majority of athletes did. Yet despite Russian athletes who did drugs or took some kind of supplements are in the minority, it is very strange that the IOC would continue to pick on them.

Remember the incident with Maria Sharapova, the tennis player? She has indeed taken a few enhancement supplements before her game. Of course, this was a scandal for her opponent, Serena Williams, who demanded that Maria Sharapova be disqualified from playing tennis ever again. Ms. Williams got her wish, yet what is really interesting about this case is that Maria Sharapova took a supplement only once in her life, yet when you look at the body of Serena Williams, we can clearly see that she is constantly doped up on some kind of unnatural supplements, yet for some reason she herself was never tested for dope.

This is a pure witch-hunt against all Russian athletes, because the IOC and other organizations (such as Eurovision) have become very politicized, especially against Russia and the Russian people.

If Liberal “western” democracies truly think that this is going to punish Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia, then they are wrong. On the contrary, such unjust actions are adding more fuel to the fire, are giving the Russian people an even bigger reason to hate their western brothers and sisters and to rally behind their president. If the IOC and other organizations still believe that they have every right to discriminate against Russian people, then those people are no different than the racists of the Dixie south. When World War Three breaks, it will be the IOC who will have blood on their hands, as well as other organizations who have done nothing to show to the Russian people that they do no blame them for Putin. The IOC no longer cares about sports, they care about the money in their pockets that they make by discriminating against a group of people who simply want to participate in a sport and to represent their country with pride.

Alexander Nevsky
Alexander Nevsky
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