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Russia Allegedly Places Nukes in Belarus.

NATO Alarmed.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Russia Allegedly Places Nukes in Belarus.
Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Vlad the Invader has announced he is transferring tactical nukes to neighbouring Belarus. Mr. Putin is handing over control of these to President Lukashenko of Belarus.

However, NATO has questioned Mr. Putin's language with regard to Mr. Lukashenko controlling these nukes. It could be that Putin is saying that as a cover for who is really in control of these weapons. That control is still Russia and Belarus is a client state of Russia and so may have no choice but to have these weapons on its soil. Russia is the senior partner in the relationship between itself and Belarus. So Russia can call the shots over Mr. Lukashenko's regime. It is well known that Mr. Putin does not like Mr. Lukashenko.

Alarm bells started ringing in NATO HQ when this was announced. Belarus borders Ukraine but also NATO members Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia.

NATO has called Russia's placing nukes in Belarus as "dangerous" or "irresponsible". However, the US believes that Russia is not about to use them.

Never the less Ukraine has called on the United Nations (UN) for an emergency meeting. Obviously, Ukraine will be concerned by Russia's actions. Russia for its part has defended its actions. Stating it is no more than the US stationing nuclear weapons in Europe. At least those European nations who are members of NATO. Perhaps that is the case, however, one never knows.

It just seems odd though Russia would do this as the war turns against them. Ukraine has lost much but Russia for all of its so called might has failed to subdue Ukraine a weaker nation militarily. If NATO had not helped Ukraine in the conflict who knows what would have happened. But certainly, without NATO help Ukraine woud have sturggled and might have been subdued. One cannot, however, doubt the patriotism and tenancity of the Ukrainian military and people.

Why has Russia stationed these weapons in Belarus? It could be a bluff action to show Russia is serious about using these weapons. Or it could be Russia is serious about using them at some point. Again all this will be known only to Putin and his inner circle.

War is not only battlefield action. It is also propaganda by one side or another. This will be no different between Ukraine and Russia. Both sides regularly pump out information about the other. How true it all is will only be known to those who pump out such information. Whether the Ukrainian or Russian public believe it or not is another matter. Some obviously will while others will be more suspicious. This will be the case by those in the wider world too.

Some said Russia would attempt another invasion in a new campaign via Belarus. However, as the anniversary of the original invasion came up this year no such large invasion transpired. Its possible Putin doesn't want to chance it as his original invasion failed to gain Kyiv or wider territory in Ukraine.

Right now Russia is slugging it out with Ukraine over the east of the country. Russia remains in control of Crimea and other swathes of Ukrainian territory. Ukraine wants to liberate all of its territory before it will negotiate with Russia. This eastern struggle between Putin and Zelensky is personal. Both may rise or fall on this very battle.

With China's President Xi visiting Russia a Chinese peace plan was mentioned. However, no concrete plan has been rolled out. Right now it may be just guidelines or again it could be bluff and bluster. And would anybody trust the Chinese to be honest brokers in this conflict?



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