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REVIEW - Wild Wil's Philippine Adventures

Scored 8/10 by MegaFlix Film Awards

By MegaFlix Film AwardsPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Wild Wil's Philippine Adventures (2023) Official Trailer

Remastered and new for 2023 from the creators of hit cryptozoology shows ‘Britain’s Big Cat Mystery’, ‘Cat Hunters: The Search for the Beast of Exmoor’ and ‘Panthera Britannia’ comes a new gritty travel adventure show presented by Welsh survival expert and travel cyclist, Wil Davies.

This film chronicles Wil's travels across the central Visayas Island chain in the Philippines where he witnesses and participates in a real crucifixion, before and going in search of black magic shamans and the mythical Aswang monsters said to inhabit the region, and marks a new avenue of human interest and travel show for renowned wildlife and nature documentary director, Matt Everett.

The film is colourful and vividly shot, and does a good job of taking the viewer along for the journey too. With intensely dark and foreboding imagery and symbolism, interspersed with light-hearted levity and even humour, viewers are treated to the highs of this adventure as well as the lows, and the raw presentation of these makes for a compelling and gripping travelogue.

Constructed from never-before-seen footage of Wil's intrepid travels, as well as two of Dragonfly Film's and Matt Everett's earlier works which have never been commercially released, both also hosted by Wil Davies, the breath-taking ‘Man on the Cross’ and the phenomenal ‘Search for the Aswang’; this new remastering represents what is likely to be one of the coolest and confronting documentaries of 2023!

There are many films which tell the story of Easter, but few where the harsh realism of nails being driven through human flesh is laid bare as a gory visual buffet for the viewer - no special effects, no CGI - real nails, being hammered through real hands, into a real wooden cross, FOR REAL! Throw in a heavy dose of bizarre black magic ritual, a smidgen of secret shaman practice, and heaped tablespoon of the mystery and terror of the vampiric monster known locally as the Aswang, and you have a recipe for one of the spiciest and hottest documentary shows to be found in an age where human interest stories are increasingly diluted and watered-down in the name of wokism, or sanitised to avert the hysteria and attention of the easily offended.

Wil's presenting style is engaging and honest, and through the course of the film we see him interview locals, track down eyewitnesses and explore the culture, as he attempts to gain an understanding of the folklore and legends, whilst also seeking to find clues which may help solve the mysteries of his Philippine adventures.

The film has the fast-paced, edgy and dynamic style we are used to from Everett and Dragonfly Films, with compelling interviews, reconstructions filmed with creativity, incredible drone footage, and slick editing, which makes for an engaging film which will be thoroughly enjoyed by culture vultures with an interest in spirituality, religion and faith, as well as those with an interest in mythology, folklore and the supernatural.

Whilst ‘Wild Wil's Philippine Adventures’ is not quite like any other travel adventure show, there are aspects which viewers may find familiar. Think Michael Palin meets Josh Gates' ‘Destination Truth’, with some more subtle influences from the likes of Louis Theroux and shows such as ‘An Idiot Abroad’.


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