Republicans say Trump mocks evangelical supporters behind closed doors.

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With the election drawing near, members of the GOP are breaking their silence about the 45th president. I t seems he has a disdain for his most ardent supporters.

Republicans say Trump mocks evangelical supporters behind closed doors.
Evangelicals praying for the president.

Some of Donald Trump's most loyal supporters have been those within the Evangelical community. They have never wavered in their belief that he was divinely chosen to lead this nation. Evangelicals are still pro Trump as the 2020 election draws near, but recent news reports may shake the faith of some of those ardent religious leaders. In a September 28 article in The Atlantic, McCay Coppins says many Trump aides have revealed that behind closed doors the president has actually expressed contempt for Evangelical Christian leaders. One former aid who was not named said the president admitted that he was playing a game to secure the votes of the Evangelicals, while they believe he is truly a man of their faith.

Franklin Graham, Paula White, and Jerry Falwell Jr, are only three of many prominent Evangelicals who have publicly supported Donald Trump and been very outspoken in that support. They have also been criticized for looking the other way and making excuses when the president made racist, xenophobic, and anti LBGT comments. Coppins writes that popular prosperity teacher Creflo Dollar visited the White House and after he left, Donald Trump discussed the pastor asking his members for 60 million dollars for a jet. The president is alleged to have said of Evangelical preachers, “They all are hustlers and full of shit.”

This will be shocking news for the thousands of Evangelicals who believe Donald Trump shares their beliefs, was chosen from above and is truly one of them. His pro life stance is why so many Evangelicals supported him but now it’s being implied that it’s all an act. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said the president bowed his head as faith leaders laid hands on him but he was not sincere about it at all. Republican senator Ben Sasse is now speaking out saying that he believes Donald Trump will lose the election. He too indicates that the President mocks Evangelicals and only used them to get elected.

Sasse also says a Trump mistreats women and kisses the butts of foreign dictators. None of this is new information as many Americans have been saying this all along. There have always been those who believed the president was only using the Evangelicals, to get elected and continued wooing them so he would secure a second term. Hearing this voiced now, from those who have been in the inner circle will bring varied responses. CNN reporters seemed outraged that those bringing the charges have remained silent until now and allowed things to get his far. Had this been made known sooner it might have made a difference in whether or not early voters would have chosen Trump or Biden.

The truth is, Donald Trump was elected the first time, although he was caught on tape mocking women and a handicapped man. Many American were so determined to elect a president that was not a career politician that they ignored all the warning signs that a Trump presidency would be filled with chaos. There had not yet been a response from the Evangelical community but some of them will no doubt be outraged, Others will probably continue to support the president and say this is fake news. If indeed all of this is accurate, it indicates what Trump critics have been saying all along. He has only been pushing being pro life and holding up the Bible in an attempt to secure the 2020 votes his of his religious base.

Most Americans knew how toxic the president is, as he lost the popular vote in 2016. During his four years in office, he has sown discord and caused some of his right wing extremist supporters to act out because of his rhetoric. Most recently there were kidnapping plots against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Michigan Mayor Gretchen Whitmore. Never in America’s modern history has any leader of the free world amused so much vitriol. Many evangelicals may have already voted but certainly not all. It will be interesting to see if this information will open the eyes of Donald Trump's most ardent religious supporters and cause them to vote for Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has been planting doubt among his supporters that if he loses the election it will be because of voter fraud. It would appear that if he wins it will be because he himself perpetrated a fraud on his most ardent supporters, the Evangelical community. It's really a shame that Ben Sasse sat silent for four years and is only now bringing this information to light. Sasse also said that Donald Trump flirts with White Supremacists and that his family treats the White House like a business opportunity. This is really nothing new, but what is different is that a member of the GOP, a Republican Senator from Nebraska is revealing it. Perhaps this news will make a difference in the election results or it could simply be too little too late. In less than three weeks we shall see.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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