Realism: In the 21st Century

Lovers of themselves should keep scrolling

Realism: In the 21st Century

I don't want to single anyone out, but the fact that some people open their mouth to speak without thinking of the poor and suffering in my country (also the world) is really quite shocking. I am talking about my party politics page on social media where certain human-beings like to see me making a good case for the poor - and they come to fight me.

If you are one of them I pray that as you sleep in your warm beds this evening - the homeless and suffering weigh heavily on your mind; just long enough for you to feel something for them - for you to understand - but not so long that you feel their pain any longer than you have to.

In the future just remember someone has to speak up for the poor and just scroll on. You don't have to comment about your SELF. Or to debunk on behalf of your self-serving government. If you don't know that any positive statistics you see are more likely strategic offerings by the establishment, as one would expect, could it be possible that there are other things going on in this life that you know nothing about? Are you seriously so under-developed or foolish that you talk without thinking? Does everything have to be about you? Can you not imagine the world without you operating inside it?

Commenting with yourself in mind is often unnecessary and a tad inappropriate, not everything must be from a 'how does this affect me' perspective! You are not the suffering I am referring to, so please stay off your dramatic soap box. I seriously doubt the poverty-stricken person I am speaking about is not replying to me from inside their cardboard box or shop doorway, using their Smartphone that affords them access to Social Media. Somehow I doubt updating or up-skilling online is their priority. If not to expose how evil-minded you are toward the poor and suffering - why must you comment?!

I don't get your sort - you who must argue, not at your government, but you want to fight anyone pointing out to these rich reprobates - to encourage them to be fair to everyone or to at least try.

If life is not easy for you also - then why on Earth would you comment against me? Please don't answer that. I don't want to hear from any of you. You are all a part of the problem. All you think about is yourselves and how everything impacts you. Please don't wonder why you deal with certain misery in your lives - what you put out in the Universe is tied to your soul - so if you want your lives to change for the better, be better people.

I am turning off notifications so that I don't hear your nonsensical responses. Remember, do better from this day forward. Regardless of whether you believe in God - there is a price to pay for the way we live our lives, and if you can't answer how we got here without relying on a 19th Century Science theory - you are all in for a rude awakening! Like I said - be better. Perhaps we will see one another on Judgement day! I certainly don't want to be dying for air to breathe and a cool drink!! Let us move forward together. Let only the evil, of their own choosing - lag behind!!!

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