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Politics and Religion 3

by Eric B. Ruark 2 months ago in politics

A Personal Commentary

Part 3

WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! was the clarion call of the Marxist/Communist party. Note the word WORKERS. Marx’ entire philosophy hinged on the belief that the proletariat, the wage-slaves, from around the world would unite in one great revolution and create the ultimate Communist utopia. There was no room for what we call “welfare” in his system. He considered non-workers scum (his word not mine) and warned against this non-laboring class of people being swept up into the revolution as the hired thugs (his word, not mine) of a Reactionary Elite.

In the Marxist philosophy, there are four words that you really have to key on: Proletariat, Bourgeoise, Capitalist, and Reactionary.

The Proletariat were the workers, the wage-slaves, the field hands of the Bourgeoise elite. Capitalists were the owners of the corporations, companies and businesses that employed the proletariat. With Bourgeoise, think middle-class in today’s terms, lower end capitalists, small business owners who employed a handful of people. Reactionaries were people who wanted to keep and return to the society from which the Marxists were rebelling.

Reactionaries wanted to keep their serfs and wage-slaves; the Bourgeoise wanted to keep the business that lined their pockets with money and let them lead a good life; the Capitalists wanted to keep control of their corporations.

According to Marx, theses three groups denied the proletariat the right to receive the proper compensation for their labor. For Marx, it centered around who owned the means of production.

Think of a company, any company that make a Billion Dollars a year. Say they make a Widget. The president of the company makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The company’s executives make huge amounts of money but not as much as the president. And the workers who actually make the Widget get an hourly wage. If there is a huge demand for Widgets in a particular year, the president and the executives all receive bonuses. And the workers continue to make their hourly wage.

According to Marx, the people who actually made the Widget should receive the financial benefit not those at the top. He argued that that Billion Dollars should be equally divided among ALL the employees in that company and not shared only at the top. In his world, it was a sin that the Capitalists were living high on the hog off the blood, sweat and tears of the common laborer. It was the laborer who invested his heartbeats in making that Widget and therefore really owned the Widget and should reap the benefits from its sale.

Expanding that to the national and then the world level, since the proletariat owned the means of production for everything, they should all share equally in the rewards for literally making everything. Stop and think for a moment. Is there anything that you use, wear or eat that is not made, handled or grown by someone else?

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity! Marx raised the whole idea of Communism to a kind of religion, as well he should, since he stole the whole idea from the Bible. But wait, you say, Communism is atheistic. There is no God in Communism. Marx called religion the “opiate of the people”. In the Communist Manifesto, he literally dismisses religion in one line as not worthy of even being discussed. He had to because anyone who seriously read the Bible would see Marx was a fraud. He took God’s plan for his chosen people and then substituted the State for God. And with that substitution, he doomed Communism to failure.

The following section which showed how Marx used religion to his own advantage was deemed to be against Vocal Community Standards. Should you wish to read the uncensored version, head over to my Facebook page where this part has been published in its entirety.

Which brings us back to today’s Democratic Party and the Reactionary Elite.

End of Part 3

Thank you

Eric B. Ruark
Eric B. Ruark
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