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by Patrick di Santo about a year ago in opinion


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One of the main concerns regarding disparity and determinate sentencing is possession of an illegal substance particularly narcotics: heroine, codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodon, tramadol, morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl, carfentanil. These 9 are the primary culprits behind many arrests. Considering the US owns the majority of the $24 billion market, responsibility and morality comes into play as corporate manufacturers of these substances maintain 0 responsibility for the effects the product has on the US culture. It is reported that addiction costs US citizens $740 annually in lost productivity, healthcare, and crime. This is an incredible, big business from the point of manufacturing to court proceedings, healthcare, and societal stressors and effects.

One has to acknowledge that the symptoom is relatively low in comparison to 9.5% of US males and 5.2% US females compared with the world average that hovers at 2.3%. The next contender being Russia that remains globally elevated with the US generally 3% below the US stats.

The problem seems to lie in understanding and moral responsibility of CORP and GOV, whether you review these stats and observe the production of these substances is responsible for stimulating an aggressive series of financial stimulus or a deduction from an already inflated boisterous US budget. One also must understand that the cost of such stimulus or deduction is our children and youths with an average age range 12-22. With a population breakdown as alarming as US Aboriginal culture at a high 13% and US Asian culture the lowest at 4%. Again these figures are only representative of the US population. Within the global community the rates almost cut in half.

This is the alarm for those who can not hear the bell ringing. Systemic symptoms are not complicated in psychology or medicine, a presentation appears which one addresses much like the child and youth obesity problem in the US and its relationship to corn syrup consumption. People who are self medicating are reacting to a symptom most often. A symptom intentionally ignored by the US healthcare system. The symptom in this case is an inappropriate distribution of efforts between victims of the US culture (present corporate consumer capitalism) and those addressing the symptom self medicating. It is through well established scientific research that we are enlightened to our ignorance in responsibility as the incarceration skyrockets here in the US.

It begins with those trusted to insure true and just opportunities are available for all, this includes living wage, moderation of corporate production, and health and wellbeing of minors. Though those sporting their Fendi Fendi and Gucci Gucci are not only the victims trying to escape the feeling of inadequacy, that US culture blatantly promotes to sell products. The basis of culture priming has been refined by culture, royals, religions, governments, and finally democracy for giga millennium. Through ICON and branding worship. The victims of this epidemic are the uneducated children and youths that not only emulate the current pop culture ICONS but take cues by trellising and scaffolding what they see. The bloated old beast representing them in their GOV covered in these brands.

Harsh as these words read responsibility is responsibility if you spit in the air the likelihood it will hit you in the face let alone the eye is high. It is truth uncovered by turning on network news programs that whip the populous into a frenzy at every turn. This is scaring a child with lightning to have them cling to you. It is abuse. The GOV officials, untouchable, sporting their $50,000. Tiffany Tiffany earrings or the $70,000. Cartier Cartier watch reflects the priorities of our culture and what the children and youth emulate to feel they fit within the larger picture. Disparity is a sad symptom of low self esteem not only of the US offspring but the officials that need to flaunt what others do not have. The actual national anthem of the US. “look what I have and you do not”. To the new pledge of allegiance of “let me find as many excuses to not help find a solution”

Determinate sentencing, like 3 strikes is a continuation of the long standing abuse inflicted upon those that are deemed unworthy of professional treatment and/or representation officials enjoy. Schedule IV substances which include Xanax, Soma, Darvon, Darvocet, Valium, Ativan, Ambien, Tramadol. Not carrying your prescription but carrying the pill entitles one to a strike. These are taken for relief of a physical and psychological pain whether prescribed or self medicated. Courts, police, jails, and correction officers are not trained in social work or psychology. Officers trained in hand to hand combat, de escalation techniques, and firearms. But remain uneducated in social work and psychology.

Schedule IV substances which include Robitussin AC, Lomotil, Motofen, Lyrica, Parepectolin utilized again for physical as well as psychological reasons.

When healthcare is unavailable, no living wage is honored, no adequate representation in place, and education is false the child and youth becomes unable to locate an appropriate model to build basic understanding of their environment, a young person learns in the same manner as the infant beginning life by means of mimicking, scaffolding, and trellising behaviour they see. These individuals are treated to discriminate and determinate sentencing by the US culture and the courts. The person that has been stopped at a traffic funnel to generate funding for local municipalities to insure vehicles are registered, upon the registration being discovered as invalid another strike is added. Late for work the next week unable to secure an attorney a ticket is issued in a 30 MPH zone this person was traveling at 45 MPH this is 15 miles over the speed limit with a suspension and third strike.

If this person has any of the scheduled IV or V substances without proof of prescription they will do time. Never seeing a social worker or someone trained in psychology until they get to the municipal jail. This jail likely will be private, incurring: up charges and expenses to the victim of US culture (present corporate consumer capitalism). This is not an extreme situation, the example is taken from actual interviews dated between 2005-2009. The person in this situation is harassed, embarrassed, and belittled while having to explain to family, friends, and work the situation and why they are unavailable. Depending on the judge presiding, the person may be let out with a bail (additional expense) or stay for 48 hours to satisfy quotas.

If the person had a living wage (meaning paid appropriately equal to the officials in GOV or CORP executives) the person or firm they work for could handle their insurance, representation, health and well being needs. Self Representation is unheard of, in US courts making understanding of the judicial practices un navigable to most people. Education could be blamed for this but in the courtroom this person is now in a court full of the same ignorance of social work or psychology as before they entered. Only the most efficient experienced judges have this education and this is found even less frequently with attorneys especially public defenders that negotiate the terms of the plea bargain that is presented to this individual.

It can be argued that all crime is morally subjective as well as all crime is a psychological response to one's environment. There are the spectrum cases where genetics may be in play though it is commonly accepted that environmental; factors left unaddressed bloom into perversion and disordered thoughts igniting a possible predisposition. With events described against the average individual when will the US culture acknowledge what scientists and world culture have been stating for decades. Address the symptom.

Remove priming (advertising) from the distractive area of transportation, between 06:00-9:00 and 16:00-21:00. Implementing 1 min priming (advertising) with 1 min EDU approved priming, implement mediation with social workers and those trained in psychology negotiating. Turn malls into intermediate local municipal facilities replacing courts. Mandatory participation in mediation, with tax incentives to those healthy initiating a positive understanding of one's own health.

Yearly mandatory health evaluation at the same facilities to address personal assessments and questions via remote access to physicians. Local municipal facilities participate in mandatory EDU covering judicial and health care practices for JR, HS, college or preparatory schools, increasing participation and understanding of local municipal and community essential functions including the running of their schools.


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Patrick di Santo

Research Scientist affiliated with the University of Kansas

and The Union Center for Cultural and Environmental Research

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