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My Written Speech Part 1

What You Should Know about Our Politics in Society

By @chainlostsoul Published 2 years ago 3 min read
My Written Speech Part 1
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My Speech: What You Should Know about Politics

For your information: I’m not degrading the American people’s perspective on their political beliefs. This is meant to directly oppose our government’s control and in defense for the people’s given rights. This is my written speech below. The word “you” is a general term I used to write this speech so, please do not take it offensive as it is not meant to degrade you, personally.

A brief prologue on our generations.

“In our world in the United States of America our government is corrupted. Both politically in our society. Why? And how, you might ask? Because the American people are responsible for who we place in office. We are responsible for those politicians who corrupt our country. On the other hand, you might say that we are not responsible because we don’t represent them and they represent us. Well, this is true but that’s not an excuse to say that you, as one of the American voters, are not responsible for the corruption. Only the cause of the corruption. You are only a part of it because you voted on the side you believe in and that’s your choice to make. However, what people vote for is for selfish reasons and that those reasons may or may not apply to the rest of us. Or it may not be the way you thought it would turn out. This is a valid point we all need to understand even though you might not personally see it. And that you may not care because you may feel that the future generations don’t fit, somehow. And that’s completely selfish and that selfish reason is not for you to do the binding. To “destroy” our world because our generations are ‘completely’ “out of our minds” as we know it. Honestly, no matter how you put it, corruption still affects us, each and everyone of us. Back in the old days or the days as of Today you might not wish to happen in the modern era, is not our problem. It is yours. It is an effect that affects us and our generations in the long-run. It’s not necessary to suffer for your selfish reasons. You might add that other people believe in this too. Okay and that does not validate our world now. Our world, or just simply our “free” country, is for everyone despite what comes to us and how we take it. We survive, just like you guys did and do as of now. So what. The thing is we are so mad at the world for what… those selfish reasons you guys “made” in the first place for us. And now, we’re stuck with it. Although you might ask what are those selfish reasons we have done? That’s an easy answer if you know how we “made our history.” By the way, I’m not talking about how you may have made our history before your generation. Or the generation when our Founding Fathers conducted the Bill of Rights. You weren’t responsible for that but you are responsible for keeping our “rights in place.” Our rights are what we belong as the American people. Back to our politicians and what they do to us, intentionally. How do I know this is because of what “smart” people say and that they researched it. I will not say it because I’m not the one giving you the answer to your homework. You should know this. Hopefully, you understand what we need to change and that we all need to figure out how to work together to secure our rights to this country. This for everyone’s sake.”

About your homework: I advise you to do your own research on your homework if you don’t necessarily believe me or anybody. Our history is not taught in our public schools today. This is a sad fact as you can suspect why this may be true unless they changed their course and I did not know about it. I encourage you to do your homework, to be able to differentiate between what is fake and what is real.


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