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Me... A Trump Supporter

by Braulio Fernandez 3 years ago in opinion
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About as unpopular as it can get sometimes

Perspectively speaking, there is more division than one-sidedness when it comes to where most people stand with Donald Trump as the current President of the United States. However, when it comes to media and news, it’s more the latter than the former so with that said, I stand with our President, and that is about as unpopular as it gets.

I currently reside in Chicago, a very openly liberal and Democratic city. Here, I’ve seen people outside in skimpy outfits and unbelievably tacky get-ups. Often, the only thing separating me from a nude person would be a few articles of fabric and polyester. The same would go for anyone these people encircle, and no one would bat an eye. Yet despite all of that, none of that would inspire as many dirty looks as wearing a red MAGA Trump hat in public.

I can understand why many people do not like his direct approach to speech; even I’m aware of his needlessly savage responses... but regardless, I’ve never been happier in terms of economic status.

I didn’t vote for Trump simply because of his ability to speak. I voted for him because I expected him to do a job regardless of what he said. Actions speak louder than words, and for the amount of times that statement is regurgitated, people still complain about politicians not doing their jobs but vote for them when they “promise” to deliver on what they want.

I’m not really a fan of millions of Internet articles claiming criminal behavior where there is none to be found. I’m more of a “How does or how will this affect my living?” kind of person. You can sit here and lecture me all day about why I should vote for such and such party member, but I would much prefer to see it getting done as opposed to a convincing argument; and that brings us to our question:

How Do You Vote if You Never Buy in to Any Argument?

Very simple. I have to look at the track record of the party. Now to be fair, I believe that both Republicans and Democrats have done their share of damage, not so much because they all have negative agendas but because human nature is flawed. Politicians have mastered the art of the sell. Great! How about mastering the art of doing the freaking job?

Illinois is infamous for its history of Democrats who make a million promises, enstate a million new taxes, slash budgets, and look for votes based on the wrong qualifications. I’m really not interested in whether or not a politician is openly gay or not, I’m interested in whether or not they can do the job. It’s literally a laughing point all over the U.S. how Chicago, a seemingly liberal and civilized city, still ranks among the most violent cities in America. Additionally, it’s one of the most expensive, along with New York, California, and Hawaii; but what do all these states have in common with one another?

Simply put, they’re all mostly run by Democrats. We still can’t solve the crime problem in Chicago, we still can’t fix the high prices in Hawaii, we still can’t fix the gentrification issue in New York. Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to see a pattern between liberal states and the reason the Democratic Party has served as a detriment.

In all of this, I still see a booming job market. I still see a recovering housing market. I still see some consistently low prices. I still see progress. So why do liberals hate Donald Trump so much?

Last time I checked, he might as well been a gift from God. When Obama was President, I was just entering the job market. I recall being so dirt poor during the years of his presidency that I didn’t get a job till I was 19. In fact, I had been jobless twice when he ran this country in to the ground. I honestly do not get the hype with this guy, or Democrats in general. To me, being a Democrat is more something you use to secure a vote because Republicans have been lambasted for so long by the media, yet gun-proud states seem to be the ones with the lowest crime rates. Meanwhile the gun ban that went on in Chicago actually caused gun violence to rise 10%. How does that even happen? I’ll keep it short and simple because I don’t like to complicate things. Really, I’m a straightforward guy: a person is less willing to commit a crime if they know they are more likely to get shot back.

The next thing that I would like to harp on is our trade with foreign countries. Since the Bush administration, corporations have been allowed to save money by outsourcing jobs to different countries, exploiting these foreigners for low wages, and this trend only continued under Obama’s administration.

These are just a few reasons as to why I’m a Trump supporter. Additionally, TV shows like “South Park” and the increasingly irrelevant “Saturday Night Live” love to depict Trump supporters as low-life, racist, close-minded extremists. Let me keep it real with you: the reason a wall between Mexico and the United States is so dangerous is because it cuts off the drug trade route. Really, where else do the drugs travel through? And what is so hard about people entering a country legally? There’s no country in the world where you can just waltz in and act like you have a right to it, but why is the U.S. treated that way? Why doesn’t Mexico work to fix its own problems? Simply put, it’s because they don’t care about their people and they want to throw them on to us.

I’m humane before I ever side with a political party, but I’d rather make sure a foreigner was straight when they got in to our country rather than having to scrounge like so many do. Too often do I see Mexicans being exploited for cheap labor, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could have solid union jobs with better pay and stability?

You see, these are all things that people do not think about, and part of that is due to the stigma that comes with being a Trump supporter. He wears a toupee, he’s old, and he’s uncompromising in speech. I get it, Trump isn’t the most appealing visually; but you know what? It’s nice to finally have jobs calling me back all the time.

As for how it is with people too, I don’t find myself in arguments and heated debates because I come in with the facts. If we disagree, I respect your opinion enough to not just push it all the time. And it doesn’t mean that Trump is always making the best moves either. I don’t agree with every single thing he’s done, and Democrats do have a right to be upset with a few of his previous actions, so to each his own.

I enjoy being a Trump supporter no matter how unpopular it is. We don’t live in a perfect world and I don’t expect it to be perfect. I only wanted to live where I could be stable rather than worrying about how much the IRS takes out as taxes increase (though thankfully they’ve decreased now.) I wanted to live in a place where we could be free to make a Seth Rogen comedy without the threat of nuclear war being on the table. The fact that something like that even happened is stranger than fiction. Really, I don’t even know how much more of a laughing stock the U.S. could’ve been demonstrating such cowardice over a movie.

Since I’m a hip hop guy, I want to end with a stylish allegory. I don’t believe media has been too trustworthy with delivering an honest picture of celebrities. Trump himself had been referenced and made so many appearances in hip hop that it’s quite ironic now. Celebrities will do anything to look cool, even if that means casting down someone they once respected. In a similar vein, Vanilla Ice was vilified by half of the hip hop community back when he took off with commercial success, and let’s be real about it too. The media didn’t like him because he was white in a predominantly black culture. Hip hop was seen as a black thing by some, as something not commercially viable. Don’t believe me?

From Phife Dawg on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario (Remix)”

And if you don’t recognize this celebrity and his ability to parody white artists...

“Pop Goes the Weasel” by 3rd Bass, a song dedicated entirely to disrespect.

“Pissin’ on Your Steps” by Del The Funky Homosapien, yet another diss featured in it.

Anyways, many rooted in the more hardcore rap loved to hate on him for being corny even though “Ice Ice Baby” is actually an awesome track. Yet with all that, people seem to forget that he funded Death Row Records in the beginning. It’s quite the story, I know. In retrospect, his influence and respect is immense.

Case in point, just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean they never have or will do any good despite their sins. And just because media tells you to hate them, doesn’t mean they deserve it. I’m a Trump supporter because I make decisions for myself. I don’t care what you to tell me. For four years they’ve put the man on blast, but are you willing to look beyond opinions and look for facts? Far too often, people look to the media to tell them what to think...


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Braulio Fernandez

God bless. Freelance writer from Chicago. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

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