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Madness on Cloud 9

by Ryan Kimball 2 months ago in opinion

Thoughts on the socio-political climate

Madness on Cloud 9
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Since moving in here just over a year ago now, my cheap cozy one bedroom apartment has felt more like home than any other place I’ve ever lived. It’s a humble little dwelling that has it’s fair share of issues (leaky faucet, broke down heater etc.) but for the price and location I’ll take it six ways from Sunday, I’ve never been picky anyway.

In the last year the scuffed up paint chipped walls of this apartment have born witness to a personal journey of mine that those who know me would find shocking and inspiring, but that’s a different story. On the outside, the walls of this building bare witness daily to the state of things here locally and beyond. Mental health issues as a result of pandemic lockdowns are on the rise and expected to trend up for the next decade, leaving us with a nation shortage of mental health professionals to meet the increasing demand for what I consider to be the single most important form of healthcare. Violent crime, due to social unrest spurred by political division, deteriorating race relations, and by lockdowns is also on the rise. Illegal border crossings are on the rise due to lack of initiative, lack of security, and failure to enforce national law. Covid-19 cases have spiked in the last month due to ineffective vaccines, lack of access to existing alternative viral treatments, influx of untested/untreated migrants, bungled public policy efforts, and misinformation.

How, do we get to a point in America specifically places like Los Angeles and New York where we are now requiring people to either be tested, or vaccinated in order to sit down somewhere and have a beer? How, do we get to a point where the vaccinated, the “protected” are afraid of the unvaccinated? How, do we get it so backward? Because we are being fed half truths by disingenuous bureaucrats and political leaders. Covid-19 is very real make no mistake, but it is no small pox, and sure as hell is no Influenza. People that are concerned have valid reasons to be, but do we really need to go to the point in our society where we shame and “other” individuals who simply exercise medical liberty? Does the phrase “My body my choice” ring a bell? Why is it acceptable for someone to terminate an unborn child out of convenience, but unacceptable for others to take a calculated risk and decline a vaccine? We need to stop listening to and parroting the pandemic narrative that is being pushed by Dr. Fauci and the Biden administration. Fauci is an unelected bureaucrat that has flip flopped on covid-19 countless times and the Biden administration is as partisan, divisive, and authoritarian as they come. My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered the effects of this virus, or lost loved ones, but this is not going well, the governments current policy prescription is not working. Australia a “free western democracy” is a full blown police state right now and the same is beginning to happen here in America. At what point does the cost outweigh the benefit? At what point is the solution worse than the problem? I think if we’re not there yet, we’re dangerously close.

So what do a pandemic, rising mental health issues, rising violent crime, rising illegal immigration, and rising government control of our lives have in common? They are all happening right now, and they all need our undivided attention. No matter what your opinion is on what constitutes civic duty one thing is clear; it is incumbent upon all of us to be thoroughly informed and act rationally and accordingly in order to fulfill it. There’s no excuse for ignorance anymore.


Ryan Kimball

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Ryan Kimball
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