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Liberal Intolerance

by Taylor Joan Gindorf 2 years ago in politics

Liberal opinions or facts?

Over the course of this upcoming 2020 election, there’s been many issues brought up. A lot of the views of liberals have gone from left to extreme left. Attacking and threatening conservatives due to their values or simply for being for Donald Trump.

It’s important to get out and communicate during this time, but the intolerance from the left has become overbearing and disgusting. The right will come in with facts and evidence to support facts and it seems to just get attacked just because you have those values. No one can have an honest conversation about anything anymore unless you’re within the same party.

Conservatives are pro-guns, pro-life, small business, family values, agriculture, and economy based. These things cannot be discussed. These are all known to the leftist as “bad values” due to the ideology the government shouldn’t infringe on the rights.

Yet, guns being banned means that the government and criminals would be the only ones with guns. Women would be able to have abortions still and we will still have a foster care problem. Small businesses will still be taxed more and actually would be taken out due to corporations. Agriculture would be taken out due to your PETA act and protests, therefore you would have to be able to take care of your own food, without the protein and being able to actually farm because you never learned how to actually do that, die. Then our economy fails because all of y’all had to farm to try and feed yourselves and protest and protect the wildlife, but because their are no guns and hogs have now ran rampant you now have no food, no job, and no gun to protect your food. Oh, but let’s not forget the homeless problem, because that will also become a problem.

If you look at LA or San Fran, they have a terrible homeless problem, where their cops can’t take any of them to jail under an $950 offense. So feces and urine, drugs and needles, and crime is everywhere. Those are democratic towns, so is Chicago and Detroit. No one is doing anything.

The reason why conservative towns survive and strive, is because we don’t hold the same values. We work hard, people don’t just get what they want because they asked for it. You get what you deserve because you worked hard for it.

There are many statistics on how all of these things have worked, but the media and opinions have influenced liberals too much to let you think for yourself.

Conservatives have more of a love everyone idea than liberals do. Think for yourself, find facts and evidence, stop listening to everyone else, then see if your ideas don’t change from liberal to conservative.

P.S. Have an actual conversation with someone that knows what they’re talking about from the other view point. Don’t fight, just talk.


Taylor Joan Gindorf

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Taylor Joan Gindorf
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