Liar in Waiting

by Nick Carter 2 years ago in politicians

Did Jeremy Corbyn lie to Britain?

Liar in Waiting

In the United States there is the liar in chief. Donald Trump. A man who spins such a terrible web of lies that they can be disproved the second he has finished speaking. Here in the UK, luckily, our liar in chief is still in waiting. I am of course talking about the leader of the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn.

Among the many lies perpetuated by the labour party during the 2017 General Election was the lie about student debt. In an interview with the Independent, Jeremy Corbyn, when asked about the large amount of crippling student debt that plagues the lives of students after they have left university, said “I will deal with it.”

Now Labour have since argued that this wasn’t a commitment to alleviate student debt and that the press and public were wrong to take it as such. But how can you take it? If there is a fire in a flat and a fireman comes past and says “I will deal with it,” you don’t expect them to ignore it. Or shrug it off. It means that they are going to do all they can to put the fire out. So when Corbyn lied about dealing with student debt, most students believed that he would do just that. He would wipe it out or at the very least alleviate the pressure. No wonder so many voted for labour in 2017.

But guess what? He was just lying. Speaking to the Andrew Marr show in July 2017, he was again asked what he meant by dealing with student debt and responded with, “I did not make a commitment that I would write off the debt.” True he didn’t say those words exactly but it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. If he had won his voters would have been livid. They would have slated him constantly for reneging on one of his key promises. But since he lost it can all just be palmed off as fake news.

Should we have been surprised though? Here is a man who many were saying before the election was “unelectable.” They may have changed their tune now but only after he and his colleagues stole the votes of millions. Let’s not forget Diane Abbot, MP for Hackney North saying that Labour would employ 10,000 new police officers for four years at a cost of just £300,000. This wouldn’t have been a problem if she was just an MP but if Labour had won this woman would have been our Home Secretary. A woman who has not just got an issue with numbers but also short term memory loss. Remember this was a woman who when asked during the local council elections what the net losses were for Labour, she replied 50 seats. The interviewer corrected her to say that they had to that point lost 125 seats to which she replied, “Last time I checked it was 100.” I mean come on!

So we have a liar in waiting who likes to surround himself not with competent people who would rein him in but people who suffer from memory loss and lie themselves. I think if he placed competent people there he would be out in a heartbeat. And still this is a man who has the biggest cult following in British politics to date. Young people endeavour to get selfies with him or scream when he appears to speak to them on the stage at Glastonbury, not unlike Donald Trump’s diehard fans at one of his Nuremburg stile rallies. The only crumb of comfort I can find is in the hope that others realise the danger this man poses to our nation before the next election. Otherwise we may not have a liar in waiting but a liar in chief and god help us.

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