It's Illegal To Exist

And Upright Citizens Support Slaves

It's Illegal To Exist

Newborns are shoved in day-cares. If you’re lucky your parents can afford a nice one that makes sure you get stimulation and learning. If you’re really lucky you have a parent at home. Mostly, there’s no time to answer why. If you’re different, alienation can start here.

Kindergarten (literally grade-0) requires you to be able to count in grade 0. You’re required to sit still for hours, despite not being designed to do so. You may face bullying if you aren’t normal, even this young. Adults don’t seem to understand that kids are being mean because, really, how can a 5-year-old be in (or out) of a clique? Remember to ask your mom for a bullet-resistant backpack and leave the light-up shoes at home.

If you make it to first grade you might ask why we have testing. You’re told the tests are to see how well you understand a topic. That makes sense. After the test, back when school wasn’t just about grades, you ask how to learn better. The teacher looks at you blankly. “No, we’re moving on.” They say walking away before you can point out that math builds on itself and if you don’t understand this now, by 9th grade you’re going to be in trouble. This might be the time symptoms of disorders manifest where only the symptoms can really be addressed, if they’re not just chalked up to bad behavior (looking at you dyslexia, autism and ADHD). You have more shooter-drills than fire, tornado, and hurricane drills combined.

Middle school comes. By now you’ve learned how to read and your grammar is on par with most adults. You’ve given up on learning, which is wise because it’s the only way to keep your sanity. Honestly outside of math, there’s nothing you need to know, except maybe that the Earth goes around the sun. Depending on how well you fit in, whether or not your parents can make time for you, if you can get in extracurriculars, and a bunch of other stuff you really have no control over, you’re first mental illnesses may be showing. You may or may not be able to understand what anxiety or depression is and you may not understand that school settings can exacerbate or even kick-start disorders like anorexia and self-harm. You’ve grown numb to everything outside its walls but you’re learning that there are reasons for these drills. You know at least one person who’s being physically abused by their parents and at least two more kids who you suspect. They’re bullies though, (no doubt overwhelmed by having teachers hate on them when they can’t finish their homework because they’re too busy hiding under the bed), so no one will get close enough to help them. You wish you could fix it but just keep your head down.

High school comes and you are really wondering if you can make it. By now you have either anxiety, depression, or both. You’re probably on a prescription, if you can afford a visit to the psychologist, and wait out the year-long lines. There are nights you’re going to be terrified of moving because you don’t what you’ll do if that happens. You’ve had at least one friend call you up at 3AM in tears, but adults generally either want to institutionalize you or ignore you. You’re not sure which is worse. Your parents are probably divorced, or super unhappy. You come home alone a lot and if you have a little sibling, are probably stuck half-raising them. You don’t talk to your parents because even though they love you dearly, they are so afraid of the truth of how desperate your life is, they inadvertently invalidate everything you say. You don’t admit it, even to yourself, but you miss them.

Outside the school walls, you’re livid. You have no future, because college is mandatory for any job not wanting to be associated with the term ‘degenerate’, but you can’t afford it. There are no longer jobs that aren’t Walmart or Degree holding secretary because they’re all overseas, robots or somehow both. You don’t want to get a part time job because it’ll be 2-3 years before you can afford a car, and it won’t even make a dent in college. Besides, what are the odds you’ll be alive by then, anyway?

You’re angry and scared. But in the age of fear and hatred, when people who aren’t against white people for their skin color, but are just afraid for their lives, speak out, riots start and buildings burn. In an age where a 7 year old died in a cop-free zone, white people wonder how to keep from inciting offense, lest they become ‘cancelled’ or publicly shamed, fired and evicted. You feel like you have a voice, but only if you shout with the crowd. If you want to look at the statistics of human trafficking in the USA, please go elsewhere, we’re fighting to make sure the government doesn’t help disabled people, (because disability lawyers, which is an entire specialty, won’t even take your case unless you’ve been rejected at least once.)

If you’re a girl someone may have attempted to assault you by now, if not, give it a decade or so. If you’re a boy, someone’s probably told you you’re disorder isn’t real because of your gender. If you’re autistic, congrats you probably have no friends, anger issues and under-stimulation, proven to lead to more brain disorders.

Do you buy toilet paper? Pringles? Soap? Congrats you support one of the 10 companies that rule the world. They all use slave labor, by the way. So if you’re an ‘upstanding citizen’ who ‘supports the economy’ you’re supporting slave labor but if you don’t, you’re a deadbeat.

So anyway, if you’ve managed to survive all this without becoming a school-shooter, without committing suicide, without doing anything that can put you in prison, you are now subject to all sorts of laws that, even though you actually met the Age of Competency when you were 10, are a lot more relevant now.

There are cities out there that have made it illegal set up a picnic for homeless people (“we don’t want them to get sick because they don’t have insurance that that’s not fair to anyone"- no one mentions they'll die from malnutrition), to ask for money, or even sell your body. You do not have any way to get food. (It’s also fairly common for it to be outlawed to sleep in your car, loiter, or sleep on the sidewalk, never mind that you’ve gotten turned away from the homeless shelter for the past 3 nights in a row because you’re too slow and it’s already over-crowded. It is literally against the law for you to take up space. Don’t get me started on the shops that apparently think it’s better for the homeless to whiz outside their stores than in their toilets.)

Keep in mind, you can’t change any of these laws because you’re too poor for democracy to apply to you. You cannot change the law for you have been deemed too poor to acquire the lawyers, the resources, the finances, the bribes, and/or the power, required to attempt to change the corrupt laws and those who make them. You are not eligible for life or liberty or to pursue happiness.

Friends, we are in an age, where politics are divided, our president is full of hate, and we cannot trust anyone but our family or friends. Laws that say I can’t help my neighbor on a Sunday, and our monetary system supports slavery. The government is no longer just corrupt. It demands corruption from us, and this is not okay.

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