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Is Trump At It Again?

Why I Still Think He’s Not Worth It As President

By Jared RimerPublished 6 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - September 2017

In my previous article here on Vocal dealing with Trump, I talked about why he didn’t seem to fit the job in my opinion. As time has gone on, it seems like I’m becoming right.

Recently, during a computer break, where I was not on the computer, I spotted an article via Email on my phone that indicated that Trump could be forced to resign. His public ratings are definitely dropping from what I’m reading, and some of the decisions from what I’m reading are also going to hurt us.

If you read my prior article, I linked to many articles in which I point out why he isn’t qualified. That article has gotten a lot of reads, and that I’m humbled on.

This article is going to be on more opinion than linking. I really think that Trump is not thinking when making decisions, and from what I’ve read, he’s hired people that are willing to just do as he says. I don’t read everything I see, but just the headlines from one site I signed a petition on for something I liked, make me wonder who is telling the truth.

As a blind individual, I was not impressed with the rumblings of him going after people who have disabilities. This is not something I have personally ever heard of by any other president. In fact, one of our recent presidents signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act, which gives us the opportunity to work and play like everyone else. The site I’ve linked to here goes in to more detail on this law, but in my humble opinion, Donald Trump has broken this law if in fact he has gone after people with disabilities. I’ve personally not heard what he has said, nor does it matter to me. Any potential president, or president in this case, should be held to the standard of following law, and doing his best to uphold what we have fought for that has spanned many years.

The other thing that doesn’t impress me, is the blatant racial issues he has. Apparently, social media and other people are talking about how this particular president may be doing things with the devil, and the particular issues that have hit our country such as the shootings in parts of the country, running over people with cars and other types of vehicles, and putting many people in harm’s way in other countries where war and other issues exist. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I can stand for this. I don’t vote, and this is really why I don’t want to. You say one thing, then do completely the opposite. As a president, don’t you think that people will trust you more if you do what you promise you will do in your campaign?

I’m not saying that I’m perfect, or any one person is perfect in this world. The powers that be allow us to make choices, and learn from them. I know I personally have made mistakes in my life. Some I’m not proud of, others, I wish I would do better. Even some decisions, I regret.

I’m thinking as a president, you have the power through your actions, and the media, to shape your future on how you are performing in your job. To be fair, I don’t know where these ratings they speak of that say that he’s doing so poorly come from, but he should be ashamed of himself.

The biggest thing going on right now that may be a concern is ending immigration and its various programs such as DACA. From what I understand of this program, this program allows people who come here illegally and are able to follow the instructions to become legal citizens, to stay here. At this current time, nothing is set, but as I was doing something around the house, it was on the news again that Trump is talking to everyone he can think of to put an end to this very successful program.

I know illegal immigration is a problem, however, I don’t know if deporting everyone who has already followed the instructions on what they need to do to stay should go. That is not going to solve a single thing, in fact, news outlets are saying that it’ll hurt families, as some people may have families. Why, Trump, do you want to break what has already worked for so many years?

The other big aspect of this Trump presidency that I have a problem with is his image. I’ve seen retweets of various things, and I even looked at his Twitter account to see what he was saying. Apparently, this guy is going on rampages in regards to whatever he wants, on his own Twitter account. After the attacks in the Carolinas, he went on the defensive and said it was both sides and that both sides need to take responsibility for what happened. If there was a protest, can I ask a question: why it was held in the street where innocent people are possibly injured or killed? This does not make any sense to me. I just don’t understand how that could be both sides' fault; it should be the fault of the people who ran them over. Woman killed in Charlottesville car attack identified - FOX Carolina 21

The issue is that they were in the street, but if these so called White Nationalists are an issue, they should only be dealt with when they break the law. I’m sorry that the woman was killed, but it seems like things went wrong. Whoever did this should pay for their crimes. Donald, it can’t be both sides. The person who killed the woman should be held responsible, and the president should say that we won’t stand for this type of behavior, and we will make sure if you run over people, you should be caught by the law. Saying it's both sides? Were you there? I don’t think so.

The last thing I have an issue with in regards to this president is the ethics of him lining his pockets with money while people like you and I suffer. Trump is the only person in my lifetime that continues to own his business while he is president. The newest justice is going to hold a speech at one of Trump’s properties, at our expense. I have heard that other presidents have put their stock aside in a trust, or vowed not to run the company while he was president, and Trump should do the same thing. He should also turn over his tax records which I understand are required by law.

What are your thoughts? You can find my email address in my biography. I’d be interested on what people have to say. Do you disagree? Agree? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading, and make it a great day.


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