Is This The Best We Can Do?

by Dr. Williams 9 months ago in politics

A Presidential Year

Is This The Best We Can Do?

Are America's best days behind us? Many people might actually agree with that statement. Then again there are those who have a more optimistic appraisal. But, one can not help ponder how we managed as a nation to get so twisted. The upside down world we live in today would have been unthinkable 60 years ago. The tragic part of it all is that we have been brainwashed by a power structure that has been able to keep the American public unaware of the consequences of what our government has been doing right under our nose.

When a right has now turned into a privilege in so many instances is all based on monetary gains not for the public, but for a power elite that are behind the wheels of government. The abuse of many in government has kept our political process hostage. In 2016 and in 2018, our democratic system was ripe with fraud and intimidation. It reminds one of the fraud and corruption of the fixing of voting machines in that movie "Man of the Year" where all the voting precincts were using voting machines that were rigged. To a large extent that is exactly what has happened in both election cycles.

With the 2020 Presidential election forthcoming the American tragedy that has been playing since 2016 in all likelihood will only continue. One of the most concerning questions one has to ask is will the Democrats unite in time to put an end to what many consider America's Greek tragedy? And will they educate the public of the travesties that have been perpetrated on Americans ever since the end of the Civil War?

In all of history great empires rose from humble beginnings only to fall by the hands of corruption and greed. It is quite apparent that the United States falls into this category where the extent of corruption within our political process is almost to vast to over come. Until we recognize how corrupt our democratic process has become America's fall from grace is an almost certainty.

2020 is a most pivotal point for the United States. Do we resolve ourselves to meet the challenges of today or do we continue to hide behind the blanket of deception, lies, and half truths? Is there time for this nation to heal the wounds that divide us? We had better hope so. The only way forward is through education. A democratic republic can only survive and flourish by an educated, well informed and participating public. As of today we don't. And, the extent of corruption within is the prime factor why our democratic republic is on the verge of sinking into oblivion.

One of the most discerning facts today is that when one politician rises above the fray and demonstrates his ability to bridge the many gaps that divide us is mostly rejected by the existing power structure we have in place today. It is rejected by ill informed public whose inability to comprehend what he is trying to do has only widened the gaps that keep tearing this nation apart. If the public could only be informed and understand on what that one politician is trying to accomplish by ushering in reforms that would bridge the gaps that divide just maybe the corruption within would dissipate. It is to that end that the reforms and policy directives that are being offered would in fact close the gaps that continue to divide this nation. With these much needed reforms in place the United States just might advert another four years of the great America travesty that is playing today.

It is time to unite behind Senator Bernie Sanders and understand that the basis of his campaign is one that would bridge the great divides that are keeping America from achieving the great destiny that our Founding Fathers envisioned for this nation. And when we close those bridges we also curb the corruption within.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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