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Is the United States Becoming Alone in World Politics?

Where is world politics going?

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
Is the United States Becoming Alone in World Politics?
Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

The news caught my eye. US President Joe Biden wants to speak but Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Zayed Al Nahyan are avoiding it. The US is considering easing sanctions on oil from Venezuela and Iran to stem the rise in oil prices.

But there was no response from these two countries. The United States has not been in such a predicament in the recent past. It does not appear that the US leader wants to talk and the leaders of other countries avoid it. Sensing the plight of the US, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also seems to have backed down. He does not want to join NATO. Zelensky agreed to negotiate independence or autonomy for Donetsk and Luhansk. He also wants to open the way for negotiations with Russia.

America's predicament started with the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Since 1990, the United States has virtually controlled the world alone in a polar-centered world. The United States then took advantage by attacking various countries from time to time in the name of the war on terror. Now Ukraine has tried to take advantage of the crisis. But the United States has not been able to benefit much so far. And that's just in addition to Europe's renewed NATO troop deployment and Germany's announcement of an increase in its military budget.

But the U.S. is trying to stand by with all kinds of power without direct military support. Western-controlled media is vilifying Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also been compared by some media to Germany's Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. But Putin has also called Ukrainians the new Nazis. There is no doubt that Putin has appeared in the role of usurper. He attacked a free country.

There has been little fanfare around the world over the attack, despite Putin's aggressive attitude and relentless Western media propaganda. Western media say there are protests against Russia's attack on Ukraine. An effigy of Putin was buried there. These protests were limited to European countries. Europeans desperately want this war to end quickly. They know that they have to bear the burden of this war. Because Ukrainian refugees have already started pouring into Europe.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine did not generate much anti-war sentiment except for some naive pro-American activists and Western media and social media. There were no major anti-war protests in Asian countries, Africa and Latin America. But the surprising fact about the war is that the world's citizens are divided on it. Which indicates a very dire situation.

Some people openly support war and aggression. It has been observed that due to the spread of right-wing ideas, a kind of pseudo-fascism is emerging. Due to their anti-US sentiment, surprisingly they converge on the Ukraine issue.

The Western alliance is responsible for bringing the current world situation to an unbearable level. What is heartbreaking for the United States is that the fascist, authoritarian governments of various countries created by the United States are not supporting the United States or standing up for the United States' position in the Ukraine crisis. Abstentions from voting against Russia in the UN General Assembly include many countries in which the United States has contributed to the installation of fascist governments. The West wants to establish control by introducing its style of democracy in different countries.

By Paul Weaver on Unsplash

A flawed democracy has two direct consequences These rulers gradually became authoritarian rulers with US support. When public opinion also turns against the US, attempts are made to discipline and label them as full democracy, semi-democracy, hybriregimesme. But it turns out that in the end, neither the authoritarian regime nor the oppressed ordinary citizens are on the side of the United States.

An analysis of voting in the General Assembly will make the matter clearer. It can be seen that fascist, authoritarian, and undemocratic countries voted for Russia. Many of the common people sided with the autocrat in favor of Russia. Common people have always been against war idols. There have been strong protests against the invasion of Afghanistan when there is fear of being labeled as militants for talking about the indiscriminate killing of civilians in the name of the war on terror. Because the memory of massacres by indiscriminate drone attacks in the name of war is scarred in people'd mind.


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