Impeachment Trial as I See It so Far

by Elizabeth Bolton 7 months ago in politics

"I don't like you," is not good enough.

Impeachment Trial as I See It so Far
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This is all proving to be an enormous waste of time and money. I don't care how you feel about President Trump and whether you would rather he be gone or not. This is not how you do it; this is not how this country works.

With Nixon, we had clear recordings of him ordering the break-in at the Watergate building. With Clinton, we had recordings and videos of him standing before Congress lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

In both of those cases, there was no hearsay. There was no opinion of what people thought the President meant or what he did or didn't do. It was all cut and dry, and there were no assumptions on anyone's part.

Nor did we spend unnecessary time chasing shadows in either of those cases. All of the evidence was acquired before any proceedings began. These current proceedings are being carried out in an attempt to garner the evidence, completely the opposite of how cases should be handled.

I don't like him

This is not grounds for impeachment. You need solid proof that an impeachable offense has occurred and just because you don’t like him does not mean you can continue to hunt for excuses to impeach him.

Currently, the charge they are trying to prove is bribery. That the President said Ukraine had to announce specific investigations if they wanted any aid from the US.

That's what all of these hearings are about. So far, not a single person can say that is what happened. Most of them can only speculate or give secondhand conversations at best.

The exact opposite is what Ambassador Sondland said today. He told them that the President said that he wanted nothing from Ukraine and to do the right thing.

Like several other people, Ambassador Sondland made some assumptions that a meeting was being held up for this announcement and that maybe that was the hold up with the aide. Still, he made it abundantly clear that the President never told him that the aid was being held until the announcement was made.

Ukraine has the aid

The other point here is that Ukraine has received the assistance, and there is currently no ongoing investigation nor has an announcement of such been made.

President Zelensky has also stated on numerous occasions that he never felt any pressure from President Trump. Rep. Schiff would have to call him a liar to continue with his narrative.

At the end of the day, the current narrative from the Democrats didn't happen. At best, they can say that he held up a meeting at the White House until there was an announcement made about investigations into the 2016 elections and Burisma.


Never in the history of this country have we had one political party spend so much time and energy trying to oust a President from the moment he is elected.

I get it; he's an outsider, he's brash and crude. You don't like the way he does things because he acts like the businessman he is rather than a politician. There are numerous reasons not to like the man. For some, there are just as many reasons to like him. However, personal feelings should have no bearing.

He is the duly elected President of the United States. Feel free to bitch about him in private, but we didn't elect all of the Representatives so that they could waste our money chasing one far fetched idea after another.

There are some severe issues in this country, and you need to get to answering them.

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Elizabeth Bolton
Elizabeth Bolton
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