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I Am Not Your Gratification: Irene's Experience With A Creep in Public

TW: Discusses harassment

By Inky Rose Published 10 months ago 5 min read

Hello everyone, today's article discusses harassment, readers discretion is advised.

Today we have something a little different, since it actually discusses a real time experience, one of the first on my blog. Now let's continue!

As an introvert I hate public places. They're crowded, too many people are around me, it's uncomfortable, but unfortunately as a woman, I have to worry about perverts or creeps, even if I wear the most loose fitting clothes, that will catch somebody's eye.

I'll introduce a scenario: Imagine you are walking at an amusement park, minding your own business. Suddenly, a strange older man you've never even met, walks up behind you, snaps a quick image of your posterior, and quickly walks away. This happened to somebody close to me recently, and it is dismal that we have to constantly look behind us to make sure creeps aren't snapping secret photos.

This person is a female, she's close to me (I won't say how.) and this happened to her. I decided to use her story as a way to spread awareness on this topic, since it's often overlooked.

I was so mad, even more upset that I wasn't there with her. Now to all the people who may think: 'She was asking for it.' or 'Her outfit might call for attention' I can tell you this, all she was wearing was a blue sleeveless button up shirt, and jeans.

So by most standards, she was wearing something sensible. It wasn't revealing at all, she wasn't flaunting herself in any way. (She's married with children.)

All she was doing was minding her business with her husband and baby. This makes me very upset, and even more so that you can't even do much about it since it's a 'public space' which means you can take pictures of people without their knowledge without repercussions.

I wish there was some type of law for that, because honestly, that's an invasion of privacy! But apparently, it's the 'photographer's right.'

'Generally, you can take any photos you want of people when they are in a public location, like a park, a beach or a city square. It's perfectly legal since they have elected to place themselves in a public location and have no reasonable expectation of privacy.'-,that%20is%20in%20plain%20view.

That might be the case, but nobody is going to expect a strange man walking up behind you and quickly snapping a photo of your private parts. (I think your behind counts as a private part, though some people don't.)

And they even call your behind 'private!'

Does that not count as a violation of privacy?

Now, she (I'll give her the alias Irene) has a bit of a more 'noticeable' body. But she wasn't wearing something revealing at all! Unless you count your arms... But this just give the same feeling as shaming a teen girl with a more developed body, even though she wears something normal. She can't help what is more excentuated, it's just how she's made.

Her husband was livid, but he didn't want to cause a scene or do something rash, he was with his family.

Oh but if I was there, I probably wouldn't have been as calm. It's insane, and disgusting.

Who knows what he was contemplating, and what's worse about this, Irene's husband said that he saw him with his daughter, and according to Irene and her husband, the man returned with his wife and was 'playing dumb and pointing at things, acting like he was sight seeing, like he didn't just snap a photo in secret.

Her husband saw the whole thing, so it wasn't Irene 'being dramatic' like some people might think. He witnessed it, he was a couple of feet behind Irene, (Irene was waiting in line with her baby) the man was:

'Standing with his daughter (behind Irene) The daughter moved up a couple of steps and then the man pulled out his phone, tilted it at an angle, pressed the middle button, and swiped something. He did it really quick'-Irene's husband

This is part of why I have low hopes for society. People can freely run around taking pictures of unsuspecting women for their own perverse desires and face no scrutiny. What if people put cameras or record people in the bathroom? Would that person face consequences? Is that considered a public space? How far does this jurisdiction go?

I value my privacy, and I find this unacceptable. This can be happening to many women around the world, and this 'right' is a dumb excuse.

This really shouldn't be allowed or overlooked.

This person could easily say that he took it 'by accident' and I bet people would be like: 'Alright.'

It was clear what they saw, and they know what happened.

This isn't for attention.

This is the reality. Every time you walk out your door, you might pass a killer, a criminal, a pervert, a rapist, who knows for sure? The world is unsafe, selfish, and cruel place, with the exception of a couple of things, but it's evil and perversion, walking around, staring at you in a crowd, stalking from behind.

Watching... Waiting...

Irene, if you are reading this, know you are loved and valued. This should have never happened to you, and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry there are dirty scumbags in this world that get gratification by sneaking pictures of women.

You didn't deserve that, and neither do all the women this happens to.

There is a special place in Hell for these poor excuses for humans. (Or at least I hope.)

Thank you all for reading. I really let out a bit more emotion on this article. I always give my all while writing, but this experience made my blood boil, that this even happens at all is baffling to me, and it was to somebody I care about. I guess I feel a bit guilty that nothing could have been done, because even if they confronted the man, he might not get a lot of time, and even then, it is not guaranteed that he won't turn around and do something like that again, so it's a lose-lose...

I hope that this experience will reach people and maybe make them a bit more aware of their surroundings, as awful it is that you even have to look behind you at all times, but you can't control other people, or know truly what they are thinking or their intentions for you.

Be safe out there everyone, this world is a labyrinth!

Thank you all, and have a good day🏙️/night🌃!

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