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How to Get Rid of Bad Politicians in Congress

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 2 years ago in politicians

That's Easy, You Vote Them Out

I'm not targeting anybody in particular, so I'm just going to speak in general terms. We need to vote out our fascist-leaning politicians, but Democrats and Republicans are empty distinctions. Our system of government is something the rest of the world never saw before. Bad politicians need to be peacefully voted out of office. History will be determined once the dust settles, but we need to take our democracy back as a collective. Democracy should be something we need to take back in general because it has been corrupted by the current administration.

Bad politicians across the board who do bad things need to be recalled. The massive conflict between Democrat and Republican has got to end now in order to get anything that remotely resembles moving forward, done. All the fighting is not making anything useful like another stimulus check, get done. The COVID-19 situation has definitely exposed weaknesses in our health care system, in the government system, and in the employment system. People deemed essential workers in an essential worker job, are pretty much able to find employment in any essential worker field, like a grocery store worker.

What sucks is that companies are busy laying people off because they might be ill, or spreading germs without realizing it. That is a huge weakness in our employment system. Why fire people who may or may not be ill? Our economic downturn, is pretty much set to keep going. Finding a job is much harder, but each job has remote work options set up as a temporary measure, for nonessential workers. We have also had an opportunity to see that a free, publically accessible health care system for all, is something that might yet work for each individual state, which have different laws set up.

Bad politicians, who are white no less, need not wear Kente cloths that were worn by the Ashanti, for a photo opportunity that wound up making them look questionable while taking a knee for black people who lost their lives due to police brutality. But when worn by a black person, Kente cloth is a modern symbol of pride about having cultural ties to West Africa. These days Kente cloth is seen as a protest symbol when worn by a black person or a white person. Bad politicians need to be voted out. The two-party system is not inclusive, or something that works anymore. It is there so that people know when to vote based on what platform they lean to. In the end, both platforms serve large companies, not the people. If a large company has an ID number like a social security number, that makes them be like a person, then companies have taken over our lives.

We are forced into a modern day slavery-like role but you get paid, which can help you pay rent, buy food, get a car, and pay for medical care. When you do not have access to work, you sign up for SSI if you have a pre-existing condition, which I wasn't allowed to do by my family until I turned 28, but at 18, I had a long talk with myself about whether or not to sign up while in school so I could make my own medical choices respecting my free will. I was rather manipulated into not going for it. These days, political corruption makes them want to threaten the entire SSI health care providing system. In fact, if health care became as free as it is for now, because of COVID-19, everybody would have access to it. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. The virus can manifest in someone with no symptoms, whereas in others, it creates a nasty series of symptoms including shortness of breath.

This virus has made everybody paranoid to the point of everybody suddenly knowing what it feels like to be schizoaffective where paranoia can occasionally be a regular symptom. Bad politicians need not mess with SSI, or health care right now, because that is a problem to be addressed in the next election. If an alternative is provided, those on SSI should be given an opportunity to make money, or start their own business. The money we do get is our money we either worked to get or that our families paid into. My family didn't lift a finger, so I had to work for it. Bad politicians who threaten existing systems with change need to be voted out, that is what the next election is for, but the two-party systems creates a huge conundrum.


Iria Vasquez-Paez

I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan.

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