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Here Are the 6 Different Types of Conservative

by Joshua Lowenberg 4 years ago in politics

Usually, the Right gets all lumped into one group, but in truth, there are many factions within today's 'Right.'

When we think of conservatives, we all typically think of one set group of ideals. But in truth, the conservative movement is full of many different ideas, factions, and political stances.

1. Traditional Conservatives (Tradcons, Cruzcons)

Ted Cruz

These are your typical religious, fiscally and socially conservative, small government conservatives. These are the conservatives who during the primaries didn't much care for Trump and still aren't too warm about him.

Tradcons are Constitutionalist; they believe that the Constitution is not a living document and that the Constitution should limit the government, not be used to expand it.

Tradcons believe in tax cuts, reduced spending, and extremely limited entitlement programs. Most of the Tradcon agenda comes from religious doctrine, supporting private charity over government programs to assist the poor.

Notable Tradcons are Ted Cruz, Dana Loesch, and Ben Shapiro.

2. Liberal Conservatives (Libcons)

George Bush

Libcons are liberal conservatives—they don't typically follow conservative doctrine and they support liberal policy but are also war-hawks and religious. They are extremely Pro-Israel and also Anti-Isolationist.

Libcons are not afraid to increase spending and regulation. They are socially conservative, but usually economically liberal. Libcons are also usually degraded within the Republican party, being called RINOs (Republican In Name Only).

Notable Libcons are George W. Bush and John Bolton.

3. Black Conservatives

Candace Owens

Black conservatives are a growing group within the Conservative movement. They are disenfranchised with Democrat policy, and many are switching parties and political ideology.

Blacks in America have typically been very socially conservative while being economically Liberal. Black conservatives believe the disparities between Whites and Blacks is a difference of mentality and culture and not due to racism. They also believe that the current Democratic party is forcing Blacks in America to act as a monolith for Liberal policy.

Notable Black Conservatives are Jason Riley, writer of Please Stop Helping Us, and the well known Candace Owens.

4. The 'Alt-Right'

Richard Spencer

The Alt-Right is a fringe group within the right, orginally a movement for new millennial Conservatives (not to be confused with NeoCons).

Recently, the group has been hijacked by Neo-Nazis and Racists. They believe in Ethnic Nationalism, as opposed to the Conservative Civic Nationalism. They are War-Hawks, many of them are Anti-America, and some are Pro-Trump. What sets them apart from other conservative groups is their belief in racial superiority and Ethnic Nationalism.

A notable member of the Alt-Right is Richard Spencer.

5. Libertarians

Gary Johnson

Libertarians themselves are full of fringe groups. No two libertarians believe the same thing.

The cohesiveness of being Libertarian comes in the idea of extremely limited government and full states' rights. Most believe in the decriminalization of most, if not all, drugs, complete deregulation of the economy, and isolationism. The different fragments of the Libertarians ultimately lead to the downfall of their 2016 presidential bid, with some candidates even claiming it isn't the federal government's job to declare murder illegal. (Louder With Crowder 1:12:45)

A notable Libertarian would be Gary Johnson who ran as the Libertarian presidential nominee in 2016

6. New Conservatives (Neocons, Trumpcons)

Ann Coulter

Neocons are a relatively new fragment of the Conservative movement. This group is fueled by populist nationalist ideas.

Neocons believe in restricted immigration, Civic Nationalism, reduced government, and are free speech absolutists. Neocons are a lot like Traditional Conservatives, except they are much less isolationist, big Israel supporters, and believe America's role in the world is as the protector of Western ideals. Neocons and Tradcons are typically at odds, but usually come together to pass policy.

This group gained popularity during the 2016 election, brought on by none other than Donald Trump. The Neocon movement saw a large influx of young voters, who can only remember a liberal president, many were ready for a change.

Notable Neocons include Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity.


Joshua Lowenberg

Current student at the University of South Florida, Political Enthusiast, Christian, Conservative.

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Joshua Lowenberg
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