Hard to Believe


Hard to Believe

I looked around. My home town I’d once walked freely in was being demolished right in front of my eyes. The rocky cobbled pavements I would skip along on the way to school were now scattered from bomb shells which had dropped from the sky. The laughter and chatter of the people was no longer around, only the resonating sounds of screams filled the air, echoing around as if they were on repeat. The warm scents of fresh bread and hustles of the people queuing in line, no longer lingered about, but were replaced by the stench and humming of dead bodies. No reassuring smiles to comfort the air of uncertainty as my once colourful and abundant town was now a cold facade of black, white and grey. I felt numb.

I stood, paralysed, letting the chaos unfold around me, wondering wether I was dreaming or not. How can this be real? What is going on? Suddenly it hit me and I realised.

My family! I'd lost my family! I could feel my heart beginning to beat faster and faster, every single pound in my chest. Not through my ears, that was occupied by the ongoing gun shots and screams, drowning into my ears. Every heart beat was a turbulent push from within which began to descend slowly into my stomach, and now I can feel every thump, every beat, every pulse clearer and stronger than ever before. I was afraid. My eyesight began to go blurry and through all the background horror noise I could hear a long piercing ring in my ears. I could not focus, I could not breathe, my mind felt as intoxicated as my lungs. It felt suffocating. Where was my family?

I ran away. Away from the madness. Away from the gun shots, away from the piercing screams, away from the helpless cries. I ran. Until I saw there, right there, in the distance a man with a large gun shooting down innocent people as they panicked and fled in his way. I was dead I thought to myself, as the intoxicating feeling began to appear again. He's going to come my way and kill me in my place as selfishly as he killed all the other innocent lives.

To my left. I stood, by fallen dead bodies all next to each other, fallen down like dominos, one by one. In attempt to save my own life I fell too and blended in with everyone dead one of them. My friend. Oh my beautiful friend who I lay next to, was dead. I could feel her warm blood still gushing out from her gunshot wounds. She was gone. I kissed her head then attempted to make out I was dead as the pure evil monster slowly marched passed me with the killer machine in his hands. I could sense his pride. His depravity which deluged out of him.

I lay there for what seemed like eternity, when soon, I could hear a familiar voice wailing for help, to my right. To my right. I pushed the weight of the dead body laying on top, of who to my shock was, my mother! Oh how happy I was to see my mother. My heart now pumping faster filling with happiness and hope rising to my chest again. What bitter sweet. Although I could see her wounds, small yet shocking, she was alive and that was hope. It was almost like my mother knew exactly what I was thinking; when I heard her trembling voice whisper softly into my ears, “Don’t you worry my love, the others are safe.”

Now we lay here, peacefully, as we let the chaos unfold around us, hand in hand, waiting, for the end, a stop to all evil and destruction, till we can all reunite, as a family, as one.

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