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Goodbye Donald

by Alex Courant about a month ago in trump

A Goodbye Letter To Donald Trump, from the HR Department of the USA, informing him that he is fired.

Good-Bye Letter to Trump - by Alex Courant

To Mr. Donald J. Trump

The company of the USA wishes to terminate your employment effective January 20th, 2021., and we will no longer require (nor want) your services.

A severance package of some the most hateful, blatantly deceitful people that have infiltrated society and our government will be granted in the form of dwindling followers, as well as a legacy of crime, content with violence, hate and destruction, and the largest division among the people of this country in centuries.

As of November, Mr. Trump, you have lost the presidential election. A new president will reside in the White House. We understand that 'losing' is a concept that is foreign to you, so you say, but, we all win some and we lose some; it's a concept that should invoke humility from both a winner or a loser.

We also understand that 'humility' is possibly another concept which you are not familiar with, and that the closest idea of it are some of your traits, like humiliation of others and boastful rhetoric.

We Americans, and the World, haven't seen a humble act or an example from you, a president, of being modest or humble.

On the contrary, we are all now overly aware of how you think of yourself. Always, the winner. Never the loser, even if you actually lose at something. Ranting and whining, spreading misinformation, deranged rhetoric, judging women and their relevance based on by level of how attracted you are to them, and inciting, encouraging, influencing millions of people to ignore several systems in place of our government to better suit your interests, is grounds for terminating your employment. It's also not presidential.

We can't remember a time where Ronald Reagan said he “grabs them by the pussy” while referring to women.

We are having trouble recalling a time when Roosevelt imitated and made fun of a disabled person purposely, just because of their journalist opinion, and to appeal to a crowd of his supporters on national television- and never has a crowd been so easily entertained and followed by exposing their moral compass for all to see. Millions of children of young ages saw that. Children, who have no previous examples of 'a president' and the quality of his/her character, have only you as the model of one. The damage the country has received, just from that, will haunt us for decades.

No US history book, archive, transcript, or documentation, contains the amount of endless pages of self-praise statements from a president, until Donald Trump became a president. Countless accounts and evidence of the threatening and de-legitimatizing of journalists, disregard for the average citizen, and favoritism to only those who obey, even if it is at the expense of their reputations and dignity. Nothing of this sort, neither from Lincoln, Eisenhower, Bush Jr. nor Bush Sr., or any other US president from any party, for that matter.

For those kind of historic events that have been documented, you can find them in the Communist, Fascist, or Dictatorship Countries section, if you wish to expand and progress those skills of yours, Mr. Trump.

Please consider this 'good-bye' letter as advice, a reproach, and a declaration from sources other than yourself, and also a hearty farewell, all in one collection of paragraphs.

While we know it presents you with three more concepts that are foreign to you- advice, reproach, and declarations from anyone other than you- please know that we will still recommend you, and will happily provide you, with a letter of recommendation to a Mental Health Facility, at your request.

There is simply no other explanation to why people in the highest position of the government would follow a leader over a cliff, other than if the leader had life-ruining information about those people, threatened to use it, or were bought with money and promises. This is why included with the termination of your employment as president, we extend the same courteous gesture of furnishing a letter of recommendation for those who enabled you and became parasitic pawns, and to all those poor souls you put in your pocket.

As for 'advice,' we can only imagine what a painful, hopeless task it must be for someone to give a person like you advice. Based on the content of your words and actions, and not by the countless accounts of your failures, the stories of your unpleasantness, and tenacity for revenge and annihilation of anyone or anything you don't like, we have reached this decision to end your presidency here at The United States of America Corporation. Your methodology is indicative of one which stands on a foundation of your own detachment from reality, with pillars of 'yes-men' and columns of apprentices holding everything else together, and the position requires at least some experience using common sense.

Working from such a guarded egotistical bubble, which can hinder the ability for someone to know the difference between advice and reproach, is not a quality we are looking for in a leader. I'm sure anyone who has suggested anything remotely near to sound advice, such as 'not fighting with women' especially so airily, aggressively, and with such cruelty and grudges, would disappear from your inner circle “in a New York minute” from your lack of understanding that advice isn't always criticism or a threat.

We also hope that all of your followers and extremists eventually notice how questionable and plain creepy it is to worship and kiss the feet of some man, who fights with women and whines about them publicly, out there and who can snap his fingers and make them submit and bend to his will. I guess the country is progressing in a way, and all those manly militia mountain men out there are becoming more open to being eagerly submissive to a fancy dressed, sassy gentleman out there, and pleasing him no matter the cost. We applaud their loyalty, their love, and devotion to you over their own families, brethren, and country, Mr. Trump.

However, many of the upper management leadership here acknowledges your incredible ability to manipulate people, especially through media like television, social platforms, and by deploying your most brain-washed or paid actors and recruiters.

Surely, a person with a mastery of marketing and entertainment background such as yours, from what colors can trigger certain emotions to how saying and repeating certain phrases or keywords over and over can subliminally influence people into "feeling" a certain way, should have no problem finding employment elsewhere. You should have no problem being a leader elsewhere.

You will be a great leader somewhere else, and many will say what a beautiful leader- - many--- a tremendous leader you are- many people say it now- that they've never seen such a great-- AND important people too, how wonderful you lead. Oh and great at it, they say! Great- and how you are the best. Many, all over the country, many, good- - and they are shocked by the tremendous job you've done- at leading- shocked, ok- this is what they say- what a tremendous job you've done - many, we hear saying this, so at some point it must be true- you gotta ask yourself if you want someone that leads good, and that's what people say about you- trust us, you lead good. We hear it like all the- we think the last time we read the report, it was like 60 0r 80 Billion- and they say, wow Mr. Trump is the best and most caring- best at leading- Trump....60 to 80 Billion- - they say, he-- and this is a lot, ok? - he is the best and does the best- and we are talking about the best and most beautiful people here, from all over the world- all the time we hear them- everybody is always saying what a great leader- many, like a lot, like all over the world- they say,

"Trump, he's so good...we have never seen a better lea---" this is in the entire world, by the way- they say "-never seen a better leader." 60 to 80 billion-- and ask any body, that's all they say. "Mr. Trump leads good, he leads good, he leads good" and they love you- so much that nobody has ever led like you have- and believe us, many, many have tried to lead like you, but none whatsoever- 'cause you lead good and many important people say it-- and not just the whites, ok? --that none have come close. You win by a landslide on good leading- everybody says. A beautiful landslide, Mr. Trump.

Unfortunately, we need a good person that leads well.

A person with such a deep understanding, like yours, of how to produce the best ratings, buying people with money, and advertising in a way that targets a specific category of person, will be an excellent candidate to any company willing to overtake a government or brainwash millions of people.

As for declarations outside of your own personal views, ask yourself this. When have you, Mr. Trump, made a declaration of anything other than your grandeur? The most beloved declaration, The Declaration of The United States of America, is basically a manual on How To Be A President. Did you even look at it or pick it up and read at least a part of it? If you say you read it, by the same vein you confess that either you have no capacity of reading comprehension, or, that you do understand it and dismiss your sworn duties and the oath that you took. You have the highest responsibility of all to uphold what is said in that document. Since you have breached the terms of your contract, The Constitution, as well as The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the basic instruction manual and presidential employee handbook, an election by the people and for the people has voted to end your presidency.

These are manuals and documents available anywhere at anytime, and neither you nor your staff read any parts other than the ones to twist in the event of you exploiting us.

Our Declaration states--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --

“What consent?” you might ask yourself. Consent here, is the approval that the majority of the people of the United States has given to someone else to be the president. Without drifting too far away from your Farewell, let's just say consent is another one of those perplexing concepts for you, for all intents and purposes.

We understand why you are destructive, angry, bitter, and spiteful. It seems that you feel that consent is exclusive to you, or that it's more of a 'ruling' by one side instead of an exchange between two entities. It makes sense that a person of your background, one stemming from legal hearings, financial successes and failures, problematic experiences with women, a TV celebrity, a women's pageant owner, and recently a president, would eventually deeply believe that they own the world and function by their own laws. The dilemma that you have created for those who wish to keep the company afloat is now above your pay grade, and the duty of being in charge for the last 4 years always has been above your pay grade.

When everything in your past is arranged, adjusted, judged, decided, created, and terminated by your call, these last four years are starting to make more sense. You openly implied how you would run the country like a business or a corporation, and exaggerated the reason why you were the best option at the time to lead America.

Well, in the corporate world, they say 'there are no bad employees; only bad leaders.'

We regret to inform you that America, is not a company; it is a People.

Again, it's understandable why you might mix the two concepts of governments and corporations together. Solely, only one of those can fire its president at the behest of the people under him.

This is a procedure and protocol that you have no experience in, since you only understand one side of this coin, and your famously-milked phrase, “you're fired,” I'm sure comes back to haunt you now.

Considering your views and statements, lets entertain your way of perceiving humans and our country, and see how you indeed led the “company” of the USA by highlighting the prominent memories of your presidency.

In dealing with relations with other country leaders:

Lets call them business partners or the competition.

Now, looking back, only communists and dictators seem to come to mind when one begs an image of you standing next to other world leaders. Putin. Xi Jingpin. Kim Jong-un. Vaguely a hazy image of you and Israeli leaders comes to mind, but there hasn't been any Trump-Israel news since that one time you claimed you 'restored peace' to that region, and by way of just simply suggesting destroying Israel's enemies by starting a World War again. Looks like you rubbed elbows with the competition more than the partners.

In dealing with citizens and inhabitants of the US:

Lets call them employees of “company” of the USA that you were elected to lead.

Successful companies can be graded by their place in the business world, by how much they progress, by how they strive to be a more diverse and inclusive, and by how satisfying it feels to work there and how proud company workers are to be a part of it.

Looking back, there hasn't been a better example in our time of such a frightening, hateful, and divided country since you became its leader. America has regressed, not progressed.

Echo chambers fueled by the gas of your rhetoric have ignited their resolve to be less diverse, and cellars of people, from your race only, have declared their supremacy anew. Not very diverse.

In respect to the people you governed over, you are leaving no space for the inclusion of anyone who doesn't believe in the undying, blind, and complete devotion toward one particular person. Therefore you can say Goodbye to diversity and inclusion, the happiness of all the employees, and the unity of the culture of this company. So, everything a CEO, a president of a company, an owner, or the founder wants and needs to do for a company, the opposite is what you can say you accomplished.

There is no “company culture” present, and unity is exclusive to only those with misplaced and excessive admiration of one particular person, and that is you, Mr. Trump. Rather than being interested in the safety and prosperity of all men and women, your entire presidency was based on gas-lighting and feeding a certifiable group of people that seemingly crawled out from under rocks, small in comparison to the rest of the population. You've even managed to take down countless sub-leaders with you in the process, and put a very large stain on the Republican party. You've managed to turn the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan, men of jovial camaraderie and honor, into a party of whiny, submissive men who bicker and double-cross Americans and good Republicans like snitches and bottom-feeders. Anyone who trusts the Republican party, for decades to come, will be seen as an irrational person, a concern, and a danger to society and this country to a certain degree. The country in your hands is not even worthy of being called a company. It is a product of your doing, and only the previously dormant domestic extremists, or people closed off to the rest of society, or racists believe that you have done a good job.

You have single-handedly created the largest cult in modern American history.

Our place in the “business world” is now with those “companies” that have failed; that of a corporation with poor leadership, unhappy employees, and a massive revolving door of people who are willing to take advantage of it, and use it as a stepping stone. The only wall you have built is not very long but it is very high, and it's around yourself and your Trump enthusiasts- the only people, literally, who have any respect left for you at this point.

Meanwhile, they are unleashed into the fabric of American society. Don't forget that you actually told them to physically assault a protester at one of your rallies, and that you would “pay the lawyer fees” for them to be acquitted.

Somehow, one single protester exercising their rights at a rally is a bigger threat than thousands of protesters rioting a federal building, that you are sworn to protect, looking to overturn an election and stage a non-military coup d'etat. Under your watch, apparently it is acceptable to harm people and symbols of democracy, such as the Capitol of the United States, which you directly influenced with your hate-woven, unsportsmanlike, and careless speech prior to the raid. There are many words and ways of saying 'anarchy' just like there are many ways of saying 'raid and destroy for me to keep me in power.'

It is now clear that you only approve of any protest, opinion, right, and action, as long as it benefits you, and even if it is wrong.

Even the president of a company has the simplest duty and interest for the entire company to succeed. Not just one department. Not just one piece of it. Not just a certain class of employees.

During all this time, the rest of Americans who are the greater majority of the population, have to witness the barbarity of your influence. Live it. Deflect it. Avoid it. Pray for a day without it. To make an analogy of how everyone outside of your bubble feels, it is like watching a drunk person who's had a bottle of whiskey all to themself and then grabs car keys to go driving a car with no lights at night on busy roads.

These are dark times, and even your own minions say it, albeit they say it for their own self-interests and agendas. With no clear illumination of a bright future, you have launched us ahead as passengers in that car at an incredible speed.

Even if we try to warn those in the path of the oncoming calamity, we are considered targets to be ejected from our seats and plowed through on purpose, while your enthusiasts think of cover up for the drunk driver by saying he is perfectly fine to drive; or worse, that the driver and car are fake.

Lastly, in regard to employee morale. Everyone, from all sides, is distraught. Even those in your own congregation are constantly either on a major high, or, a major low, and all because of what you tell them to feel, and how to act.

You have left us to actually "Make America Great Again" and we never said we don't accept your supporters. Your only accomplishment with them is that you made them alienate themselves unknowingly as the rest of the world turned. Now we are tasked with the enormous uphill battle of bringing all those people you misled back to Earth. We now have to answer to the rest of the world how the most powerful country in it is the one with the most cases of infections and deaths in it- and in some cases, more than several other big and powerful countries combined. We now also have to "show up" at the table and (somehow) act and say that we are still the most powerful, when many others saw how easily we can crumble and perish, and how, contrary to previous popular belief, fragile our democracy is and can be attacked.

Even in your view of the world, you would think at least one side would've been happier than those on the other.

Yet, somehow you have majestically been able to turn even your proudest devotees into miserable, angry, hateful human beings and mobs; and these are the people that think they are winning!

Those people may have found their man, but presidents are made- not found.

Best wishes to you, and success with your new red baseball cap venture which has knowingly for you been a tremendous cash cow at the expense of your buyer's dignity!

Thank you.


Human Resources Department of the United States of America.

Alex Courant
Alex Courant
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