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Escalating Tensions in Norway!

by Jay Simmons 2 months ago in defense
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How Brent O'Hallorans' Sky News story got me digging for the truth, & this is what I found!

Organisation Chart 84 MM

The Norwegian Armed Forces

In addition to NATO, the Norwegian Military & Defence Staff has thirteen sectors.

Joint Headquarters

Finnmark Land Command teams have spoken on the escalations with NATO. Lt. Col. Ronny Bratli of the Porsanger Battalion stated in O'Hallorans special show that "It's important - because it's a political decision..." and, LT. Col. Michael Rozmara of the Boarder Guard Battalion also said "Today we are thinking that this is actually something that can happen in the near future."

The Norwegian Joint Headquarters


This operation centre oversees both its foreign & domestic personnel, NJHQ directs all tasks.

The two quotes from the above leaders in Finnmark stem from ever growing rhetoric and fears coming out of Russia. After all Finnmark is the land where Norway meets the Russian boarder. So it may be the tasks from NJHQ is prepare for conflict! As 'our neighbour' has already invaded Ukraine, and they don't like the fact that we blocked cargo to some of their citizens who live on our land in the middle of the Artic Ocean.

A Place Called Svalbard

I'm talking about Svalbard! There is a treaty of 100 years to say that it belongs to Norway, however Russia can use its natural resources. Due to Russia breaking the rules internationally with a proxy war! Norway has imposed sanctions to say they can't use their territory anymore. This however is in breach of the treaty, and Russia has used that as a justification for threatening rhetoric.

Now, speaking of the Artic! Svalbard isn't the only issue involving Russia. Infact Svalbard is a new dilemma. You know because of the War! What if I told you that Russia has a nuclear Arsenal. I would've guessed you already knew that. Well part of having such weapons is to be able to test them. And where does Russia test their nuclear missiles? In the Artic.

Norway, and NATO have a problem with that. There is a thing called UNCLOS - which means United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Yes another treaty that Russia has to face whilst it currently breaks international law. The fact that Russia is always testing dodgy rockets in these waters, where there are many international water boarders - as the Artic is home to many nations. The closest water boarder to Russias' being Norway that means the Norwegian Navy is always on patrol making sure that Russia doesn't accidentally blow up Norway, and its territories, and its claims within the sea such as mineral, gas, oil reserves. Same problem for NATO. It doesn't want Russia testing nukes in UNCLOS waters.

The War in Ukraine

Russian military of defence

Considering they are conducting a special military operation, one would guess that they now have amped up their need to test bigger and better weapons, more of the time. Not to mention NATO is helping Ukraine fight Russia as we speak, and Russia sees that as official escalation. That doesn't help when they meet face to face in the middle of the ocean. Norway is apart of NATO and Russia is not happy with Norway specifically because at a time were legitimate sanctions are hurting Russia, Norway are breaking the pact of a treaty which is hurting Russia even more. Now with reason they could challenge either politically or militarily. And as we heard from our Commanders in Finnmark - tensions are rising on the boarder. More than before. So what will happen in Norway? I don't know but thank you Brent O'Halloran for telling me that I must keep an eye on the Artic Circle, and a place in Northern Norway called Finnmark.


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