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Donald Trump believes all Whites are racist and proud

The president continues to encourage injustice and intolerance. This is dangerous and needs to be stopped. He must be voted out in November.

Donald Trump believes all Whites are racist and proud
Picture speaks for itself.

Donald Trump continues to sink to new levels by spewing vitriol and his actions have consequences for those who do not look like him. Never could I, nor many others have ever imagined an America where the commander in chief would promote intolerance. We are now living in that day and it is a dangerous time for many citizens in this nation. The latest stunt of number 45 is that he allowed a few of his base to shout “White power” and did not discourage them. As an African American this is troubling to me because it means that people who look like me are in danger. Black, Brown, Red and Yellow Americans are at risk from attacks from white supremacists Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Asians, Hispanics, the LBGTQ community and basically everyone who is not a WASP- White Anglo Saxon Protestsnt, AKA Evangelicals are in danger of hate crimes.

Donald Trump allowed that video to remain on his Twitter feed for 3 hours before taking it down. Add this to the fact that he says he is a nationalist and his other actions and this spells trouble for many Americans. Jake Tapper of CNN asked Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary about it and he replied in a dry casual tone that the president dies not condone racism. His base obviously believes he does because it’s motivating them to act out. When people are motivated by hatred they do evil despicable things. Dylan Roof murdered 9 African Americans in a South Carolina church because he believed false information he read online. Roof believed that blacks were myrdetung whites at alarming rates and decided to retaliate. Fakes news in regard to race relations can lead to tragedy and that’s why Donald Yrump should not get a second term in office.

Last week my husband and I watched an episode of “ I almost got away with it” where a man identifying as a skinhead gave an interview from jail. He admitted to murdering his neighbor’s gay 17 year old son and added that he also enraged because the teen’s white mother was dating a black man. This inmate had also sent letters to the neighbors house saying the world was better off without her son in it. In voting for Fonald Trump, Americans have chosen a president who encourages people who feel as this incarcerated man, and act on those feelings. This is wrong as all Americans are suppose to have the right to live as they choose in this nation. Thankfully only a minority hold this view, but they are enough to make life miserable for those who are different than themselves. If the president did not believe that most of all white Americans are racist, he would not be using hate and saying certain code words to gain voters.

Donald Trump is reaching deep into his bag of tricks and pulling out of his supporters the evil that he knows has always been there. This is what is scary to me as a person of color. I am actually sering white people Ive known since childhood suddenly act like they are skin heads and white nationalists. Men and women I’ve always gotten along with are now posting things on social media that are chilling and openly racist. Trump supporters are also alienating family members who are Democrats and throwing the word around almost as if they are using a racial slur. Donald Trump could not illicit these emotions from people unless they were already harboring them. The really troubling thing is that people are going full steam ahead with these racist tendencies rather than checking themselves and saying no. It’s as if they finally feel free to express their true emotions and are enjoying the newfound freedom.

The president did not condemn what was said to him and neither did he apologize to the nation for it. The White House released a statement that Donald Trump did not hear the men shouting “ White power” but it’s obvious he did. Watch the video and you will see that they were close to him and spoke very loud and clear. Number 45 should have gone on national television immediately and told the world he is not in agreement with dividing races, but he never has and he won’t now. The few times he addresses this issue he reads ftom a teleprompter very slowly and methodically. When he called the NFL players who took a knee thugs, he was loud and forceful. The fact that so many white Americans are acting out in a racist manner tells us something chilling.

Donald Trump, being a white male, suspected or perhaps even knew exactly what was in the hearts of his supporters. He’s playing to his base and they are loving it and proud of it. The people at the Texas rally laughed with glee when he said that COVID-19 was the “ Kung Flu”, I was stunned that so many people agreed with this racial slur. The base seem to be elated to finally have someone in office who knows exactly how they feel and agrees with them. In 2020 racists feel its OK to say how they feel without a filter. Some have posted photo’s on Facebook of Nimber 45 with African American celebrities as proof that The Donald has nothing against people of color. Others bring up the fact that he was in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. All this proves is that the man is an opportunist and enjoys being in the spotlight.

If this minority of Caucasian’s did not believe Donald Trump was one of them, they would not be shouting “ White Power” snd neither would they have showed up in Charlottesville chanting, “ Jews will not replace us.” This type of attitude leads to Black people swinging from trees and having crosses burned in their yards. It’s dangerous and Donald Trump knows that. He realizes America is changing and that he is not popular except with those who espouse hate. Number 45 realizes that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016. He is stoking the flames of racism because he know his only chance of winning in 2020 is to amp up the hate and get more white votes.

What had been known by a few and suspected by many is now a reality staring us in the face. After recent events I don’t know how anyone could vote for a second term for Donald Trump unless they truly are racist. This president seems to have a power over some of his supporters and they just can’t help themselves. How else do you explain Jerry Falwell, the chancellor of a major university choosing a face mask depicting Virgina Governor Ralph Northam in black face? Why is it suddenly that white women across the nation are calling the police on innocent black people and attacking non whites in grocery stores and other public places? If the current President believed that promoting racial harmony would get him votes, he would have pushed that angle. He is going with what he sees works and a segment of America is obliging him. Last thing at the Kung Flu statement was disrespectful to Asians everywhere.

Donald Trump is banking on the fact that deep down all white people are racist. He is doing everything he can to stir the pot and pull the hate out of them. The only thing that will stop him is if Americans of all ethnic origins who are against racism vote against him. The upcoming election will show us what is truly in the hearts of mainstream America. Voting Donald Trump out of office in November is a vote for liberty and justice for all. Giving him a second term as our national leader will indicate that many more people than we realize have the attitude of the woman in the cover photo. That picture looks like it may be ftom the 1960’s but it has been getting a lot of recent circulation in social media. Sadly it continues to be relevant today. America the choice is yours so make it wisely. Will you show the world that you believe in equality for all citizens or that you are a proud racist?

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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Cheryl E Preston

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