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Dominic Raab: Speaking to Kay Burley of Sky News.

New COVID-19 Rules and Re-Enforcement of Old Rules.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, has been speaking to Sky's Kay Burley, regarding COVID, in the UK.

Dominic Raab outlined new measures brought in by the government and the re-enforcing of old rules. The fear of a new lockdown has been a major worry for many. The UK, as a whole, is facing a new spike in COVID-19, as the Autumn period for the UK officially began yesterday.

Mr Raab outlined that the government is not as yet, contemplating, a second lockdown. The government is going to give it 6 months, to see if the population will comply with new and old COVID-19 safety rules. Mr Raab emphasised and confirmed, that if the British population did not observe these rules, then a second lockdown would be inevitable.

Mr Raab is second in command after Boris, so he is the virtual Deputy Prime Minister. Mr Raab stood in for Boris when he was fighting for his life with COVID-19.

Boris gave an address in parliament yesterday outlining the enforcement of old rules and illustrating, verbally, the new rules. These rules are as follows:

All those working in and using pubs, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc, must wear masks/shields. All hospitality outlets must close by 10 pm. These outlets must only offer table service only. If masks are not worn then there will be £200 fines incurred.

Weddings can only be attended by 15 people only and 30 people are allowed to attend funerals.

The rule of 6 has been extended to sports teams.

Older rules like keeping a 2 metre distance, for example, have been restated, also.

Kay Burley was told by Dominic Raab, in no uncertain terms, that the government had a hidden arsenal of measures to do with coronavirus.

Over the summer, people for one reason or another, have broken the COVID safety rules. The UK has seen illegal raves, people gathering on beaches, pro/anti BLM protests, Extinction Rebellion gatherings, football fans congregating, etc. All these people coming together have obviously forced the COVID spread that we are seeing now. People like this have spoiled it for the rest of us, hence, the government having to get tough. People in these illegal formations are either ignorant, don't care or think the risk of getting COVID is worth it, for their own agendas.

After his address in parliament yesterday, at 12.30 pm, Boris spoke to the nation via Downing Street. Boris in his live broadcast, pushed home the governments COVID agenda.

Irresponsible people in not adhering to the COVID-19 safety rules are to blame, yes. However, the government must also, take some of the blame. The government was late in going into lockdown and too early, some say, in coming out of lockdown. The 'Test and Trace' system has been inefficient in many ways. Many people are angry that Boris told office workers to return to work, now the opposite is happening because of the COVID spike.

COVID symptoms are very similar to the influenza bug that is around at this time of year. Many think they have COVID-19 when in fact all they have is flu. That's not to diminish the danger influenza poses, influenza is also a killer. The government has pointed out those between 50-80 must get their flu jabs, if the need arises.

Labour, the main opposition party has agreed to go along with the government's COVID agenda. However, the Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has continually pointed out that the 'Test and Track' system must be improved. Also, ramming home the point that furlough must be extended as Germany, France and Ireland have done.

In 6 months time, we will know whether we will be going back into full lockdown or not. That will depend on the common sense of the people in our country but, also, on government competence.


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