Democrat Division

by Will Evans 11 months ago in opinion

Why Our Fighting Now Could Hurt Us in the Future and Why We Must Unite in 2020

Democrat Division

In the 2016 election, we saw many progressives who supported Bernie Sanders promote the phrase "Bernie or Bust." I myself supported Bernie in the primaries, but when he lost, I saw the necessity to stand with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump. The Bernie or Bust movement arguably hurt our chances in 2016, making many Bernie supporters not vote in the general election. You could also argue that more people who would not have voted in the first place voted for Hillary because they got involved due to Bernie's outreach to audiences that have lower voting records. But this is not the point of this article.

To be frank... I am extremely worried. At this point, almost no one is running for the Democratic Nomination in 2020. That's fine... But what I keep seeing is an increased division. I see people who want Bernie again already promoting their stubborn ideal of Bernie or Bust. The difference is I also see people who are more centrist liberals saying they'll vote for any Democrat except Bernie. They argue he's not a Democrat and therefore he would not get their vote if nominated.

This stubborn mindset I am seeing from many different types of liberals makes me angry. We pride our party on not being structured in the cult fashion that the Trump base is organized in. Yes... Arguably, Bernie is not a Democrat... BUT WHO CARES?! Chances are that you agree on much more with him than you do with Trump! Bernie will definitely benefit you more than Trump will and has. To say you won't vote for him because he's not your perfect Democrat is as ridiculous as the progressives saying they won't vote for another nominee that's not progressive enough.

So what do we do? We stop heading in the direction of cultish following and start being reasonable people. I'm not saying we all have to agree... But at this point and time in our country, there is no greater threat to freedom, democracy, and our future than Donald Trump himself. All reasonable people should acknowledge this...

We should feel free to fight out our beliefs in the primaries. I'm not saying we shouldn't argue a little bit. Discussion and debate is important and I highly encourage you take part expressing what you believe. But in the end, we must unite... It is our duty as people who care about society, and the people living in it, to unite against hate. Unite together for a better tomorrow. We can't risk another four years of Trump. While I personally hope he is removed from office via impeachment before the election, I do not think this is likely.

To show that I am not suggesting swapping one cult structure for another, I want to point out that there are some potential Democrats that I would not vote for. They include anyone who puts party before country, who works with a foreign government to benefit themselves (like Russia), or who is not a good person and/or leader. The only person I can think of at the moment who might run and I would be repulsed by is Michael Avenatti. I believe he is not experienced enough and I don't think he's a great person. I don't want to take one bad leader and replace them with another.

Now the good news is I don't find it likely he would get far in the primaries, and I can't think of any other Democrats right now who fit my no no list. The other good news is that Democrats much less often than republicans have agendas that would significantly hurt society and people in it. Most Democrats seem to genuinely care about fighting for a better future. Those are the people I would take over Trump any day.

So continue arguing for now... But no games this time. When the hour comes to stand with our nominee (assuming they are a level headed adult who is a better choice than Trump), we must do so. It is our duty not only as Americans who want to see a better future in this country, but as citizens of the globe that understand the severity of the possibility of four more year of Trump.

We don't have to agree... But if you have any reason inside of you, Democrat or Republican, you know America can't survive this insanity much longer.

Will Evans
Will Evans
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