Dear Theresa
Dear Theresa

Dear Theresa,

Do you even care?

Dear Theresa,

Like many Brits, I have questions for you, basic questions that would warrant basic answers such as “yes” and “no”. I don’t think those words have passed your lips since you became Prime Minister, have they? I understand that not every question has a simple answer, but jeez some do! I have watched many interviews you have done, but I think I could have just watched one and got about the same amount of information out of you. It’s frustrating to watch, you give the kind of answers that the people watching are thinking “Ok, right, I see” then after when someone asks “Well what did she say” they are left stumbling over words saying “Well she said… It’s kind of like… Just that...” and then they slowly realise you haven’t told them anything at all. This is politician talk, isn’t it? Well people know now, people are wise to that way of communicating, the way where you just say words, chucking in the odd word from the question so it sounds relevant but really you are telling them nothing. They are wise and frustrated.

I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be by it. When someone asks you a question and you know the answer but you're not allowed to say it, you just have to remember what you have been told to say on this topic and dress it up so it sounds like something different to what you have said before. I know when someone asks you a question such as “Do you accept responsibility for Grenfell?” it must be so frustrating knowing that behind closed doors your party have already agreed that you aren’t going to accept responsibility, but you can’t say “No we don’t accept responsibility”, instead you have to go off into a ream of vague “Doing everything we can’s” and “We see it was a terrible tragedy's” when you know those things not to be true. I know that you are not the leader of our country, I know that you are merely a poorly chosen mouthpiece for your party, everyone else knows it too, we see you for the grotesque marionette that you are. So why don't you just go?

When I look at you all I see in your face is a cold bitterness, and I think that there is no way that you care about any of the everyday British people, the people who are just trying to get by day to day. Honestly, I picture you rolling your eyes in meetings when someone brings up Grenfell, or ESA or the struggling NHS. In fact, in interviews, there is a look in your eye when Grenfell is mentioned that just screams "Oh God not this again." You just don't seem to care, you have missed the point of your job entirely. You think it's about having a country that is "strong and stable", as laughable as it is to think we can get that from you, it's also only part of the job. You can have a country that is strong and stable without bulldozing the weakest and most vulnerable populations, it becomes strong and stable by helping them, showing them compassion and building them up. Why don't you care?

This election was a disaster for you, that much has been said a million times in the mainstream media. You can repeat that "Conservatives got the most votes" as many times as you would like it doesn't change the fact that it was a colossal error on your part to gamble the majority you had. Your Conservative MP's can cry out in the House of Commons "You lost!" to Jeremy Corbyn as many times as they like, he may not have won the neverending war but he did win a battle and put you in a precarious position, one that I still don't think you will recover from.

While the election was a disaster for you something that is little mentioned is what a disaster it was for the UK. Many people have been anxiously watching you flounder around trying to get some semblance of Government together thinking "Who is in charge? We are leaderless!" They are right. You are not a leader and your party has had a slippery grasp on authority since the election, you all seem either nervous or delusional, is this something that people want to see from the people who are supposed to be leading us? You have made so many errors and questionable judgments that I think you just need to call it a day. Chalk it up to experience and let someone a bit glibber take the reins because we need a leader and that isn't you.

Many thanks,


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