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Dear, Mr Trump

by Logan Casey 3 years ago in trump

Stop giving me anxiety attacks and dysphoria.

To legally define a word is a dick move.

To legally define gender is a bigger dick move. The English language is always changing. There was a time when "gay" meant "happy" and now it means homosexual attraction of a male. And everyone understood this. "Dick" is technically a word for the male genitalia, but in the sense that I used it in means "rude, asshole with no morals." To LEGALLY define a WORD is a move that a rude asshole with no morals would do. Is that really what we want our president to be? A rude asshole with no morals. Or what outside countries to think when looking at the USA. A place once revered for it's freedom, is now constricting people from making their own decisions that have no harm against others?

If I wanted a world where a person's thoughts and feelings were controlled by the government, I would submerse myself in the words of George Owen's 1984. Apparently Donald J. Trump has or any of the admission have picked up this book before. Because this is what they're doing. Double-thinking the nation, and controlling their beliefs and actions. They're smashing the hope of a better future by pandering to the rude, assholes with no morals. Because it is always easier to conform people to hate, instead of changing people with love and understanding.

In January 1920, the government made an amendment banning the trade, making, and consumption of alcohol. This is called the 18th Amendment of the United States Constitution. No one cared though. Under the table, in speak-eases across America, the citizens drank beer all they wanted. It took the government 13 years to realize they were wasting police force and tax money in a fruitless effort. They created the 21st Amendment to allow alcohol again.

This is what will happen if Trump's administration actually goes through with legally defining gender. Trans-people will still exists, as they have always. And it will be a fruitless waste of government resources that could go toward much more needed things. And then a new president will come, and a new administration will come, and reverse this law. It happens time and again. Why not cut out the middle-man, and not make a stupid law in the first place.

How will they define gender? With the genitalia in one's pants? There's surgery to remove that. From the hormones that pump through peoples blood? Easy, Hormone Replacement therapy (HRT). What about making HRT illegal, well so is weed (for the most part), and we see how well that's stopped being in the hands of Americans. What about the X and Y chromosomes? And now you're just being a meticulous dick, pushing your ideals of the "perfect world." Kind of reminds me of someone else in history that thought they could define people and make a perfect world. His name was Adolf Hitler, and everyone that didn't conform to his beliefs were killed.

What will Trump do to those who don't conform to this new gender definition? Kill them? Imprison them? Take away their American rights that are set in stone in the 14th Amendment? In the Bill of Rights? The last time a government body ignored the small percent, thinking they could step in the little guys with no repercussion. Well, an eight year war broke out and the little guys won. They went on to make the United States of America.

I wish I could walk up to President Trump and smack him with the American Constitution. Wish that he'd actually read the laws he was put to uphold. I wish one of his children would come out as transgender. I wish he could see first hand the anxiety, dysphoria, and shit that transgender people have to sift through everyday of their lives. I want him to be smacked in the face with how much torment and anguish he makes the citizens—that he's supposed to protect, listen too, and care for—go through in his own family. And if he still goes through with this new law, then he truly is a horrid man who has no place being anywhere near a position of looking over people. Not as a president, not as a CEO. Not even as a manager of McDonalds.

Because it is cruel to cooky-cutter people up until they have no individual identity. Until all they know is legally defined words and can't think for themselves. Until our own country is a dystopian masked as an unhappy, unjust utopia no one will ever want.

The founding fathers broke away from the hands of a corrupt government. They set up three branches of government, a checks and balance system, and made sure that the top-priority of rights were the first laws they made clear to their citizens. All humans are created equal, no matter race, skin color, life style, or gender. They did this so not one man has enough power to fuck over the small percent. Yet here we are, the small percent, getting fucked by the government.

Defining gender is like defining love. Of course there is a scientific definition of chemicals that flow through our bodies. But no one cares about that when they actually feel the tingly sensation of finding the people they best fit in with. It's that tingly sensation of finding the you that you most fit in with, either it be male, female, both, or none.

Gender is a human term. To be human is to be flawed. Gender is a flawed term. To define it as a collective is to make it more flawed. Like the law, we take everything with a case-by-case manner. As we should with gender, person-by-person and allow them to define it for themselves.


Logan Casey

I'm just so done right now.

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