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Dear MR. President

by Pamela Walsh about a month ago in trump

A sincere "Thank You" to Donald

Dear MR. President
Dear President Trump,

I address you as MR. President because you deserve the respect of being called so. I have been embarrassed and disenchanted with the lack of respect the American media, politicians, and many of my fellow American's have presented since you took office. Never in my memory have I ever been witness to the President of the United States of America continually being addressed or referred to by his given name "Trump", "MR. Trump", "Donald" as you have. It's insulting and passive aggressive behavior to minimize and humiliate you. Since day one I have been witness to continual mocking, slandering and skewing of every move you made so to discredit your achievements while in office and I apologize for this. I find it ironic that after the 2020 election suddenly your referenced as MR. President in all most every media venue or post I see or hear.

Let me thank you MR. President for being the first President to enter North Korea and handling Kim Jun Un any way you needed to insure a positive outcome, thank you that there is now communication were only threats of war had been and that concessions to North Korea, if need be, are in part easily overcome. Thank you for the signing of a statement agreeing to longstanding peaceful efforts towards attaining verifiable denuclearization of the North Korean Peninsula! Something accepted as impossible to ever achieve, I applaud you!

I feel it was imperative that you win this election and I believe you lost due to the ignorance of many of my fellow Americans who failed to educate themselves as to the truth and prepare for what I believe was the most important election in our history. Many have been blinded by the media, and the constant less than truthful coverage, and skewed misinformation delivered by politicians, and those in power who press their own agenda. I can only pray that the Biden administration does not devalue what you have set in place, but sets aside the ego and does what is best for the American people by building upon what you have set in place when he takes office.

That being said may I congratulate and thank you for the your accomplishments in the four short years you were our president. Thank you for the 4-million jobs you created, thank you that prior to the covid virus more Americans were employed than ever recorded in our history, new unemployment claims hit a 49-year low as the median household income reached the highest ever recorded in American history, the African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and those Americans without a diploma all achieved the lowest rate of unemployment ever recorded in the history of America. Add to these accomplishments the fact that Women's unemployment was at a 65-year low and youth unemployment hit the lowest rate in half a century with veterans at the lowest in nearly 20 years! Almost 3.9 million no longer needed foodstamps, retail sales had surged and were up another 6-percent and thank you for the pledge to American workers bringing employers to the table committing to training more than 4-million Americans, allowing vocational education to come to the forefront.

Thank you MR. President for signing the biggest package of tax cuts and tax reforms in history, allowing for $300 billion to flow back into the American economy in the first quarter alone! Thank you for the the tax bill that has opened the way for small businesses to achieve the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80-years. And lifting the burdensome mandated penalty from Obama care! Your administration is providing affordable healthcare options, Medicare is being reformed, blocking hospitals from overcharging senior Americans for their medications, the FDA approved more affordable generic medications and drug companies are freezing and retracting price increases, thank you for securing $6-billion in new funding in the fight against the opioid epidemic and reducing high-dose prescriptions by 16 percent.

Thank you for signing the VA Choice Act allowing for extended health services for our veterans to include walk-in clinics, same day urgent care and increased mental health resources. Your administration has increased coal exports by 60-percent and oil production is at an all time American high. Thank you that the US for the first time since 1957 is a net natural gas exporter. Thank you for withdrawing from the employment -killing Paris Climate Accord and relinquishing the illegal, anti coal, "Clean Power Act". Thank you for securing $700- billion in funding for military with a projected $716-billion for 2021. NATO allies increased spending of $69-billion more on defense, and we are moving towards the Space Program becoming an addition to the Armed Forces. Thank you, that we have withdrew from the biased Iran Deal, and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem to protect American against terrorists.

Thank you for issuing an Executive Order keeping Guantanamo Bay open and concluding the US-Mexico trade deal, with future Canadian negotiations to look forward too. Thank you for an agreed increase in US exports with E.U, and the imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to keep our national security secure. Thank you for the tariffs on China apposing the transfer of technology, intellectual property theft and abuse of trade policies. And thank you for your stand on late-term abortion and the start of building "The Wall" Mr. President!

I know that many will say that President Obama had all or most of the aforementioned accomplishments in the making prior to you taking office. I researched all of the above and can honestly state NOT TRUE! These accomplishments are truly yours and your administrations! Again I applaud you! I listed the aforementioned in hopes that those who read this will open their eyes to the truth! If nothing else I pray they will research and then make a decision as to how they feel about you as our President.

Are you prone to social media outbursts? Yes! Are you somewhat of a hot head? Yes! Would you benefit from being less impulsive when posting on social media? Yes! I believe so, however do you say what many may want to say themselves? Maybe so! Many times I have wished that you hadn't said some of the things you have, because I feel this discredits who you are and what you stand for and allows the "haters" a platform to spread negativity in your regard. Then I realize you say what you feel and you pull no punches, with you, we know what we are looking at and I like that. You are no quitter and you keep your promises!

As far as covid-19 and all the negativity you receive around how this was and is being handled, yes it could have been handled better but I feel you did the best you could and no less than how other World Leaders initially dealt with it. It's a delicate subject and I am not sure what to beleive. I do believe that you and your administration want the best for all Americans and have our best interest at heart! You have done more for Americans in 4 -years than many Presidents and their Administrations and I am saddened that we were just getting started and we as Americans will not be witness too or reap the benefits of a continuing Trump Administration! Don't stop fighting for us Donald please, the American people who see things for what they are know what you have accomplished and I am sure I am not the only one with a heavy heart! You have done amazing things and we benefited from them, prior to Covid America was becoming great AGAIN!

May I also commend you on your family! You have a beautiful wife who loves you and compliments you in every way. I commend you again on the way you raised your children. Your children had every opportunity possible available to them and they chose to honor that and become the best they could be. They are not spoiled little rich people running the streets spending Daddy's money, presenting with entitlement and arrogance every where they go. They are upstanding citizens who present with grace, elegance, and a humbleness that one can only achieve from having a great upbringing. I was so impressed with Tiffany's Republican Convention speech, she was poised and elegant and articulate and she spoke the truth without degrading remarks and insults to the other party. She spoke from her heart and I was moved by every word she said. You must be so proud.

I must say that I was so upset and angry when the press gave so much applause to the Democratic Convention speech delivered by Billie Eilish, dressed in a baggy sweatshirt with her un-brushed hair while standing in a graveyard, she delivered a slanderous speech, with nothing better to say than "We all know Donald Trump has destroyed America". But to have the media praise her "profound statement", "vote as if your life depends on it, because it does!" while they downplayed the significance of the speech delivered by Tiffany was another embarrassing moment for me as an American. I found it telling as to how blind and brainwashed many Americans are that there was no press given to the poor choice the Democrats showed in who gave their speech! Never in my memory as an American have I ever seen a Presidential speech given in this manner, and no-one noticed!!! No-one! Hmmm, this in it's own way, speaks volumes!

As I close this letter in anticipation that you are allowed the platform to prove the truthful results of the 2020 election, I grieve what could have been. I give thanks for what was given and pray that the seeds you firmly planted will be allowed to grow and full-fill your vision for the American people. And in so doing America will be Great again! You have made a difference for the greater good! We still need you Mr. President, don't give up! Thank you!

May I also add that I think we need to get together and do lunch! What's your take on this?

God Bless You and Thank You,

Pamela G. Holte

Pamela Walsh
Pamela Walsh
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Pamela Walsh
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