Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Donald Trump

by Nancy D about a year ago in politicians


Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

Your hate towards people who are different... it works like a virus. It spreads across the population and attacks the host. The virus you have created has made its way to Canada and now I am seeing the world change before my very own eyes.

There were attacks on my old campus towards anyone of any colour. By 'attacks' I mean masked people stabbed students while yelling racist slurs. These same attackers were also yelling "Make the world great again." On the same campus, a trans student was stalked by a young man wearing a hat that read “make America great again.” It wasn't until she walked to the police station that he stopped following her. At work, the women who aren't White make way less tips than the other girls, and I don't think it is a coincidence. The world wasn’t like this before you won an election that you never should have won... you made the world racist again.

I am so young and yet old enough to see that I am living in such an interesting time. The population has become divided... between people who support you and people who hate you.

Certainly you know that you should not be president? There have been Super Bowl commercials that low-key fight against your hate. Every comedy network makes fun of and your tiny hands. There was a museum created that featured your tweets. Your daughter has become someone people hate, too.

How much more abuse can your ego take? When will you give up? Please don’t try to re-run for another election, just know when to give up. It would be best for the world, it would be best for your family and it would be best for you.

I don't know how much people like you in the US, but I want to give you an idea about how conversations about you in Canada usually go. We HATE you. I have only met two people who support you here in Canada, and one of them used to be an American. We believe you are idiot. We believe that you a bad person. We believe that you are a bad father. We believe that you are bad husband. We believe that you are a bad president. I do not know how to make this anymore clear. We believe that you are a bad man. I am making sure to say this simply and clearly so that you will understand.

Lets take a look at a small example of the communities that you have upset with your hate.

  1. Islam
  2. LGBTQ
  3. Feminism
  4. Black Lives Matter

Does this really not bother you?

Did you really say that you regret that your wife couldn'tattend when she was right behind you? Did you really say the wrong country's name... after bombing it? If you accidentally bombed the wrong country than you originally intended... would you even notice?

What really bothers me is that you accuse journalists from respectable outlets for publishing lies. You can't deny your way out of everything. (Also, what you are doing is called gaslighting.) Why did you make up the concept of 'fake news'? I hear the term way more than I would like to.

Everyone in Canada woke up in shock to realize you have actually won the election. I'm not saying Clinton is perfect, but she is a hell of a lot better than you.

Thank you for reading my open letter to Donald Trump. I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to read more left wing articles please feel free to check out the rest on my work on this website.

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