Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Donald

by Katelyn Scovill 6 months ago in president

From a Female Environmental Activist

Dear Donald

Dear Mr. Trump,

While I have been reading all kinds of Trump support articles, and reasons why you are the "Best President ever," my skin still crawls, when I think about some of the things you have done in your presidency. Despite what you may think, you are not actually making America great again. There are thousands of reasons why I, personally, will not be able to support you, but today I am just here to share a few key reasons.

Women's Reproductive Rights

Most people hear this, and think abortion rights. As if that is the only one thing that you are trying to take away from women. But abortion rights is but a small fraction of the things under reproductive rights. Your efforts to take away those rights also takes away sex education, STD tests and treatment, birth control, cancer screenings, hormone therapy, infertility services, and general health care.

You are taking away the control a women has on her own body. By taking away birth control, you take away a shield for unwanted pregnancy. By taking away abortion, you take away the right for a woman to get out of an unwanted pregnancy. By taking away sex education and STD treatments, you are allowing for misinformation and mistreatments. Your proposition leaves women with no control over their own bodies.

Now back to abortion, for a moment (because I know that is not a forgotten issue), pregnancy will affect a woman's body. It is fact. She will gain weight, her milk will set in, her feet will swell, her hormones will rage out of control, etc. When it is time for birth she will hurt, like no man will ever experience. Her skin will tear. For days she will not be able to pee without help. All pregnancies have an affect on the females body, not just the babies. Any women should be able to say she doesn't want this to happen to her body.

As a man who is not affected whatsoever by this topic, you have no say!


Racism. Something you do very well trump.

Your ban on Muslims is sickening. How can you hold a whole race accountable for the actions of a few? People came to America for a new start, that is how our history began. Why kill off that legacy? Labeling a race as terrorists is more than just racist, its demeaning, belittling, and cruel to everyone in that race. It makes my skin boil, that you actually had the power to do this. Your action teaches people that it is okay to stereotype, and label people based on looks, when it is not.

But it gets even worse when you talk about your wall. Deporting, splitting up families, and locking kids in camps on the border, it's inhumane. It's racist. Trump you are the second Hitler, I don't know why more people cant see that. You literally have concentration camps in the making, but no one talks about it. Mexican kids dying of thirst on our lands, in places that are supposedly 'sanctuaries,' for kids brought over illegally by their parents. It tears my heart apart, that people voted for this.

Paris' Climate Agreement

Mr. Trump, you pulled America out of Paris' Climate Agreement over a year ago; while many may have moved on or forgotten, I simply cannot. The ice caps are melting, animals are going extinct, oceans filling with our trash, the world is dying. Global warming is a real threat.

Taking America out of an agreement to help protect the environment just shows how evil and naive you are. This act you have done puts us as a country on the wrong side of history. It makes us together look selfish and vain. It makes me ashamed to be in this country. We are a country who's leader does not stand up for this beautiful world we are destroying. There are ways businesses that can thrive without polluting the air so much, so what have you gained by doing this Trump? The easy, lazy way out?

World Relations

NATO Ally Agreement. Neuclear deals with Iran and North Korea. Yet more deals you have backed out of, that puts us at risk as a country. NATO was created to protect countries from embarking on World War III, everyone understood we were stronger as a whole. That standing alone isn't always for the best. And the Nuclear deals, backing out of those gives those countries (that aren't too happy with us) the power to continue building nuclear weapons. You take us out of deals protecting us from war, and then get rid of our allies? I don't understand Mr. Trump, there is no logic in the things you do.

Trump, what frustrates me more than all of the things that you have done, is the sheer fact that people of this country are supporting you do it. You actually have followers! That is what I am most agree about.


Katelyn Scovill

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