Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Donald

by Sydney Alexander 2 years ago in trump

I pity you, Donald.

Dear Donald

You have made me realize how much can happen in little over a year. I've certainly learned a lot and you have not even entered the second half of your Presidential term at the time that I write this. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, it feels more like it has been ten.

I have yet to decide if that is more a testament to time, or a testament to how much you have done in that seemingly short span of time as the President of the United States of America.

In another world, that could have been a good thing. You have made us, (the world) realize how much power an individual actually has in the grand scheme of things. You could have done something beautiful with this. Instead, you have chosen to use your incredible position to trickle down fear and hate from your mouth and phone into the rest of the swamp. Of all of the things you could be doing, you have chosen vile comments and noxious, barely thought out tweets.

I wish I could say that I hate you. That's probably the worst part of this. If anyone is deserving of hate, it is you, for every terrible word you have said, for every single person you have mocked and belittled on the national stage. Policies personally enacted by you have ripped families apart at the border and at airports.

Thousands were trapped in immigration limbo, from your travel bans and your "detention centers," and thousands more felt threatened with the idea that they would not be able to use the public bathroom that they identified with, which may seem to be a simple thing, but is really so much more. You have deported thousands to countries that they have never seen, and many more to countries whose violent conditions end up killing them.

Their blood is on your hands, Mr. President.

And when you stand alongside great men like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, the eyes of history will judge you as so much less than all the other great men who have worked in the same office you have.

I should hate you for all of it. Many do, and loudly proclaim it on the streets. Yet, I cannot find the energy to hate you. And I do not want to put any more hate into this world than there already is.

More than anything, I pity you, Donald. I pity you because you don't have any love or warmth to spread, so instead you spread only what you do have. Hate and negativity. I cannot imagine living an existence that is so devoid of love and happiness. That is why I pity you.

I pity you because you so clearly have not felt the love that those small children in your concentration camps feel for their parents, when they cry out for them. You have not felt the love that I have personally seen in the hearts of the LGBTQ+. Or perhaps, you have, and that is why you target yet another community that simply wants to belong in the world.

I wish that I could implore you to stop this madness, force you to care but basic empathy and love cannot be forced.

Instead, I ask that you think of your children and what you would do if someone ripped them from your arms and schemed to rip their most basic human rights from them. I ask that you try and find sympathy for the people in this country, regardless of color, class, creed, orientation or gender identity.

I ask you to find it, as I have managed to find some for you.


An American Citizen

Sydney Alexander
Sydney Alexander
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