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Dear Black People...

by Kriss Jordan 2 years ago in humanity
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Our Lives More Than Matter!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...& I have 3

Dear Black People...

From the melanin of your skin to the beauty of your culture... OUR...LIVES...MATTER!!

I am half Anglo-Indian and half Jamaican. I never really fully understood who I was growing up until I had my first experience of racism...then more than ever I understood who I was!

I am a proud black woman!

Dear Black People... I'm sorry that the kidnapping of our people led to many of our minds being conditioned to feel worthless over the hundreds of years of bondage and even to the year of 2020, we're still made to believe that we are unworthy of life. Our very existence was feared by others and so from the year "1619-1865", chains and the scars we bare on our backs was apparently the "only way" to deal with their fear. The target remained the same but the method of killing upgraded, from lynching to gunshots, when will it end. Too many times we have been subjects of oppression and the constant target to try to destroy... enough is enough!

Dear Beautiful black people... don't you know that you are more than just the colour of your skin from the flavours of your food, to the notes of your music, the muscles used when you dance, the structure of your body shape, the power of your words used in the songs sung with the force of your vocal cords, the texture of the hair, from the fro to the curls and no! you... cannot touch our hair!... for I do not speak to my beautiful black people who already know all this but to everyone else who also knows it but chooses to pretend that they strangers to the beauty of black people!

Dear Black People... 2020, oh how you sounded sweet but the taste of bitter is so real! Miss Rona (Corona Virus), how you doing? met any more "B.A.M.E's" lately? George Floyd, please know that you're changing the world!


A change is already happening and I don't think we fully understand (yet) the MAGNITUDE of how the future is set in motion to shift the unjust actions that have been around for far too long! oh, but we will do soon enough and when it comes...

"We gon' be alright, Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright" - Kendrick Lamar

Dear Black People.... your mind is like the precious stones stolen from our motherland, rare, heavenly and priceless! Education is key. Teaching the history of who we were and where we came from to those who lack knowledge and understanding, is now more than ever incredible importance to the generation of today and our children's children.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Dear Black Queens...the level of melanin of your skin, does not reflect the amount of black culture you hold in your heart. The bond of our sisterhood was unfortunately interrupted by the deep heart-rending stares we held to one another from the house to the field and from the field to the house. My Black Queen's, don't you know that the power from your womb to create the very essence of life is an unspeakable blessing. To be able to design another King or Queen while still anchored to your very breath is just in itself breathtaking. To the Black Queen who raised me, the broad back you got from your mother which you carried me on and passed that strength to me and my sisters, I will always admire and forever love you. Dear Black Queens... you are an indestructible power, so, please... let your other Black Queen's know!

Dear Black Kings...your skin!!!... mmm. From the intricate details of your complexion to the well-put features of each body section... you, are, golden! The way your mind works and the way your heart operates is an untold strength. You held the world on your back while you continued to protect your own and no matter how deep the sea was, it still could never cover up the intense quality you rightfully owned! To the King who raised me, even though you are not Black by skin you are Black by heart and you suffered the same suffering your wife, sons and daughters went through for the shield you made to protect us, was made out of nothing but pure love and for that we will always love you.

So, Dear Black People....the time is now more than ever! we have woken up to what is going on around us and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

It's time to put back into our own and watch our community grow. It's time for broken homes to be mended no matter how hard the labour is. It's time for respect to be given with love and understanding in hopes that we can and will grow. It's time for sisters to become sisters again and for the brothers to remain brothers! It's time for the hate to die and the love to expand and it's certainly time for our lives to aspire to more than just a being the "minority" of this world!

For we are FREE!

I Love You All, As Our Lives Matter.

Kriss Jordan.


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