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It's has been a few days since I last wrote anything. Things are changing more and more each day. Currently where I, and many other people around the world live, life has essentially shut down, or at least slowed to a snail's pace. Many businesses, especially local ones, have closed their doors. Many people, though not all, are doing their best to practice social distancing. Though as days go by in my little blip on the map, there is not many places left to go.

If your job is considered an essential service you are lucky enough to still be bringing in an income. OR if you are able to work from home. Sadly not everyone is so lucky. It's kind of a catch 22 as if you are able to work, you have to leave your home risking infection, risking infecting, but at least you get to make some income. If you can't work, well you could limit yourself quite a bit if you are smart on your need to travel out and about. And as things play out, and the media floods every radio and tv station with the mad panic and fear mongering brought fourth and pushed by the powers that be, its easy to go stir crazy.

First let us talk about the stock market, in relation to the media. I find it very strange that the media is pushing all the negative so much. But in the age of the internet where the goal is how many clicks you can get I don't know why I am surprised. But let us look at the big picture here. The virus has clearly sent our stock market into a massive economic down turn and has posted numbers across the board of massive lows. And though somehow we are able to print money, trillions of dollars to push into the market to keep it propped up, it seems to have little to no effect.

Does no one else make the connection that all the stock market is controlled by massive companies, some of which own media and news outlets, who are in turn pumping all the negativity about the virus, this creating panic, thus driving the stocks down even more? What if the heads of those companies were then to buy all that stock at an ultra low price? Corner and then inflate the market again? Who really knows. But what thing I do know is that it is not the big companies like Boeing, or the massive banks like JP Morgan that will suffer. The good ol' goverment will be waiting there to bail them out just like they did in 2008-2009, and hell the CEO will probably even get a bonus out of the deal.

The one's that will take the hit are the one's like me. The middle and lower class. The people who can't keep their small business open. The one's who can't work and therefore can not pay there bills. The people that work and consume to drive this so called economy. If it gets as bad as the "experts" and media say it is going to get. We could be facing a world wide recessio, or worse an economic down turn as bad or worse then the great depression of the 1930's

I am always trying to pay attention to the behind the scenes things in times like these. Reading between the lines. Looking for other things they are doing within goverment that we don't maybe see or get told about. Of course the US and Canadian goverment are not proposing bills that are said to help us throught this tough time. But it has been my experience that when something like this happens, they use it to hide other things that are looking to get passed hopefully under the radar.

Today the PM of Canada announced a bill they would be voting on to " help out through this tough time" Which is good. But has anyone actually even read or seen that bill. IF it goes through they state that they can tax you more on more stuff, without a vote. Should we get to Marshall Law... well i have my own thoughts on that aspect all together. I think people are so blinded and stressed by the media that they can't wrap their heads around the big picture.

Already the market is having its affect of one of our umbrella companies huge losses. And it could affect all the way down the line. I had my first experience today when the raise I was supposed to get come April,but now they have froze all wage increases. And my guess is, this is just where it starts. Who knows what else is going on. All we can do is play the game day by day, and see what happens.

Ill be writing another article as things develop. Until then stay safe, stay vigilant, and be smart.

Respectfully J.

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