Corrupt, Slow and Sluggish

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How big government is slowing down progress.

Corrupt, Slow and Sluggish
Here We See Justin Trudeau Getting Caught With a Hand In The Cookie Jar

Witnessing the recent events of 2020, we have to ask ourselves, how did we let our government become this way? How did we manage to let them destroy our civil liberties, destroy our economy, dig us a pit of debt, get caught up in scandal after scandal, get away with it, and still somehow call this "progress?" How did we let centuries and centuries of historical data go ignored as we once again subscribed to a national-socialist agenda?

The truth is, we are all responsible. We are responsible for not voting for the party that will actually change things because "they won't win anyway." We are responsible for subscribing to government budget strategies that would never fly in our own personal lives. We are responsible for allowing government to take over more of our rights, liberties and freedoms in exchange for safety. Big government and big debt are very similar. They both look good at first but they come back to bite our children and our children's children in the ass. Every. Damn. Time.

Why do politicians do it? One word. Money. Nobody seems to care and they get away with it. Every. Damn. Time.

It is time that we stop the inevitable demise of our great nation and start making the necessary sacrifices and cutbacks to our tax system so that our children will not be stuck with struggling to pay off the interest on our national debt, let alone the debt itself.

It is time we start shrinking our federal and provincial governments so small that any corruption not dealt with by law enforcement will be dealt with by the swift removal of the politicians in question.

It is time we change the way governments are elected so that one election doesn't affect those who want nothing to do with that government. We need to change the way taxes are gathered so that we no longer are forced to subscribe to every government program upon pain of fine and imprisonment.

It is time for choice.

Now if you think socialism is the answer, or democratic socialism, or a 50-50 mix of capitalism and socialism, or even total and complete capitalism, don't get your feathers ruffled when people talk about a free country. A free country is a place where you and people like you can gather together and create a socialist community, and your neighbors form their own capitalist community, and your other neighbors form a version of both. Nobody suffers the consequences of their neighbor's social or economic systems unless they subscribe to that system. The same will go for any type of group. In the end, we all have ideas, and it is our right and freedom to gather in assembly with people of like mind and try out those ideas. And a free country is the only place where EVERYONE gets to be free to practice their beliefs.

We have dug our way into a nearly impossible pit, but Canada is an incredible country and I know we can change the way our country is heading. But it requires BIG CHANGE.

I hate that phrase. I think everyone who knows that phrase, hates it. Its the catchphrase every politician for the last 50 years has been saying, and it has been a lie every time. So unlike politicians in the past, how are WE, Everyone's Party of Canada, going to bring BIG CHANGE?

Lets start off in year one. Our first goal is to shrink government and cut federal and provincial spending. Our first order of business will be to vet the current spending models of our healthcare system, the CRA, Education, etc. If we examine the CRA, we know that whenever a new director joins a local office, the entire office gets a funding boost to completely renovate and redecorate the offices. This isn't on the books, but I personally know a company that buys the "used" furniture from the offices at ridiculously low prices, and they get 3 to 4 truckloads of furniture every time a new director moves in. I also know a man who worked for a telephone company who personally witnessed installing three HUNDRED phones lines under a CRA office, only 50 of which were being used. The way the current system is set up is, if they don't spend the money in their budget, their budget gets reduced. So they spend it on ridiculous things, and get away with it.

This is a small problem in the grand scheme of things, and the truth is, if we focus on these small issues and not the root of the problem, it will continue to happen. So how do we fix discrepancies in the system?

The first, major step is to shrink federal and provincial government by 90%, until their only responsibilities are the maintenance of expressways, trans-Canada highways and the military defense force.

The second step will be to allow taxpayer dollars to go directly into the treasury of the communities in which the taxpayer resides. This will flip the dynamic of budget control on its head. Instead of the federal and provincial government deciding where the money goes, the local communities will decide how much money they will contribute to the federal and provincial budgets, and communities will be able to decide which programs they wish to fund. Already with these two steps, federal and provincial government will have lost almost ALL of its power.

The implications of these two steps means an end to a lot of luxuries we are enjoying but failing to pay for. Our government is like irresponsible college students spending our student loans on drugs, alcohol, partying and useless degrees, without having a clue how they are going to pay back those loans.

The fact that we need certain social services does not justify getting those things when we aren't wealthy enough to pay for them.

To give you an example, in 2008 in Canada, healthcare costs for cancer patients were just a little over $26,000 per person and roughly 40% of cancer patients died that year. That is a testament to not only the horribly ineffective treatment of cancer patients, but it also provides insight into why cancer treatment specialists don't want to find a more effective method. One word. Money.

So how do we solve this? More freedom. If we give taxpayers the freedom to allocate their money where they see fit, they will start paying more attention to the programs they are donating to. When government-funded cancer and medical research becomes a money pit, spending millions and millions of dollars over the course of several decades with little to no progress, we know there is a good chance somebody is taking as for a ride here. We need more freedom in where we put our hard-earned dollars. This will result in an end to Big Pharma's unending and often threatening influence on our medical system, it will mean less quashing of facts "experts" determine to be unfit for social media or medical journals, it will mean less arrests of healthcare practitioners who's methods are controversial. We are all grown up, we can choose our own doctors as we please. Liberty is the antidote to all problems, because it is only with liberty that each individual gets to VOLUNTARILY contribute their knowledge, money and specialized skills to solving a problem.

This also carries several other implications along with it. It means communities will now have to proactively and holistically solve problems, rather than simply giving out money to government organizations so they can minimize the symptoms of a much greater problem. Communities will have to proactively seek out ways to minimize costs of necessities, minimize unemployment, disease, homelessness, drug addiction, etc. They will have to find more cost-effective treatment for diseases. At this point I can feel everyone cringing, and the truth, we cringe because it means it is now up to US to change things. We can't just blame the government for our problems anymore. But trust me, it is, by far, the better approach. It is the only way we find long-lasting solutions to major problems. It also means that now, communities will act as thousands of different think tanks and test groups that we can glean information from and see what works best. Then other communities can apply the most successful strategies from the information gleaned.

Now this will mean an end to the universal healthcare structure as we know it. It doesn't mean an end to universal healthcare altogether. What it does mean is, each community will get to decide whether or not they want to fund a healthcare system in their community or in a neighboring community. What this also means, instead of having state-of-the-art hospitals with multi-million dollar facades that contribute nothing to the health and well-being of the patients inside of this facility, taxpayers will be scrutinizing every dollar that goes into these facilities to maximize the efficiency and quality of care.

The Medical Centre in Waterloo, A Perfect Example Of Unneccessary Spending

The other implications of this means that communities will start thinking proactively and holistically. Rather than simply attempting to supplement the problem or ease the symptoms of a problem, people will start to look at the root of problems in order to create long-term solutions.

The next objective will be to get our national budget back in the green. That might seem like a big objective, but it really isn't. It just means that we are now making a slight profit as a nation and only paying interest on current debt, not taking on any more debt. Its a good thing, but its only the beginning.

Unfortunately, in order to arrange the complete payoff of our debt, we will need to keep a federal mandatory tax rate in place to contribute to paying off our national debt of 831 billion dollars and rapidly climbing. This is the absolute insanity that has become the norm. If we spent this way with our own personal finances, people would be telling us "you need help." This is the cost we have incurred by buying luxury items and services under the guise of "necessity" with no regard to saving money. But why does this happen? Because people are always VERY generous with other people's money. The solution to this has already been provided. Since our taxpayer dollars will go directly to our communities, taxpayers can now witness their dollars at work. It will sting to see the inefficiencies in government system, and this will further incentivize the private citizens to change it.

Not only this, but since 90% of government will be run locally, citizens of each community don't need to reach millions of people to get attention, they simply need to reach their own community. This makes it MUCH easier to affect change in our societies.

When we get elected as the governing body of this country, our aim will be to accomplish all of the above-mentioned objectives in our first year in office.

Our second year in office will be dedicated to changing our constitution to guarantee that government remains small and that federal and provincial government remains extremely limited in its power. We will also change the way our voting system functions, with a focus on turning the power of leadership and choice of leadership back to the people. The first step in accomplishing these will be to hold a referendum with a new proposed constitution and voting structure, or rather a complete scrapping of voting altogether, and turning to a form of leadership where the leader is self-proclaimed and starts out with no followers. It is up to the leader to find supporters and convince people to follow him or her, and by this method, build a community. In this scenario, those who do not wish to be part of any community need not be part of one, and therefore will not be subject to its' rules, but also will not be able to take part in the community programs and privileges that come with living in that community. Anyone who wishes to leave these communities may do so, since it is only in this fashion that communities are formed in the first place. One way to limit the powers of community leaders will be in the national constitution, which will stipulate how large a community can be under one leader, and will enforce basic principles of the rule of law, such as ensuring murder, rape, and theft remain illegal throughout our great nation, regardless of the rules of the community.

At this point, it may seem like a leap. You might be thinking, "But what if it doesn't go as planned?"

The truth is, we don't know 100% if it will work. We never have. But if we look at historical data and we look at societies with similar government structures, like the Icelandic Godord, we can see what parts of their system lead to their success and what parts of their system led to their ultimate demise. We have looked at socialist societies like Denmark and Venezuela, we've looked at Capitalist-Socialist societies like the United States and Canada, and we see what makes them thrive and what makes them fail. In the end, after years and years of research, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to win is to compartmentalize freedom, so that if one compartment of society fails, the other compartments of society don't feel those effect and can avoid those same mistakes. On the other hand, if one compartment of society wins, all the other compartments of society can mimic their behavior to aid in their success.

Imagine a world where you can work a job and pay your bills. Imagine a world where you can farm your land without a government that prioritizes you paying your property tax over feeding your family. Imagine a world where you can choose between a community with dirt roads or paved roads, you can choose between low taxes and high taxes, all within one nation. Imagine a place where people go to get on their feet, and another place they move to later to enjoy the better things in life like upgraded health care, paved roads. In a world with freedom, we choose our own destiny. In a world of freedom, we build enormous wealth, and with our excess we feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless, and give jobs to the unemployed. In a world of freedom is endless opportunity, endless solutions, endless possibility. Life is worth living, and a free society makes us realize that!

If you support our mission and want to see the MASSIVE change we need in Ottawa, please donate now! All the money donated will go towards:

1. Meeting the necessary requirements to become a registered political party.

2. Gaining national attention and becoming a major political party!

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