#CancelKavanough Will Be a Win for #MeToo

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Powerful men have been excused from the law for far too long.

#CancelKavanough Will Be a Win for #MeToo

The United States Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the US and acts as the final judge in all cases involving laws of congress and the constitution. Despite this, the completely un-diverse group of justices who hold an immense amount of power consists of; four, cis, white men; three cis, white women; one black man (and the first ever African American to serve on the court) who has been accused of sexual harassment in 1991 by American attorney Anita Hill. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has now selected a new court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, (another man accused of sexual harassment and assault who faces trial this Thursday) to be added to this already unfortunate bunch. Kavanaugh, has openly discussed his lack of care for women's rights and stricter gun laws—meaning another typical, white, cis, conservative man will be placed in power to remind us all that the world will always prioritise white, heterosexual men over women.

As society, we allow men who hold power to believe that they're excused from the law, and serious crimes by not punishing them for their obvious wrong doings. Notorious sex offenders such as Larry Nassar, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby all believed they could get away with having a significant amount of female victims at their hands because their company, community, and power protected them and allowed them to get away with sexual harassment and assaults for so long.

Individuals often question why it takes people so long to come forwards about their sexual assault, but those very people are the reasons why people don't; instead of comforting victims and ensuring them that justice will be had over their horrifying abuse, victims are forced to debate over the validity of their claims, whilst society finds new ways to blame them. Watching men such as Trump enter the White House despite all of the sexual assault allegations thrown at him, is more than enough reason for women all over the world to believe that women simply don't matter alongside the cis, white men that the world constantly protects and elevates. The frequent argument against denying the credibility in a woman's sexual assault claims is the false statement that a large percentage of women lie about sexual assault. Out of every 1,000 rape cases reported, 994 perpetrators will walk free and it's statistics such as these that are the reason abuse victims stay silent—because not only will people not believe them, but the criminal justice system will fail to prosecute their abusers as it has done for women time and time and time again.

The fact that people are debating whether Kavanaugh's actions constitute as sexual assault or not is disgusting; whilst three women—Professor Christine Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick have come forwards claiming they've been sexually harassed/assaulted by him, people seem to be forgiving him and sweeping his wrong-doings under the carpet because at least he's not an overt, violent abuser. This is visual evidence that the standard for white, hetero men in society has dropped so low that they can get away with almost anything, simply because things could've been much worse. This continuous need to protect white men's careers and futures over the well-being and justice of female victims, speaks volumes about the oppression and inequalities that women are constantly told doesn't exist.

Sexual assault isn't something that people accidentally find themselves being accused of, nor is it an accident—it's a conscious choice. It’s sad reality that a majority of men only actively care about sexual assault when it concerns their mothers, sisters, friends, wives or daughters. Whilst it may be easy for an abuser to disregard the harm they've caused many years ago, the mental and physical scarring from abuse clings onto their victims and may effect them for the rest of their lives.


The City Girls Club
The City Girls Club
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