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BUH-Bye and Good Riddance!

by Brad Foster about a month ago in opinion

A letter to our worst President in American history.

BUH-Bye and Good Riddance!
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BUH-BYE Donald J. Trump. Good riddance. This would not be much of a story if I only repeated “F!&@ You, PO(TU)S!” thousands of times to make this word count, but that's exactly how I feel. If you hadn't caused so much harm and evil in this world, I'd actually feel sorry for you. You must be a very empty person. I see you as a black hole, always wanting and never satisfied. Merely crushing anything in your vicinity into oblivion.

I once had some respect for you, albeit misplaced I now know, when I spent untold hours watching “The Apprentice”. When a contestant's mother fell ill during one of the seasons, you showed compassion in asking if she wanted to go home. During another season, you extolled the value of education and offered to pay for the guy's college education. I thought him a fool to turn you down. Did you ever possess any decency then, or was it all an act or a con job? And, can I get those hours of my life back? Talk about waste!

I wanted to believe you might grow into the role of President, and realize the gravitus. While I admire someone who doesn't play politics and speaks their mind, your mind turned out to be rotten and vile. I wrote to you when it was confirmed you'd won in 2016 though I suspected foul play. With a heavy heart, yet a slight glimmer of vain, foolish hope, I had written to you. I reminded you that you had shown admirable traits during “The Apprentice”. I had hoped there was a human being, somewhere in there.

Boy, was I was wrong.

I want to believe the best in people, even horrible ones as I try to see the good in them. I haven't read the book by your relative, but I imagine your upbringing had been difficult. I'm sorry you learned winning was the only prize, and positive traits were not only unrewarded, but punished. What a miserable childhood you probably had, despite the riches and privileges. But that's no excuse

We all have a choice and we can rise above our lessons – good and bad – to become the best person we can be. You act as though you're perfect, but none of us are. We all have something to learn. Behind that bravado and bluster, I'm sure you're a terrified little boy.

Had you accepted your faults and imperfection, maybe you'd love others instead of hating or simply not caring. You could have been one of the best Presidents despite your background, and maybe because of your flaws.

Instead, you will go down as the worst President in American history. I know it wasn't only you, but you had the power and the responsibility to say NO – we will not place children in cages or YES, we will take this deadly virus seriously and not politicize it. I wish you could have realized that losing doesn't mean you're a loser but a human being.

Now, as you exit the Presidency, you will be facing dire consequences. People have died because of you. Maybe you'll wriggle out of them – maybe not. At least you've shown us America's faults in glaring, pulsating details. Far too many of us are willing to believe and follow a false prophet – a Fifth Columnist, and enemy of our democracy.

I hope we can heal from this, but you need to face justice for the consequences of your evil actions. I don't want to hate you even now, because you're just not worth it and most of us can rise above and make a better America.

So, thank you for showing us that we must never allow another fascist to hold the reins of our government.

Brad Foster
Brad Foster
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Brad Foster

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