Brexit - What’s the Fuss About?

by Diane Doran 3 months ago in politics

Brexit - What’s the Fuss About?

Brexit - What’s the Fuss About?

I lost interest in politics probably around 25 years ago. I realised that the power to change the world is not in the hands of the ordinary citizen, but was the remit of a selected few.

And then came Brexit. At the time of the vote I wasn’t really too interested in whether we stayed or left the European Union. I voted leave, primarily because of the lack of border control. It wasn’t necessarily that people from other countries were coming to live in the UK. But more and more the incompetence of the British government to maintain order and clarity about who was coming into the country, who was staying and who was not behaving legally. The murders, the violent crime, the drug organisations. When Border Police caught up with those working illegally, they had to find their passports before they could take action. No one was in charge it seemed.

The stories of Romanians coming to Britain and claiming welfare benefits, returning to their own country, building their houses and coming back to the UK to sign on for their next payment was a constant rumble churned out by the British media.

For people around the world it must seem ridiculous, crazy, confusing - what is actually happening in Britain? What is this thing called Brexit?

For me, like many others in the UK the problem has come with the misrepresentation of the people. The failure of those elected to blatantly ignore the will of the people and to obstruct the outcome of the vote. Like voting for Hilary, only to have Trump installed as President.

This is when I got angry. Because the tiniest slice of power is ours to effect change, and this was removed from the people of the UK.

I learned more about what was really going on. The EU takes around £400 million per week from the UK. Returns are made in the form of grants and subsidies and these generally go back to the wealthy of the country.

For example, Michael Heseltine receives over £1 million a year in agricultural subsidies because he is a great land owner in the UK. Neil Kinnock and his wife Glenys receive around £7 million per year for payments as a pension in their role as EU officials. At the same time, there are riots in France and Spain. Italy, Greece, Spain all have suffered financial catastrophe as a result of their membership of the EU and the euro. The only countries which contribute more than they receive from the EU are France, Germany and the UK. Germany is so broke, its economy is about to go into negative interest rates for savers. Their economy is on its knees. There have been protests every weekend by the yellow vests in France for the last year – protests against membership of the EU and against Macron. This has gone largely unreported by British news.

Finally, no one is elected to run the European commission. They are all appointed. The expenses paid every MEP are exorbitant. Payments are made to influential people and organisations throughout the EU to buy support. The EU is a retirement ground for any has-been politician looking to make their retirement a lovely one. There is no accountability for any representative from any country. Countries are not able to change policy. Policy is simply decided by the five appointed people and handed down to be disseminated within each member country. This was a big concern voiced by Tony Benn back in the 1980s.

The European Union has recently appointed the five new commissioners to office. Most of these have some shady background financial regularity, or investigation. The move towards a federal Europe is an agenda being pushed primarily by Angola Merkel. They want a European army. They want to share intellectual property rights. I want to share technology development, and so on.

The result of the last three years events in the UK has been divisive, nasty and has brought out the worst in everyone.

I have another article describing what has happened with the new leadership of both left and right parties in the UK.

Diane Doran
Diane Doran
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