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Bravo, 'SNL'

by Braulio Fernandez 4 years ago in pop culture
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I will never forget this.

I don't report much on media these days because... well, I'll be honest, I don't care. The last few years have been dismal to say the least due to the rhetoric spewed every five seconds about Republicans, Donald Trump, and the right being the worst since Hilter and the Nazi party.

The amount of hatred and slander that has been shoved into every form of media has been poisonous to say the least. Division among political beliefs is nothing new, but as of late, it has been reaching all-time highs with Democrats and Republicans battling neck-and-neck with each other. The left, however, being primarily responsible for the cruelest of comments.

Saturday Night Live was a show I watched for many years until they decided to shoehorn politics into the writing to increase viewership, forgetting somewhere along the line that it was a comedy show. Their numbers certainly have gone up since they've been doing this, but the quality of the show has not. You know there's a problem when even Dave Chappelle, one of the greatest comedians of all-time (and perhaps the best living comedian), says that Donald Trump is bad for comedy. I'll admit that I've gotten a kick out of some of the sketches that they've made about the White House, but let's be real here: Watching Alec Baldwin doing his Trump impression anytime the President coughs has gotten stale.

It's kinda funny...


The opening sketch wasn't very funny either. Okay, so they're imitating politicians and how they talk. Where's the joke? Someone point me in the direction of what it is that I'm supposed to be laughing at. I laughed once or twice, but the rest is the same garbage they've been saying for the past three years now: "Trump is a racist." "All Republicans are bad." "He's a dictator." "He's a misogynist." Wow. How insightful.

In any case, Pete Davidson was the latest example of how the left will do anything to disregard someone on the right, even if that someone is a countryman and a Trump supporter—but you know what? Pete Davidson is also an example of how to correct a mistake.

Davidson made a comment about Dan Crenshaw that was equally distasteful and disrespectful, the sort of thing one could come to expect from him due to his style of comedy. The problem, however, came when he was trying so hard to discredit any and everything the right has done, including its supporters and even a war-torn veteran.

"In what I'm sure was a huge shock for people who know me, I made a poor choice last week. Can you imagine being Pete Davidson's mom? It can't be easy when everyone is mad at your son and roommate."

This moment on the "Weekend Update" segment featured some of the freshest writing they've put out in a while that both transcends televised values, and is extremely funny.

The video speaks for itself though, so I'll just add this: Hate-mongering and slander are unacceptable no matter how correct you think you are. So I may be a Trump supporter, but that doesn't mean that I agree with every statement the President has made; I am not a fan of some of the nasty comebacks he has made towards others, including and especially Stormy Daniels because all it really does is bring his supporters to mock her more. Slinging dirt doesn't solve anything, so I am not a fan of bad-mouthing anyone no matter how wrong they are. Just because someone is incorrect or you disagree with them, that doesn't make it okay to drag them through the mud and then label it "satire"—something SNL and many others have been doing for far too long. Everyone has the right to say what's on their mind because of the country that we live in, but that doesn't inherently make what you say acceptable. But in the case of Pete Davidson and Dan Crenshaw, this was a welcome change of pace.

Will SNL lighten up on the political rhetoric and come forth with straight comedy? I pray that they do, but for now, their sincere apology to the veteran is a welcome breath of fresh air that I hope both the left and the right can learn from, and apply to how they voice their opinions. Other than that, all I can say about the video is "bravo," and "never forget."

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