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Bourgnew's Leveled Mindness Leadership

Modern Democracy Demands Modern Strategies

By Matthew PrimousPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Bourgnew's Leveled Mindness Leadership
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The government can feel out of place when their leaders are not leveled minded. The government can feel on the verge of a breakdown crisis. Inquities raising warnings by instablizing the community. Democracy becomes unclear and not present and on the verge of falling apart. It is these times that we must choose a new way of governance. We must choose a new way of fixing the present problems. We must decide together to not stop the progress that democracy has done for hundreds of years. Leveled minded is coming together in spite of differences to administer justice. Leveled minded is making justified legislation that builds up the general public. Leveled minded is avaling justice over money. Money blinds politics when in excess. Money must be a byproduct of geninue ideas. Money must be an agent of change. Money cannot be used as a power card. If money cannot be regulated then it steals the lifeblood from justice. Governance must be more than the economy. Economic means comes second to civility. Economic means are important for the health of a government in perspective. We cannot count citizens unimportant because of their place in society. We must choose to bring everybody at the table. Governance is about uplifting precedents and including everyone in order to secure a safe, productive future for the country. We must be careful not to be led by money. Equity is more important than cashflow. Equity means longevity. Equity means happiness. And happiness has an unmeasurable results, it guarantees loyalty, hardwork, and trust. Loyalty has to be earned by good works and representation. Hardwork must be rewarded for hope and credit in the government. Trust strengthens the government's ability to do its job. Leveled mindedness leadership is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and observing the needs of the people. Your strengths will come to play when necessary, leveled mindness isn't about being overproductive and obstinate. Your weaknesses can be useful and encourage you to find the talent and intuitive to lead the challenge that the nation faces. Its putting into play how to administer justice without neglecting anyone, without leaving anybody behind. Modern Democracy must be leveled mindedness. Democracy is a type of government that is progressive, that is moving, that is like no other type of government demanding self-sufficiency. Democracy is constantly evolving, constantly changing, and constantly repairing. Democracy is open mindedness which is good and bad because some ideas are too extreme for democracy. Democracy needs leveled mindedness to diligently and urgently solve problems and prevent conflicts. Governance isn't about confidence and power alone but also the very capabiltiies of the government to build and establish relations with its people and maintain fairness in the process. History repeats and distorts the path of democracy. Leveled mindness in democracy is like a lens from the microscope for history. Every detail is important. We must take time, due diligence, and proper understanding to avail the importance and meaning of historic events to preserve the leveled mindness leadership. The lies of history haunts democracy and they prevent justice. We must be true with blatant evidence and structured procedures to form educated opinions and move forward in a manner justified by the Supreme Laws of the Land. Failure to do so will set a terrible precedent. Leveled mindedness is key to sustaining governance and edifying justice. Leveled mindedness does not depend on one person, it is a collective effort that the people must wholely support. And it cannot be sympathizing, it must be public opinion to prevent an internal war and internal conflict. Leveled mindedness leadership moves the country with clear direction and muster up public support with unshakable evidence and immovable roots in the justified procedures of the law.


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Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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