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Bourgnew's Diplomatic Address

by Matthew Primous 2 months ago in politics
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The Bourgnewian Monarch's Peaceful Power Transfer to the Bourgnewian Parliament

The Bourgnewian Monarch-King Cornelius I of Bourgnew transferring power to the Bourgnewian Parliament

We must be ever diligent, ever aware of the direct purpose and innate actions of others who may rise. We cannot be distracted by the unnecessary wants of power. Power carries great responsibilities, it carries weight, it carries legacies, and it carries purpose. We must never let power be given to those who are reckless, ruthless, or vindicative. We must not allow ourselves to be illusioned with power. We cannot let ourselves be distracted by wills and rights that do not belong to us. We must never let our hopes be written on the wrong side of history. We must never let our hopes be for dominance and control. We must never seek power. Power is in the many and not the few. Power is in the hopes, power is in the necessity and not the want. Power is a great responsibility and its jurisdiction and authority must be taken with caution and due diligence. We cannot sleep when power is being abused. We cannot back down or bite our tongues against those who seek tyranny. We must stand up to those who are blatant liars and thieves. It is our responsibility to restore the rights of leadership, the rights of the people, and the governance that will lead us into the next millennium.

There is no place for the chaotic disorder. There is no place for confusion. There is no place for discord. Simply we must be unified first then united. That is why there is a simple majority. So we can set aside our differences for the greatness of the future we shall have together. If we set aside and amend differences then we shall have peace. Diplomacy has never been about one's declaration or independence. Diplomacy is at best unity. It is crossing the lines of wars, famines, diseases, etc. to get to the shores of humanity. The world is watching us, this Republic, this Constitutional Modern Democratic Republic Parliamentary Government. We must not waver in the faith that all rights shall be respected, proven, and justified. That all men and women are equal and shall be represented in their government equivocally. It is not enough to say that they are equal, we have to prove it to ourselves, prove it to our children, and prove it to the world. For the lies of history have haunted so many, the corruption of the minds has history wrought, wrecking the peace and stability, shattering the dreams of millions, and denying inalienable rights. We cannot allow this to happen any further less our union failed us. We must stand up for everyone including the orphans and the widows. We must make a place for everyone, we must set the table of peace in our nation. We must deny hatred, we must deny confusion, we must deny lies.

I believe Bourgnew can meet this challenge. I believe Bourgnew can rise to this ambitious and direct agenda. We can show the world a better union of governance and unity and humanity and freedom and liberty. War is not the final say. War is not the immediate answer. War is not the only way. War is not the only strategy. I challenge the Bourgnewian Parliament with this address as a farewell to absolute power: To find ways of maintaining peace and prosperity outside war, to heal the division that historically wrecked our governance, to challenge each other toward peace, to be diligent on the battlefield of necessity, to be bold in the hopes and dreams of their people, to listen and observed the needs and to thoroughly investigate the wants of the people, to respect the government of Democratic nations, to work in union and accord with the United Nations, and finally to be reserved, last resort until all efficacy and effective negotiations and mediations of peace and humanity with all sincerity Ado.


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