Boris Addresses 250 Conservative MPs.

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Controversial Bill.

Boris Addresses 250 Conservative MPs.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson addressed 250 Members of Parliament (MPs), asking them, to back his 'Internal Market Bill'. Boris outlined that not supporting such a bill could threaten what he called, "the integrity", of the UK. In other words, not backing the bill, could threaten the very fabric of the four nations, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, that make up the United Kingdom.

Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary in parliament, was asked by a fellow Tory MP if this bill broke international law. Brandon Lewis responded without hesitation, saying, "Yes, the bill did break international law". Mr Lewis' fellow Tory MP, seemed surprised at the straight forward answer coming from Brandon Lewis.

The bill has been drawn up to protect trade between the four UK nations. Mr Johnson feels that such a bill is needed for the UK, as a whole, post-Brexit. The bill goes back to some extent on the original Brexit withdrawal Bill. This bill was agreed between the EU and the UK, after Boris won the December 2019 election. Boris told voters during the general election of 2019, that he had a withdrawal bill oven-ready and ready to go. Voters of all stripes who had originally voted to leave the EU in 2016, delivered Boris a thumping victory.

After that, the UK and the EU, agreed on a deal, so the UK could leave the EU smoothly, preferably with a trade deal. The EU is our biggest trade partner and so getting a deal, is of the utmost, to some.

The EU is not very happy with this (as they see it) outrage. Michel Barnier was reported to be livid but kept himself to himself, as he strode through a scrum of reporters. Many are saying the UK could walk away from the EU dumping the idea of a trade deal, in the process. Many on the far right of the Conservative party, it seems are determined, that the UK walk away without a deal. If no deal transpired, and the UK did walk away with no deal, they would celebrate to the rafters.

Yet despite these shenanigans, negotiations are still carrying on between the EU and the UK. Both sides it would appear are playing hardball. Yet, despite all that is happening and appears negative, a deal is still doable, even in this eleventh hour.

Boris also, highlighted to the 250 assembled Conservatives, that not backing the bill would put an economic barrier across the Irish Sea. Meanwhile, cabinet minister, Michael Gove, said it was the EU that was not responding correctly, they were the ones to blame.

So, basically Boris (even though he has the reputation of being an arch leaver) was pleading for the backing of his bill for the reasons given in this article.

The thought of the UK breaking up, is a future worry, for many. Hence, Boris trying to get all of his MPs on side as many of his MPs do not agree with this bill. Boris has the reputation of being a liar and charlatan, unfortunately. So some opponents of Boris, in politics, in the media, etc, will ask is Boris genuine or does he have some other hidden motives?

The UK struck a trade deal with Japan. Getting trade deals during the transition period (until we leave the EU at the end of this year) and after, is important.

The UK has already been in talks (some are still ongoing) with the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to secure trade deals. The UK no doubt, is also seeking to secure trade deals with other nations. However, can any of these deals match the trade we had with the European Union? Unlikely, the EU, all 27 remaining nations are our biggest global trade partner. So, at the end of the day, the UK must, by all means, establish trade deals with other nations. But, we must also establish a trade deal with the continent we have so much in common with, Europe.

Nicholas Bishop
Nicholas Bishop
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