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By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago 11 min read

Why are these officers dead? Why are we not seeing stories by the media about these offices lives lost? Why is there not a push to hold the people who killed these officers more than accountable but responsible for their actions? Why are we not hearing their Chiefs and Sheriffs speaking up and saying their is a war on my people and I will not allow that? Why are we not seeing them going to their Governor and the president asking for more funds and a declaration of crisis to

In 2019, there were 48 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Since the George Floyd incident from May 2020 there have been 130. That is fact. That is reality.

You can not solve crime with social policy change, you solve crime first by having quality and quantity of good officers, by leading by example and organization change. You suppress crime by being a part of your department and not just the figure head. You suppress crime by holding criminals even it is in your own ranks accountable. . Crime is a result of a choice. There are avenues available that are not illegal to improve socio economic conditions- It's called hard work, grit and grace. These deaths are a result of the National Crisis in law enforcement and first responders first and foremost. This crisis started before the pandemic and failing to lead your department and stand up to and for your officers gave the public who is infringing on your officers rights the chance to in effect create a coup and there needs to be regime change. When you become ineffective as a Chief of police, you make your department vulnerable to criminals. You need to know every officer by name, their story and that becomes why you lead. I know the name of departments full of officers I have never met because their lives matters. I know who they are not just what they do. I ask them about their girlfriends and their hobbies.

5/27/20- Officer Cody Holte, Grand Forks, ND., shot and killed serving an eviction notice

5/28/20- Officer Nathan Lyday, shot and killed during a domestic disturbance in Ogden, UT.

June, 2020

6/2/20- Lt. Stephen Williams, Moody AL., shot and killed responding to a service call

6/3/20- Sheriff Andrew Clark, DeKalb County, GA., killed in a car crash

6/6/20- Dep. Sgt. Damon Gutziller, Santa Cruz (CA) Sheriff’s Office, shot and killed responding to a suspicious motor vehicle

6/5/20- Animal Control Officer Darrian Young, Monroe County, MI., hit by a drunk driver

6/12/20- Dep. Sheriff James Blair, Mendenhall, MS., shot and killed by psych patient

6/13/20- Officer Dale Provins died from injuries sustained in a car crash in Pittsburgh, PA

6/18/20- Officer Destin Legieza, Brentwood TN., died in a car crash

6/25/20- Corrections Officer Richard Bianci died in a car crash near Redding, CA.

6/30/20- Sgt. Craig Johnson shot and killed conducting a traffic stop in Tulsa, OK.

July, 2020

7/1/20- Officer Jason Judd, Peoria, AZ., died in a motorcycle crash

7/4/20- Officer Anthony Dia, Toledo, OH., shot and killed by a drunk at a hardware store

7/11/20- Officer Edelmiro Garza, McAllen, TX., shot to death responding to domestic disturbance

7/11/20- Officer Ismael Chavez, shot and killed in the same incident in McAllen, TX.

Officer Jonathan Shoop, Bothell, WA., shot and killed during a vehicle pursuit

7/19/20- Dep. Sheriff William Garner, Franklin County, GA., struck and killed by a vehicle

7/25/20- Dep. Sheriff Dylan Pickle, Monroe County, MS., struck by car at safety checkpoint

7/31/20- Michigan State Trooper Caleb Starr hit by a drunk driver in Ionia County, MI.

August, 2020

8/9/20- Off. Sheena Yarbrough-Poweel killed by drunk driver, Beaumont, TX.

8/27/20- Officer Bryan Brown shot and killed while attempting to apprehend an armed driver on tribal lands in Arizona

8/30/20- Officer Tamarris Bohannon died after being shot in an ambush the previous day in St. Louis

September, 2020

9/2/20- Cpl. Bryant Searcy, Wayne County, MI., died after being assaulted by prisoner

9/3/20- Capt. Stanley Elrod, Madison County, GA., struck and killed by drunk driver

9/3/20- Det. James Skernivitz was shot and killed while working undercover in Cleveland, OH.

9/7/20- Investigator Mario Herrera, Lincoln, NE., shot while serving a warrant

9/10/20- Dep. Sheriff Ryan Hendrix, Henderson County, N.C., shot and killed responding to auto burglary

9/25/20- Sgt. Ethan Kaskin, Anderson County, S.C., died in a car crash

9/29/20- Dep. Sheriff Kenny Ingram, Fulton County, GA., killed in a car crash

9/29/20- Dep. Sheriff Anthony White, Fulton County, GA., killed in the same crash

October, 2020

10/3/20- Off. Jacob Hancher, Myrtle Beach, S.C., shot and killed responding to a domestic disturbance

10/5/20- Det. Kevin Collins, Pine Bluff, AR., shot and killed responding to a call at a local hotel

10/16/20- Det. Curt Holland, killed by drunk driver in Commerce City, CO.

10/20-20- Sgt. Conley Jumper, Greenville County, S.C., struck by vehicle

10/20/20- Sgt. Harold Preston, Houston (TX) Police Dept., shot and killed responding to domestic disturbance

10/23/20- Cpl. Dep. Adam McMillan, Hamilton County, OH., bus struck his vehicle

10/30/20- Dep. Cpl. Daniel Abramovitz, Leavenworth County, KS., died in a car crash

November, 2020

11/5/20- Officer Marshall Waters, Mangham, Louisiana shot during a traffic stop

11/9/20- Sgt. Sean Rios, Houston Police Dept., TX., shot and killed by gunman in vehicle

11/12/20- Officer Travis Wallace, Helena, AR., shot and killed trying to arrest shoplifting suspect

December, 2020

12/1/20- Dep. Sheriff Jared Allison, Nash County, N.C., struck by car

12/2/20- Officer Andy Ornelas, Palmdale, CA., died from injuries sustained in motorcycle crash

12/3/20- Officer Cassie Johnson, Charleston, W.V., shot dealing with parking incident

12/11/20- Officer Tyler Herndon, Mount Holly, N.C., shot and killed responding to a burglary

12/16/20- Officer Jason Shuping, Concord, N.C., shot and killed intervening in a carjacking

January, 2021

1/1/21- Sgt. Gordon Best, North Myrtle Beach, S.C., killed in motor vehicle crash

1/2/21- Sgt. Daniel Mobley, DeKalb County, GA., struck by vehicle

1/6/21- Dep. Sheriff Jonathan Price, Marion County, S.C., died in car crash

1/11/21- Sheriff’s Cpl. Brian LaVigne, Hillsborough County, FL., died after cruiser was intentionally rammed

1/12/21- Lt. Cpl. Melton Gore, Horry County, S.C., struck by vehicle

1/14/21- Cpl. Christine Peters, Greenbelt, MD., struck by vehicle

1/18/21- Dep. Sheriff Adam Gibson, Sacramento, CA., shot and killed chasing suspect

1/18/21- Officer Brandon Stalker, Toledo, OH., shot and killed attempting to apprehend an arson suspect

February, 2021

2/1/21- Lt. Michael Boutte, Hancock County, MS., shot and killed responding to an attempted suicide

2/2/21- FBI Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger, shot and killed serving an arrest warrant in Sunrise, FL.

2/2/21- FBI Special Agent Daniel Alfin, shot and killed serving an arrest warrant in Sunrise, FL.

2/4/21- Officer Darian Jarrott shot and killed during a traffic stop in Luna County, N.M.

2/13/21- Officer Mitchell Penton, Dallas, TX., struck and killed by drunk driver

2/17/21- Dep. Sheriff Michael Magli, Pinellas County, FL., struck and killed by drunk driver

2/21/21- Lt. Eugene Lasco, Michigan City, IN., stabbed to death by prison inmate

2/25/21- Dep. Sheriff Thomas Albanese, Los Angeles, CA., motorcycle crash

2/26/21- Reserve Dep. Constable Martinus Mitchum, New Orleans, LA., shot and killed during disturbance at basketball game.

2/26/21- Officer Dominic Winum, Stanley, VA., shot and killed during traffic stop

March, 2021

3/1/21- Capt. Justin Bedwell, Decatur County, GA., shot and killed during a car chase

3/3/21- Officer Jose Anzora, Los Angeles, CA., struck by vehicle

3/9/21- Officer Jesse Madsen, Tampa, FL., killed in vehicle collision

3/15/21- Border Patrol Agent Alejandro Flores-Banuelos, Salton City, CA., struck by vehicle

3/22/21- Officer Eric Talley, Boulder, CO., shot and killed during mass shooting at a grocery store

3/23/21- Correctional Officer Robert McFarland, beaten to death by inmates at Anamosa State Penitentiary, Anamosa, IA.

3/25/21= Illinois State Senior Master Trooper Todd Hanneken, killed in collision in Bondville, IL.

3/25/21- Cpl. Kyle Davis, Washington County, OK., died during struggle with inmate

3/31/21= Texas State Trooper Chad Walker, shot and killed in ambush near Mexia, TX.

3/29/21- Reserve Dep. Sheriff James Driver, Monroe County, LA., struck and killed by vehicle

April, 2021

4/2/21- Officer William Evans, US Capitol Police, Washington, DC., killed by terrorist trying to breach barricade at the U.S. Capitol

4/3/21- Lt. James Kouski, Hometown, IL., struck and killed by vehicle

4/3/21- Officer Brent Hall, killed in motor vehicle accident, Clinton, N.C.

4/6/21- Dep. Sheriff Christopher Knight, Bibb County, GA., stabbed to death

4/9/21- Sgt. James Smith, Grundy Center, IA., shot and killed during traffic stop

4/10/21- Dep. Sheriff Pat Barnes, Jefferson Davis County, MI., killed in car accident

4/27/21- Officer Anastasios Tsakos, New York City Police Department, killed (some believe deliberately) by drunk driver

4/28/21- Cpl. Keith Heacock, Delmar, DE., died after suspect stomped on his head

4/28/21- Sgt. Chris Ward, Watauga County, N.C., shot and killed during check welfare call

4/29/21- Dep. Sheriff Logan Fox, Watauga County, N.C., shot and killed during he same call as above

4/30/21- Officer Christopher Farrar, Chandler, AZ., struck by vehicle during car pursuit

May, 2021

5/10/21- Det. Luca Benedetti, San Luis Obispo, CA., shot and killed serving search warrant

5/10/21- Dep. Sheriff Samuel Leonard, Eden, TX., shot and killed while responding to call about a dog

5/10/21- Sgt. Stephen Jones, Eden, TX., shot and killed responding to the above call as well

5/11/21- Officer Jimmy Inn, Stockton, CA., shot and killed responding to domestic violence call

5/19/21- Officer Chris Oberheim, Champaign, IL., shot and killed responding to domestic violence call

5/21/21- Officer Jeremy Brinton, Nogales, AZ., struck by vehicle

5/21/21- Cpl. Thomas Frazier, Artesia, N.M., died in car accident

5/22/21- Officer Scotty Triplett, Memphis, TN., died in motorcycle accident

5/24/21- Conservation Officer Sarah Grell, Itasca County, MN., died in car crash

5/28/21- Trooper John Harris, Madison County, MS., struck by vehicle

5/31/21- Officer Ginarro New, Phoenix, AZ., died in car crash

5/31/21- Sgt. Dominic Vaca, shot and killed during motorcycle chase in Yucca Valley, CA.

June, 2021

6/4/21- Det. Ryan Park, San Ysidro, CA., died in car crash

6/4/21- Det. Jamie Huntley-Park, San Ysidro, CA., died in same crash

6/4/21- Officer Emmanuel Familia drowned while trying to rescue a child in Worcester, MA.

6/6/21- Dep. Sheriff William Smith drowned trying to rescue three swimmers off Baldwin County, AL.

6/13/21- Officer Alexandra Harris struck and killed by car, Seattle, WA.

6/16/21- Officer Joseph Burson, struck and dragged by vehicle, Holly Springs, GA.

6/21/21- Officer Gordon Beesley, shot and killed checking for suspicious person, Arvada, CO.

6/26/21- Officer Kevin Apple, struck and killed by a vehicle, Pea Ridge, AR.

6/26/21- Dep. Sheriff Anthony Redondo, Imperial County, CA., died in car crash

July, 2021

7/7/21- Det. Greg Ferency, Terre Haute, IN., shot and killed after a suspect threw Molotov cocktail at building Ferency was in

7/9/21- Dep. William Collins, Doyline, LA., shot and killed responding to domestic disturbance

7/15/21- Sgt. Josh Bartlett, Lubbock County, TX., shot and killed during standoff with reckless driver

7/23/21- Sgt. Jeremy Brown, Clark County, WA., shot and killed while conducting surveillance of apartment complex.

7/25/21- Dep. Sheriff Phillip Campas, Kern County, CA., shot and killed after responding to shooting call

7/27/21- Officer Marquis Moorer, Selma, AL., ambushed and shot to death

7/27/21- Officer Ryan Bialke, shot and killed on Red Lake Nation Land responding to attempted suicide

7/29/21- Trooper Micah May, Nevada Highway Patrol killed by vehicle in Las Vegas

7/31/21- Border Patrol Agent Daniel Cox, Sells, AZ., died in car crash

7/31/21- Officer Andy Traylor, Austin, TX., car crash

August, 2021 (as of August 12, 2021)

8/3/21- Officer Scott Dawley, Nelsonville, OH., car crash

8/3/21- Officer George Gonzalez, Pentagon Police Department, stabbed to death at Pentagon Transit Center, Arlington, VA

8/4/31- Officer Brian Pierce, Brooklyn, IL., killed by fleeing suspect

8/5/21- Dep. Sheriff Brandon Shirly, Jefferson County, KY., ambushed and shot to death

8/7/21- Officer Ella French, Chicago, IL., shot and killed during traffic stop

Their lives are not a beginning and a end date. They are people with families, and friends. Their lives touched others who will always remember something they said or did. They are the reason someone is still alive and why a victim a can sleep at night and feels safe. They are the reason other victims were not created, and that the community can sleep at night.

While several departments in Chatham County, Ga and Brookhaven created a victim, and for two years have refused to look into their own officers actions they have left a rapist, a sexual batterer, and police officer who punched a judicial officer with a badge who used his friends on the force to destroy my life and their Chiefs and Mayors have no concerns about what have done..They dishonor these men and women and their Chiefs dishonor themselves. Those are not officers that anyone wants working for any department. Their chiefs protecting them and themselves is a dishonor a 130 times over just since June 2020. Each of these officers did not have this protection, and tarnishing their memories is something no one ever forgets. To the families Blue, Red, Gold , green and civilian who grapple with these officers death for a lifetime, I will not let those that tarnish their badges so with a badge. I will not let your families be at risk because they let criminals run free. If a juvenile probation officer can have her life destroyed by a few departments of them and no one care, then it could be your daughters, wives, sister or friend - that is not acceptable. I stand for these heroes, and apologize for what the Pooler PD, Savannah PD, Brookhaven PD does to dishonor and endanger people. I apologize that their Chiefs do not have the honor for their profession to stop firing people for social media posts and leave the department full of the officers who dishonor the badge. I apologize for them not because they deserve to be forgiven but because they dishonor these officers and their families and the sacrifice.

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