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America Loses Monopoly?

by Akhilesh A S 2 months ago in fact or fiction

Situation Tells The Truth

America Loses Monopoly?
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Twenty Five years back, the Taliban captured Afghan and started their administration. People were forced to do whatever the Taliban said. They forced men to grow beards and put girls and women inside double gaols - with Burkas, and by not allowing them to come outside.

Now the same situation had arrived, when World Power America failed the war against terrorists. Twenty-five years before, in the vengeance for 9/11 attacks in the US on September 11, 2001, led by a terrorist group Al-Queda, the US Army landed on Afghan soil. They ploughed the land and destroyed the base of the safe zone for terrorists. The United States, then overthrew the Taliban, an extremist Muslim group, who were also a part of terrorism, and developed Afghan with a proper Government, and grew an army for Afghanistan, with the training provided by NATO.

The US boasted to have invested more than $2 trillion for the development of Afghanistan. But later, former US President Donald Trump signed a treaty with the Taliban that the US troops will be pulled from Afghan from May 2021.

The current Biden Government made the treaty a reality. This brought Afghan 25 years back, like that in a story.

The Beginning and the end became the same.

This indeed brings many questions in the political sincerity of America.

What did America do with 2.9 trillion dollars? What training did the Afghan soldiers really get?

Is America in a big crisis?

Is America disintegrating in the big world country competition?

So, we need a clear answer to all these questions.

What did America do with 2.9 trillion dollars? What training did the Afghan soldiers really get?

This is a major concern for all of us. America invested a lot in the political and economical sectors of Afghanistan. But what did these benefited is the right question.

Yes, the US had constructed roads and so on and India had also invested a lot in the construction along with the US.

The US build a political system and a proper Government in Afghan. But these all were dismantled when the Taliban overthrew the Government, in a few days of attacks.

So the next big question about the investment in the Afghan army comes. The army of Afghan was built very strong, with the NATO training as the US says. But we cannot understand what this army, which constituted around 3 lakh soldiers, had done when the Taliban attacked. The Taliban was not at all bigger than the Afghan National Army and were even below the three in one proportion if we say. They constituted only 75,000 men.

So the fragility of the Afghan National Army is been confirmed. The lack of their efficiency for proper action, and the in-efficiency in handling a sensitive war situation, both physically and mentally throw questions into their training. What training did they actually get?

The army behaved just like commons in such a serious war. So, this can be calculated as another fault from the US, and the Afghan Government, that destroyed Afghanistan, that led them to the worst situation, ever.

Is America On A Big Crisis?

America, the world power that emerged after the Second World War, made the world monopolar, after the disintegration of the USSR in the Cold War. Britain’s and the whole of Europe’s financial crisis after the Second World War accelerated America’s emergence as a big nation. Moreover, America had a big economy and started ruling the world. They grew trust among other nations by providing military aids, and aligned-military helps such as NATO, and enough financial support for other countries.

The Iraq war had affected a lot for the US economy and the same happened to them in Afghanistan recently. The sudden withdrawal of America, from Afghan points The United States is suffering from a big financial crisis. They are trying to isolate themselves from all such matters as war, and support, and are working hard in raising the value of US dollars in the Global Market. After a big financial investment of $2 trillion, America realized the emergence of a crisis that can destroy them, if it is allowed to continue.

That is what we have seen on Afghan soil. Not a single US soldier is present in Afghan today, on 31 August 2021. All of them had left. These indeed question the authority of the Great World Power.

The World Nations such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the even UK disbelieves America that whenever an issue comes, the US will change their opinions, and go for a weekend holiday trip, as Biden had said.

Is America Disintegrating In The Big World of World Competitions?

As we had said in the second question America is indeed on the verge of disintegration due to the upcoming financial issues in the future.

Like the USSR, will America also disintegrate as we had seen in the Cold War? Now the emerging Global Powers such as China and India, and lot many other nations are competing for dominance in this World. Europe had already gone out of the game. China is said to be the emerging Global Power. And the US fears whether China will outgrow them. But it is said that China is like a balloon, with high pressure that may explode anytime. The political crisis inside China has already been out, and they haven’t officially told anything like that. Which country will say so, when they have a problem to be solved inside them?

The Pentagon had already warned Biden about the attacks of the Taliban and how incapable are the Afghan Army facing the Taliban. But he didn’t bother much and stood optimistic before the media as he is sure about the success of the Afghan Government and Army.

The 75th Independence Day of India, was the worst day for the Afghans, as that was the day the Taliban captured Kabul, the center of the Afghan Nation. That day can also be marked as the worst failure of the US Military forces in World History.

Whether the US believes it or not, truly, it is under a big crisis that can take over them if the Government doesn’t take it seriously. It is up to the Biden Government’s efforts that we know whether the US will survive it or not. By the way, it is certain that the US will also be not having a monopoly over the whole world, as time changes.

fact or fiction

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