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America is Starting to Resemble Nazi Germany

Is America leading us into a third world war?

By Liam M Published 2 years ago 3 min read
America is Starting to Resemble Nazi Germany
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America is slowly becoming a blood orgy of white love, guns and violence, and it almost resembles Germany in 1933.

This Tweet caught the attention of the Americans, and all hell broke loose. Many Americans have been losing it over this tweet. They are making it apparent that the education system in America is broken.

"You had Hitler, be quiet"

Sidney only mentioned how fucking weird it is for Europeans to see a teenager walking around with a fucking assault rifle. In response, he's mainly received comments about Hitler and the Nazi regime, which is funny as America is slowly starting to resemble Germany in 1933. I imagine the majority of people defending Kyle are white supremacists or closet Nazis. Clearly leaning heavily right with a love for guns, god and freedom, oh, and of course Trump. America has people such as Richard B. Spencer, the neo-nazi who advocates and supports white supremacy. With white supremacist rallies such as the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally, protestors openly waved the Nazi and Confederate flags.

Americans should wake up to what's happening right in front of them.

Americans appear to be blind with pride and ignorant from a lack of historical education. Being an American has impaired their ability to think clearly. The rest of the world is becoming somewhat worried about America's shenanigans, especially when they vote for people such as Trump to be president. We are on edge as we see events happening on our T.V screens that resonate with signs of a resurrection of a Hitler style regime. We become concerned when we hear about how you speak about racism, gun laws, and "freedom".

The January 6th resurrection

On January 6th in Washington D.C, angry voters stormed the White House to overthrow President Biden and reinstate Trump. Is history repeating itself?

After World War I, a group in Germany started spreading rumours and conspiracy theories, blaming Jews and socialists for the war's loss. These lies resonated with Hitler and his followers. Then on November 8th 1923, in Munich, Hitler organised a coup with the Nazi party-where approximately 2000 Nazis marched on the Felderhalle. The Coup failed, with sixteen of Hitler's supporters being killed; these became the first "blood martyrs". Hitler was eventually caught and sent to prison. The coup and prison sentence brought Hitler to the attention of the nation. Upon release, he focused his attention on gaining power. During a campaign speech, Hitler claimed he would go to Berlin and make Germany great again. Hitler did not make hats with MGGA. However, it is scary how similar the events from Nazi Germany and those unfolding in America are.

We know what happened throughout the World wars. Now we are seeing similar events unfolding on our T.V screens and Twitter feeds.

Trump's approach to politics resembles Hitler's, desperate to gain power and make a "change" by any means necessary. Many people unknowingly reinforced the Nazi regime by believing the lies and intolerance Hitler told. Over time it span out of control, then it was too late. Soldiers following orders went from killing dogs to killing "unwanted" Jewish children in fields.

It is pack mentality, it is human nature to either let things slip, or join in to be a part of the pack. Everyone wants to be accepted, this is dangerous when we have situations like Germany before the war, or America now. Events grow and change people, murder and violence become normal, a war grows out of hate.

Before you know it, horrendous acts against humanity become the norm. This is what's happening in America right now, daily people are being killed, and it's being ignored. The pack mentality is reinforcing the extreme right-wing of America, the same as how rumours and conspiracies helped Hitler gain political power.

America is too caught up in its glory to see the oncoming problem; they are blinded by the stars and stripes-by the power of the "whites".

Slowly the country is starting to believe that white is good and everything else is terrible. The ethnic cleansing is happening ever so slowly; people like Richard B. Spencer and Trump will gain a more significant following over time. As the numbers increase, they will push the white agenda, making it dangerous for other non-white residents of America. Eventually, America may become a threat to the rest of the world.

Blinded by the Stars and Stripes

Unfortunately, Americans are blind to their glory. They believe they can do no wrong and only want the best for the world whilst making America great again. Let's hope Trump's nonsense and Americas unwillingness to change doesn't end in another war. We don't need thousands of people to die when a country wants to "cleanse" the population.

Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

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