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All This Ranting About COVID-19 Is Making Me Sick

by Merridith Evans 9 months ago in opinion · updated 5 months ago
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When will the media talk about something else? Until then, I've stopped listening.

Life goes on whether COVID-19 hangs around or not

I get it. The message is loud and face-slappingly clear. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, be vigilant and don't get within six feet of anyone when you're out in public.

And wash your bloody hands!

So now that I get it, can we please move on to something else, some other topic that doesn't make me relentlessly skim flyers for toilet paper sales or obsess over my funereal costs on a writer's paycheque?

Please stop.

I know the pandemic is terrible. I know people are sick; some have even died. But we've had the minutia of this pandemic drilled into our skulls for over two years now. When will it stop? When the Omicron variant goes away? When XYZ Variant is eradicated? When ten more strains are beaten with a life-long regime of booster shots?

This COVID-19 pontificating is relentless, and only until a newly christened narrative crops up will we actually have a break from it.

Trump has left the building, so COVID-speak is the enduring hot tamale for the media.

Show me the money underlines most of the messaging. COVID-19 is the cash cow, pitting CNN and Fox News against each other (what else is new), drawing in viewers and every left-thinking, right-leaning person out there.

Vehement voices have nothing else to report. They have nothing else to drill into us until we're either holding our heads or pumping our fists at YouTube, yelling at Rachel Maddow to "Preach it, Sistah!"

But hear me, big media and ranters alike, I've heard you quite enough. I'm tired of your COVID glorification, your rhetoric, your self-appointed battle cries condemning all those who question your narratives whatever side you're on.

I'm tired of news outlets with segments of bombastic shouting and divisive words like "idiot anti-vaxxers" and placards waving, "I have the right not to get this f*cking shot!"

I get it. Vaccines are good. Vaccines are bad.

But this COVID saturation is too much now. It's driving people like me away from "reliable" news sources. We're shutting down; people compressed in the middle of this firestorm, the ones who get the vaccine and the ones who don't.

Your screaming isn't working, okay? I've stopped listening. I've turned you off and tuned you out.

Your COVID-19 rants aren't sexy anymore.

Instead of listening to you, I'm thinking about how I'll pay my mortgage next month and what I'll make for dinner. Is it too late in the season to lay new sod in the backyard, or can I pull off a side-hustle making street food videos?

Am I indifferent? Am I apathetic to the noise? Sure am.

I've stopped scrolling Twitter and closed my Facebook account. I've deleted my digital newspaper subscriptions and told YouTube to bugger off recommending anything remotely related to COVID-19.

How many of us have shut off the media entirely to salvage our mental health?

Constant doom and apocalyptic gloom strains my brain, making me even more depressed than I've ever been in my life.

I've had the vaccine, and yes, I'm still wondering if I'll get hit with some weird illness down the road from the mRNA and its spike protein production. I'm not convinced that I've done the right thing, no matter how many people scream at me from whatever hill they're standing on.

I have questions about the virus and this vaccine, but I'm not evil for having them.

And before you start spouting off your well-rehearsed repertoire, why not try conversing rather than criticizing people? 

Stop telling people who still have questions that they don't deserve health care if they fall sick and nonsense crap like that.

Newsflash: smashing people down is not encouraging them to change their minds.

The animosity waged on both sides stops our conversations about this pandemic.

That's probably the biggest travesty. This virus has ravaged more than our health, our economies, our mental fortitude. It has divided us better than any special interest doctrine or narcissistic politician ever could.

I don't blame people for hesitating about taking the vaccine because of all the governmental flip-flopping over the past many months. But waging constant verbal attacks, labelling people as idiots or equivalent to suicide bombers, is not helping you stand taller on your COVID-19 soapbox.

Well, maybe you think you're taller, stronger even, but many of us have already walked away from you.

Keep shouting if it makes you feel better. I'm done listening.

I have to take out the trash.


About the author

Merridith Evans

Writing about the ups and dastardly downs of faith, family, and a feisty pandemic puppy.

Popcorn is my addiction. Don’t judge.

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