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After All These Years, I'm Still Not a Partisan Hack (Despite the Two-Party System's Best Efforts). Here's Why!

No, it doesn't involve my being a "Russian asset" or a closet right-winger...honest!

By Wade WainioPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Three slimeballs and charlatans that people either foolishly love or merely tolerate when comparing to the others.

I was not a fan of Hillary Clinton before, during, or after 2016. For one thing, she voted for the Iraq War and other so-called "military interventions." I knew that she, just like Donald Trump, and so many others, could take us into another bullshit war at any moment.

She still wants to take America to war all over the world, including Syria. And, in case you have not noticed, all of these wars appear to be things we cannot really “win.

She would rather bomb half the planet than talk about improving the job situation (what some call "the incredible shrinking job market"). She, along with so many so-called "moderate Democrats" care more about increasing the already ridiculously bloated Pentagon budget. The most I can say about people like her, such as Joe Biden, is that they occasionally exceed my severely low expectations. However, they will still fail us on many fronts.

It's a shame, too, because a lot of the stakes are getting higher all the time. And what are we given? In addition to the Republican lunacy, the Democrats offer half-measures and largely symbolic victories, many of which could be rolled back the next election season, in which they inevitably risk serious losses.

Why do I say that? Am I just being mean to the Democrats? Am I perhaps a Russian asset being held up by Putin as some half-cocked puppet? Nope, I am not a conservative Republican, folks. I am just someone brandishing common sense — enough to know the so-called centrist and moderate Dems are squandering some of their opportunities, even right now as I type this. Also, they appear to be doing it on purpose.

If you can stomach it, take a look at Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, for example. What are they doing? Who do they serve? Well, it appears to be some of the same spoiled rich interests the GOP does. In fact, I have yet to see evidence that "moderate Democrat" means anything less than corporate Democrat.

These aren't people who seriously care about the issues, or about you. Somebody pays to put them there, and they know it better than anyone. That's exactly why, when it comes down to it, the Democrats appear to be acting as their own opposition party now. Yes, I know the Republicans are howling mad, ultra-political hack lunatics, voting down practically everything the Dems support, but here's the thing about that: This should actually give the Dems more incentive to cater to progressives, not less incentive.

If they are really serious about getting more voters on their side, they'd definitely do more to give us a $15 minimum wage, universal healthcare, deep police reform, cuts to the bloated military budget, barring Trump from a second term (fully possible under section 3 of the 14th Amendment), and so on.

The Stakes Have Always Been High and Getting Higher, and Blowback is Wafting In Our Faces and Getting Us Higher, Too

Lately, I have been comparing all these crises we faced to an aggregate ball, which I call a crisis ball. I think it's both a stupid yet intelligent idea or a good bad idea. If nothing else, a ball reminds us of a globe, which reminds us of life on earth, which we are constantly hearing and seeing is in crisis. Unfortunately, and as part of how we survive psychologically, we are well-equipped to tune some of this noise out after a while. After all, how can we be perpetually inundated with bad news and crisis factoids before our skulls cave in?

Coincidentally, this is exactly why some people get tired of politics, including liberals, Dems, progressives, what have you. Plus, how often do any of those people actually truly change things? Yes, I can come up with some examples, but enough to truly instill that much confidence? Forget it! Starvation, political upheaval, shootings, etc. are still confounding these would-be experts, who often enough appear to be grasping in the dark for solutions if they are truly looking for solutions at all (often they are not, and only adding to the problems themselves while being partisan hacks and pointing the finger at others).

The Dems Haven't Learned, Have They?

Because she was a mere politician, the excuses were quick to come from Hillary’s side back in 2015. She certainly still seems to believe she is "the good guy." However, when you yank away the Scooby-Doo villain mask, or the Santa Claus beard, and take a simple look at what's really going on, Hillary was allied with the same yacht enthusiast crowd that Trump benefits from.

In fact, both parties spend a hell of a lot of time now talking about Russia, China, Iran, and Syria, rather than addressing domestic issues, as if they desire a conflict more than they wish to help their constituents. Now, all these years after being humiliated with a loss to reality TV star Donald Trump (who has the personality of a turd that doesn't flush), the Dems don't seem to have learned the lessons from that election. In fact, Joe Biden barely won in 2020. It was by a mere 7 million votes.

Some people treat that 7 million like a huge win, but let's look at what that means. 159,633,396 people voted in 2020, out of an estimated population of 331,449,281. That's about two-thirds of eligible voters. Of that, Biden managed to win 81,268,924, minus the 74,216,154 given to Trump. The actual total is 7,052,770. It shouldn't have been that close.

Some are quick to pat Joe Biden on the back for this immense victory, merely because it was a high turnout. I think it's a stupid idea. We need to be embarrassed that it was so close, and the Democrats are just barely ahead, even as the GOP is floundering.

Let me put it this way: If we are to compare the 2020 election candidates to browsing catalogs, it's absolutely astounding that over 74 million Americans looked to Trump and said, "That's the guy I want!" That's not just a failure on the part of voters, or even by Republicans. It's also an immense failure on part of the Democrats, for not being able to have overwhelming victory against one of the worst imaginable politicians in human history.

In fact, had Donald Trump not botched the COVID-19 pandemic response so colossally, there's almost no doubt that he'd still be President today. In reality, the Democrats need to take a long, focused look at themselves and their messaging and, at the very least, try a far more varied approach than simply the same old song and dance. What do I mean?

Let Me Spell It Out For You

It seems Joe Biden and many so-called "moderate" Democrats want the US to remain involved in wars that many, if not most, Americans don’t support. The appearance of Dems as corporate sellout warmongers will "self-suppress" certain progressives from voting. In fact, even though we can say Hillary actually won the popular vote in 2016, it should still be noted that, back then, certain anti-war people refrained from voting, fearing (or, in their minds, knowing) that Hillary might have been just as warlike as Trump, if not even more so.

Also, if you simply talk to some people about Hillary, you'll inevitably hear someone say she doesn’t really seem to believe anything, and that she's just saying what's necessary to get elected, and what her donors want to hear. And indeed, when it comes to nations, I would say the stakes are too high to relentlessly play the “lesser of two evils” every 2-4 years. If that's the norm, you'll easily end up with what Ralph Nader called the evil of two lessers. We'll have almost nothing but evils to choose from. Saying "We can do far better" is not a radical concept.

More to the point, we should perhaps ask ourselves why we always end up siding with a "Lesser evil" decision as few good choices are even available. Hint: This is partly what happens when we increasingly cannot say "I'll make the decision on my own." The object is to have us ideologically, psychologically, even physiologically dependent on politicians and their corporate paymasters, as they suck up more wealth and resources, and dominate more decision-making power by privatizing the commons (that old trick).

It's not simply that corporations are evil. We're just left with fewer choices that are good when they consistently have their way. See how that works? It's the classic "banality of evil" game. As we are increasingly in lockstep with their world and its manifold agendas, it seems alternatives are choked off and we simply have to make the best choice that seems available. So, we might say, "Hillary Clinton (or Joe Biden) may be a weak and potentially corrupt candidate, but it's better than Trump!" And we can comfort ourselves because, in a few key ways, that will be true.

Meanwhile, because Democrats can also be cultlike partisan hacks who defend Biden because of his party affiliation, these same "progressive voters" will spit venom at you if you criticize Biden for anything. It's not supposed to matter that Joe Biden was pro-drug war, pro-Iraq War, pro drone strike, pro-prison growth, and that he wrote the Crime Bill, has credible assault allegations against him, or even that he was buddies with segregationists to the extent he even eulogized Strom Thurmond (imagine how Democrats would act regarding a Republican with that background!). Oh, and if that's too dramatic for you, he simply had to suspend his previous Presidential campaign because he was caught lying and plagiarizing speeches.

What's the Solution?

It's easy and sensible to mock Republicans who raised “Hillary for Prison” signs over the absolutely pointless Benghazi and e-mail scandals. We knew these efforts were not honest about that their opinions were sullied by partisan hackery. To this day, Donald Trump seems to believe the things he does for reasons he won’t even admit. Nevertheless, let's not pretend the Democrats are altogether different. That is the very first step to solving this country's problems. We need to stop being partisan hacks, cut down on lesser-of-two-evils nonsense, and emphasize policy over party and personality.


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